Creative Writing 2
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CLASS GOAL: To write for a reader, to read like a writer

W Jan 3: Welcome! Add your birthday to the calendar. Share a book, TV show, or movie you consumed over break. Introduction to the Letters about Literature contest. Read the poem "Penelope" by Dorothy Parker and then study its accompanying award-winning letter. Brainstorm which novel, series, or poem you will write about.

R Jan 4: Read the letter to Stephen Chbosky. Compare and contrast it with the one to Dorothy Parker. Discuss and brainstorm your letter.

F Jan 5: Draft your letter to your author / novelist / poet.

M Jan 8: Learn about Summer Arts Institute at Quartz Mountain. In Stephen King's On Writing, read pages 163-179, pausing to discuss how you use story / situation / plot.

T Jan 9: Write your letter about literature using the Macbooks provided. Share your draft through Google Docs with Mr. Stephenson by the end of class.

W Jan 10: Novel Day!

R Jan 11: Listen to some feminist poems from Poisoned 🍎 🍏  and then write one of your own.

F Jan 12: Listen to some poems from Cynthia Rylant's book God Went to Beauty School and then write one of your own.

M Jan 15: MLK Jr. Day.

T Jan 16: Read and discuss "The Demonstration of Gravity" and write in response.

W Jan 17: Novel Day

R Jan 18: Read and discuss "We Did Division in a Concrete Room" and write in response.

F Jan 19: Read and discuss "I Used to Live Here Once" and write in response.

M Jan 22: Read aloud Stephen King's On Writing, pages 179-192.

T Jan 23: Debrief on how things went while Mr. Stephenson was away. Write in response to the ekphrastic challenge on

W Jan 24: Novel Day. Notebook Check.

R Jan 25: Read three pieces of flash fiction by Ron Koertge, then write one in response.

F Jan 26: Existential Riddles. Write one in response.

M Jan 29: Read aloud Stephen King's On Writing, pages 192-214.

T Jan 30: Read "The Really Big One" by Kathryn Schulz on Google Classroom. Take notes on the devastation of this future earthquake. We will write dystopian fiction in response on Thursday.

W Jan 31: Novel Day.

R Feb 1: Write apocalyptic fiction in response to "The Really Big One."

F Feb 2: After viewing images from Travelers, write something in response: prose or poetry.

M Feb 5: Continue Stephen King's On Writing, pages 214--?.

T Feb 6: Read the short story "Never-Never Time" and write in response.

W Feb 7: Novel Day.

R Feb 8: Watch Kobe Bryant's "Dear Basketball" poem come to life in his video. Study the poem, and then write your own "Dear _______" poem.

F Feb 9: Finish up your "Dear _____" poem. Brainstorm cliches and facts about hearts. Read Rita Dove's poem "Heart to Heart" and brainstorm a response. Notice its use of short lines, enjambment, and how the title references "heart" but uses the pronoun it 11 times.

M Feb 12: Read On Writing, pages 235-261.

T Feb 13: Write your response to "Heart to Heart." Read, annotate, and respond to This is How You Lose Her / "Year 0."

W Feb 14: Novel Day.

R Feb 15: Write a response to "An Unfinished List," focusing on fragments or a refrain.

F Feb 16: No school.

M Feb 19: No school.

T Feb 20: Read, annotate, and discuss the war short story "Crossing the River No Name," noting its use of flashback and religious imagery.

W Feb 21: Ice / Snow Day.

R Feb 22: Snow / Ice Day.

F Feb 23: Respond to "Crossing the River No Name."

M Feb 26: Against all odds, finish reading and discussing Stephen King's On Writing.

T Feb 27: Computer lab to type author's chair piece(s).

W Feb 28: Notebook Check / Novel Day / Party.

R Mar 1: Computer lab to type and print author's chair piece(s) for writing groups.

F Mar 2: Learn about the sijo (beefy Korean haiku) and write one of your own. There is a contest if you would like to compete. Deadline is end of the month.

