Class Syllabus

First Aid/Sports Medicine
Deer Creek High School
Mrs. Parker Cornett

This course will focus on general first aid as well as cover the broad spectrum of sports medicine.  We will discuss current events relating to subject material and dispel myths and misconceptions that are commonly found regarding sports medicine.  Learning proper terminology is vital in order to accomplish this.  We will focus on vocabulary, anatomy, as well as lab skills.  We will spend one day per week in the athletic training room working on skills that I hope each student will carry with them throughout life.  Through this course, you will also have the opportunity to become certified in CPR and First Aid through the American Red Cross. This course requires a high level of individual and group participation.  This is a huge part of your grade!

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In order for every student to achieve greatness, students will be expected to follow the following guidelines:

  • Be prepared for class. Have paper and something to write with.
  • Use your best listening skills.
  • Follow all directions and procedures set forth by the teacher at all times!
  • Respect others, yourself, and the teacher at all times.
  • Do not talk over one another or me. Group discussion is encouraged and may be part of a participation grade, but please wait your turn and do not interrupt me or your classmates.
  • Bring your materials to class…be responsible!
  • If you enter the classroom after the tardy bell and there is a "T" written on the whiteboard, then you will be counted tardy. No exceptions. Please see the DCHS student handbook for new policies regarding excessive tardiness.
  • Cell phones will be used occasionally for class-related subject matter. Otherwise, no phone calls, texting, or games, etc.  
  • There is absolutely no reason to go anywhere in the multisport building other than the restroom, classroom, and athletic training room.  Going upstairs or in to any locker room is strictly prohibited. 

Your grade will be comprised of four categories:

Homework and Assignments    30%
Tests                                              30%
Project                                          10%
Participation                               20%
Semester Test                               10%

Semester exams will be comprehensive.  A student may be exempt from their semester exam if they meet the criteria set forth my DCHS administration.  This criterion is written in the student handbook.  Grades can be checked anytime online by the parent.  My grading will be up to date. 

All assignments will be due at the beginning of the class. You may not go to your locker, car, etc to retrieve them. All work is expected to be neat.  All assignments will need your first and last name, and the class period. Late work will be accepted for twenty percent less per day that it is late. Ie: One day late on an otherwise perfect assigment is 80%.  Two days late is 60%. After two days, a zero will be given.   No name assignments will receive a grade of zero. Work due to an excused absence must be made up within 2 school days or the first day of the absence and 1 day for each subsequent absence. 


In order to sustain a community of trust in which students and teachers can work together to develop their educational potential and goals, ethical standards of honesty are expected so that all students may compete fairly in the classroom to earn their academic standing through their own efforts. Violations of the honor code include lying, cheating, or stealing. Acts of cheating are defined as follows:

1. Willfully copying or allowing class assignments to be copied.

2.    Falsely presenting other’s work as his/her own work.

3. Using notes or any other prompts to assist in answering test questions, unless allowed by the teacher.

4. Acquiring answers to test questions or homework by looking at any other students’ papers.

5. Being informed, or informing verbally or otherwise, of test questions or answers either during or prior to the testing situation, as well as answers to homework assignments for which you are given.

6. Plagiarizing someone else’s words or ideas.

7. Use of on-line resources to assist with homework, class assignments, quizzes, or tests is prohibited unless approved and allowed by the teacher.

A student who has been found to have violated the community of trust as expressed in the honor code will receive no credit (a zero) for the assignment on which the violation occurred, and his/her parent will be informed. Any student violating the academic honor code will lose semester test exemption status in all classes and recommendation for denial or dismissal from National Honor Society. Additional consequences may be added at the discretion of school personnel.