Mrs. Storm

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Storm

I am starting my 24th year as a mathematics educator.  
Although I am a native Oklahoman, I graduated from University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
I began teaching in Wichita, Kansas.  I taught several years at a private prep school and then in Maize Kansas,  When my husband's job brought us to Oklahoma, I began teaching at DCHS.
I look forward to the beginning of this school year and meeting all of my new students.  I hope they will love math a little more at the end of the year!
My syllabus is attached to the left of this text.

For the first day, your child will need paper and pencil.
I would also appreciate a donation of Kleenex.

Eventually a Texas Instrument graphing calculator and graph paper will be needed.
Graphing calculators are on sale for $90 or less this time of year.  If you wait to purchase one, it will be closer to $140.
 Please have your child write his name with a sharpie just in case they are separated.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.