Pre.AP English II Daily Agenda/Calendar

1/29=RRS (AP or Historical Fiction; annotations only on small post its in the margins of appropriate pages)
3/26=RRS (AP or Historical Fiction; the one you didn't do last month; annotations only on small post its in the margins of appropriate pages)
4/16=Book Circle (Free Choice) 
4/30=Plot Chart (Graphic Novel) & Book Chats
5/8=Book Chats
5/14=Book Chats/Deadline for Book Chats (Free Choice and Family Favorite; schedule as you are ready)

1/3/18--Read; Squoval
1/4/18--Read; WN-favorite book from last semester, genre, author, and why; book share; review 2nd semester reading requirements
1/5/18--Read; Update Goodreads account and include books over break/be sure to rank ALL books; Animal Farm project and groups assigned; Prep for next week's sub

1/9--Timed Writing; Read
1/10--AF Project work time
1/11--AF Project work time
1/12--AF Project work time-due TUESDAY

1/15--MLK Day!  No School!
1/16--Read; touch base regarding projects; finish in groups-practice/bullet points, etc.
1/17--Begin Animal Farm presentations
1/19--Animal Farm presentations

1/22--Read/Book Chats
1/23--Read; Choose one of the following topics about Julius Caesar and research-document 10 facts and ensure you site at least 2 RELIABLE sources for those facts: Julius Caesar the ruler, Roman Civilization contributions, William Shakespeare the man and playwright, OR Shakespearean Theater
1/24--Read; AP MultiCho PRACTICE questions over Animal Farm-no make up
1/25--Read; Animal Farm presentations; Animal Farm Group Evaluations-rate each member of your group (including yourself) from 1-10 (highest) based on how each worked and presented/give your group a grade for your presentation based on the rubric I sent through Remind (did you read or present, were your presenting skills solid, was the class engaged)
1/26--Read/update Goodreads and Reading Wall; compare AF Multiple Choice answers with another group/go over correct answers

1/30--Read; Julius Caesar-background stations (get HANDOUT and fill in)
1/31--Read; Final Wrap up of Animal Farm-last presentations/review MCho Practice Questions
2/1--Read/Update Reading Wall and Goodreads; Caesar-go over background sheet and note template
2/2--Read; Caesar-Act I

2/5--Read; Caesar-continue in Act I
2/6--Reading Day
2/7--Read; Caesar-work on group assignment (in make up work folder in classroom)
2/8--Read; Caesar-finish group assignment
2/9--Read/Update Goodreads and Reading Wall; Caesar note check; Discuss Caesar

2/12--Reading Day/Book Chats
2/13--Read; JC Quiz #1; begin Act II
2/14--Read; JC Act II
2/15--Read; JC Act II

Celebrate the 4-Day Weekend!

2/20--Read; Begin JC Act III (through Caesar's death)
2/21--SNOW DAY!
2/22--SNOW DAY!
2/23--Read/update Goodreads and Reading Wall; Continue JC Act III 

2/26--Read; JC Act III-finish scene 2 
2/27--Read; JC-begin scene 3 reading/analysis/discussion
2/28--Read; JC-continue scene 3 reading/analysis/discussion
3/1--Read; JC-finish scene 3 analysis/discussion/hand in analysis; Act IV summary game (see summary on HANDOUTS page)

3/5--Read; JC-Discuss Act III orations/review Act IV/beginAct V
3/6--Read; JC-finish Act V; beginPuppet Show prep
3/7--JC Puppet Show prep (goal=start script/cast doc and decide puppet style)
3/8--Read; JC Puppet Show prep (goal=work on script and puppets)
3/9--Begin JC Puppet Show prep (goal=finish script and puppets and practice)

3/12--Read; JC Puppet Show performances
3/13--Read; Finish JC Puppet Show performances
3/14--JC Review/AP MCho Practice
3/15--JC Exam

Happy Spring!

3/27--RRS #2
3/28--Begin Research foundation with TIMED WRITING Prompt #1-Electronic Communication (see me for make up)
3/29--Continue research foundation with TIMED WRITING Prompt #2-Automation (see me for make up)
3/30--Research foundation with TIMED WRITING Prompt #3-Censorship (see me for make up)

4/2-4/12=Teachers fighting to fund education properly; I hope you did some reading :)

4/13--Read; Housekeeping business-book circles Monday/articles Tuesday; Squoval; WN-No make up work

4/16--Book Circles; read
4/17--Read; Using articles you found from teacher walkout, evaluate credibility of source and ethos/pathos/logos as well as structure of an argument
4/18--Read; Begin Research-build folders; choose draft that you feel is best and type
4/19--Read; Research YOUR own topic and work to find 3 CREDIBLE sources, at least two of which comes from a database
4/20--Read; Continue research for your topic and sources

4/23--Read; Begin Kite Runner-inquiry scavenger hunt notes/compare to partner/refer to PPT on HANDOUTS page to ensure you have targeted information; Read/analyze chp. 1/HW: read chp. 2 tonight
4/24--Read; KR-discuss annotations and chp. 2/HW: read through chp. 6 by Friday
4/25--Read; Research-Begin WC page-compare to OWL Purdue/find category of information to ensure correct entry on WC page; Highlight and annotate sources to begin pulling quotes/summary from sources (highlight each source in a different color to ensure your internal citations and works cited entries match); Goal sheet=on HANDOUTS page
4/26--Read; Research-Work on adding research quotes and summary to draft, ensuring correct citations [internal citations IN paper should match up with the FIRST part of each WC entry; use color coding from annotations]; Ensure you are EMBEDDING quotes rather than simply putting them in (use info on HANDOUTS page to help); Goal sheet=on HANDOUTS page
4/27--Read; KR-discuss chps. 1-6/read chp. 7 together

KITE RUNNER Reading Schedule (expect quizzes throughout):
4/24--through chp. 2
4/27--through chp. 6

5/1--through chp. 9
5/8--through chp. 14
5/15--through chp. 22

5/21--through end 

4/30--Plot Chart for Graphic Novels; Read; Book Chats
5/1--Read; KR Quiz; Research-work on thesis and organization (use OUTLINE page as well as color coding sheet ON HANDOUTS page for help)
5/2--Read; Research work-begin conferences
5/3--Read; Research work-continue conferences 
5/4--Read; Research work-continue conferences 

5/7--Writers' Workshop; finish conferences; FINAL PAPER DUE TUESDAY
5/8--Self-Assessment/turn in papers; Read; Book Chats
5/9--Read; Discuss Kite Runner-Mix and Mingle discussion over chps. 8-14
5/10--Read; Begin Afghan Star documentary analysis
5/11--Read; Continue Afghan Star 

5/14--Read; Finish Afghan Star analysis
5/15--Read/Book Chats
5/16--Read; Kite Runner quiz/discussion
5/17--Kite Runner Discussion and I/O Circle preparation (on HANDOUTS page)
5/18--Kite Runner I/O Circle preparation

5/21--I/O Circle
5/22--I/O Circle
5/23--Finals review
5/24--1, 3, 5, 7 Finals
5/25--2, 4, 6, MakeUp

Happy Summer, Dears!  Read, relish in people, and put good in the world :)  (REMEMBER YOUR SUMMER READING FOR SNAVELY!)