M Mar 5: Writing Groups!

T Mar 6: More writing groups.

W Mar 7: Finish writing groups.

R Mar 8: Submit your piece to with the code HMCVC2

F Mar 9: Give feedback to two anonymous pieces on peergrade. Be ready to start Author's Chair on Monday.

M Mar 12: Begin Author's Chair.

T Mar 13: Continue Author's Chair.

W Mar 14: Continue Author's Chair.

R Mar 15: Finish Author's Chair.


M Mar 26: Begin viewing the film The Village. Pay attention to foreshadowing, character development, and three-act structure. [Script]

T Mar 27: Continue viewing The Village.

W Mar 28: Continue viewing The Village.

R Mar 29: Finish viewing The Village. Write an alternate ending to it or continue the story.

F Mar 30: Debrief on The Village, now that Mr. Stephenson is back.


F Apr 13: Receive your mini-lesson assignment. Plan the date for this semester's Mic Night. Determine a deadline for your final portfolio.

M Apr 16: Read Junot Díaz's piece, annotating it for writing moves. Note his use of an open letter, names reduced to letters, Spanish, swear words, and repetition. We'll write in response tomorrow.

T Apr 17: Write in response to yesterday's piece.

W Apr 18: Avreigh's slam poetry lesson on "Paper People" by Harry Baker and "Rifle" by Rudy Francisco. Write in response. Ezri's lesson on "Hotline" by Demetri Martin.

R Apr 19: Write in response to Ezri's lesson. Karis's lesson on "Explaining my Depression to my Mother: A Conversation." Write in response.

F Apr 20: Write in response to Lanah's lesson on "I Don't Need Anything From Here." Write in response to Brooke's lesson on A Man Called Ove.

M Apr 23: Write in response to Renee's lesson on "This Year." Write in response to Jenna's lesson on "The Drive-Thru."

T Apr 24: Write in response to Skyler's lesson. Complete the worksheet from Caitlyn's lesson.

W Apr 25: Write in response to Faith's lesson on "Mirror." Write in response to Elizabeth's lesson on "Words of Life."

R Apr 26: Write in response to Sable's lesson on the Rupi Kaur poem "when my mother was pregnant." Have your piece(s) picked out for Mic Night tomorrow.

F Apr 27: Submit your titles for Mic Night. Write in response to Lauren's lesson on world building.

M Apr 30: Read your Mic Night piece(s) aloud to a small group and get feedback. Iron out the Mic Night program. Be there by 6:30 tonight for the 7:00 show.

T May 1: Lesson by Leila on an excerpt from Slaughterhouse-Five. Lesson by Katie on a List of Happy Things (untitled). Write in response to both.

W May 2: Lesson by Jessica on a Tyler Knott Gregson poem. Lesson by Trinity on the Rifleman's Creed. Write in response to both.

R May 3: Lessons by Kayla and Charis. Write in response to both.

F May 4: Kahoot games as most of the class is gone.

M May 7: Lessons by Chauntal over Sarah Kay's "Postcards." Lesson by Brice over Robert Frost's "The Telephone."

T May 8: Get your portfolio assignment. Change the due date to Thursday, May 17. Work on getting caught up on your notebook entries. You will be graded on 20 out of 21 of them.

W May 9: Time in the lab to work.

R May 10: Notebook check.

F May 11: Back in the lab to work.

M May 14: Last day in the lab to type and print for portfolio.

T May 15: Review the requirements for the portfolio. Peruse Mr. Stephenson's old notebooks.

W May 16: Time to write and type and print for your portfolio.

R May 17: A carousel of portfolios before you turn them in. Plan next week's party and the final exam. Some Kahoot games.

F May 18: Write in response to "13 Ways of Looking a Blackbird."

M May 21: Exemptions. Party planning for Wednesday.

T May 22: A variety of pieces from Mr. Stephenson's files

W May 23: Party! Kahoot! Make Mr. Stephenson cry with your thoughtfulness.

F May 25: Final Exam