Honors English II Daily Agenda/Calendar

8/15--Roll; Ice Breaker-choose a Now and Later flavor and share tidbit; Who I Am sheet; Exit ticket card=1. A goal you have for this year;  2. One fear you have about this year; 3. Something unique or funny about you; 4. Something you wish people knew about you but don't; 5. A question you have about me
8/16--Roll; Ice Breaker-"snowball" fight with 5 facts/share out; Name game; Answer exit ticket questions from yesterday
8/17--Roll; Supplies and housekeeping business (see me); Book Speed Dating

9/24=Book Circle (Free Choice) w/prepared questions; addressed in class the week prior
10/24=Character Art (Novel in Verse); assignment instructions given beginning of October (on HANDOUTS page)
11/28=Plot Chart* (Graphic Novel*=this is a change); scope of assignment given the week prior
12/6=Book Chat (Free Choice); schedule w/me on a Monday when we have a full reading period as soon as you are ready

8/20--Read; Syllabus Scavenger Hunt/pet peeves 
8/21--Read; Finish syllabus review/rules & procedures/phones; Go over Outside Reading requirements
8/22--Read; Literary Devices with "Absence Makes the Heart Grow Hunger: A Love Story" (notes template and film link on HANDOUTS page)
8/23--Read; Wrap up literary devices discussion as whole group/compare notes
8/24--Read; Begin Goodreads account; Begin Narrative unit-BRAINSTORMING (make a chart of 4 boxes on your paper and label them pets, events, food, holidays-begin brainstorming in the first box PETS)

8/27--Read for period!  Exit tkt=CHARACTERIZATION (name, book title, genre, pgs. read, description of central character and how you know, do you like him/her, why/not?)
8/28--Read; Finish Narrative unit BRAINSTORMING we started Friday; choose one and write the story
8/29--Read; Continue Narrative-Mentor Text: "My Name" by Cisneros and "The Splendid Things We Planned" by Bailey; using the questions at the bottom of the text as a guide, write the story of your name (on HANDOUTS page)
8/30--Read; Continue Narrative-Mentor Text: "Never Never Time"; choose another box from your brainstorming and write that story (on HANDOUTS page)
8/31--Read; Continue Narrative-Mentor Text: The Word Collectorchoose a word and write the story behind why the word encapsulates who you are

9/3--Labor Day=Enjoy time NOT LABORING :)
9/4--Read; Continue Narrative-choose the prompt you feel is best and finish the draft
9/5--Read; Begin typing draft
9/6--Read; Finish typing draft; Picture Day :)
9/7--Read; Update Goodreads; Housekeeping stuff: Outside Reading deadlines, Notebook organization, Procedures review; Exit ticket=highlight a few STRONG examples of IMAGERY and one example of DIALOGUE in your draft/use different colors of highlighting for each learning goal focus

9/10--Read for period
9/11--Read; Review Dialogue rules (resources on HANDOUTS page) and look at good examples of Imagery from student works; polish work and make changes based on my feedback
9/12--Writers' Workshop-see me
9/13--Read; Final touches on paper-editing, polishing, etc.; highlight all 5 senses in different colors and work to ensure you have imagery of each and a balance of all
9/14--Read; Narrative due for extra credit; begin Antigone-anticipation guide

9/17--Read; Narratives due-reflection before turning in (see me); Book Chats
9/18--Read; Continue 
Antigone-finish Anticipation Guide discussion and discuss note taking
9/19--Read; Antigone-background PPT notes
9/20--Read; Prepare questions (4 Level 2/1 Level 3) for Monday's book circle 
9/21--Read; Update Goodreads; Antigone-finish background

9/24--Book Circles (novel of choice) assessment=see me for make up
9/25--Read; Antigone-read the two preceding plays and then complete storyboard of two preceding plays
9/26--Read; review two preceding stories/finish story board; review for quiz
9/27--Read; Antigone-background quiz; cast parts of Antigone
9/28--Read; Continue Antigone (FULL TEXT ON HANDOUTS PAGE; ensure you read/take notes if you miss part of our study in class)

10/1--Read; Continue Antigone-finish Prologue, Parados, and begin scene 1
10/2--Read; WN=describe some of the rituals your family, your culture, your religion have to honor/bury the dead; Continue Antigone
10/3--Read; Continue Antigone
10/4--Read; Continue Antigone
10/5--Read; Update Goodreads

10/8--Read; Book Chats (sign up ASAP for your book chat!)
10/9--Read; Antigone-review scene 3 and add to or fix analysis/hand in; read and analyze Scene 4
10/10--Read; Antigone-review notes; read and analyze Scene 5
10/11--Read; Antigone-finish play with Exodos analysis
10/12--Read; Update Goodreads; Antigone-wrap up w/review questions (on HANDOUTS page)

10/15--Read; Review for Antigone final exam-stations/discuss
10/16--Antigone exam; Read
10/17--Read; Antigone extension 
10/18--Fall Break
10/19--Fall Break

10/22--Fall Break
10/23--Read; Book Chats
10/24--Read; Character Art Carousel (Project Due THIS DAY!)
10/25--Read; Begin The Count of Monte Cristo-anticipation guide (on HANDOUTS page)
10/26--Read; COMC-read chp. 1 together with manipulatives

COMC READING SCHEDULE (expect reading quizzes anytime; remainder of schedule will be after Thanksgiving):
10/31-through chp. 5
11/02-through chp. 12

11/07-through chp. 20
11/09-through chp. 23

11/14-through chp. 35
11/29-through chp. 45
12/4- through chp. 56
12/7-through chp. 67

12/11-through the end of the novel
12/11&12-IN CLASS FINAL ASSESSMENT (time extended to ensure best work)

10/29--Read; COMC-begin background history PPT notes
10/30--Read; COMC-finish background history PPT notes; read through chp. 5 by tomorrow
10/31--COMC-make GOAL FOCUS bookmark (sample on HANDOUTS page) and discuss
11/1--Read in COMC-through chp. 12 tomorrow
11/2--Read; Update Goodreads; COMC-quiz #1 and discuss

11/05--Read; Book Chats; COMC-focus on adding info to bookmark: new characters, settings (there are new ones), and major conflicts; finish through chp. 20 by Wednesday
11/06--PreACT in PAAC
11/07--COMC-skit of chps. 20-21
11/08--Read; COMC-discuss/add to bookmark
11/09--Read; Update Goodreads; COMC-quiz #2 and group writing prompt (see me for make up)

11/12--Read; Book Chats; COMC focus on: 
Characterization of the Count of Monte Cristo. How is he different from Dantes and how is he different/same toward other characters? * Make note of Dantes’ enemies and how they have evolved over time.  Chp.24 is important info; Chp. 26 has significant characterization * Make note of what motivated those enemies to betray Edmond and how the Count is using that motivation in his own revenge. * Make note of the following NEW characters: -Valentine -Madame Danglars -Madame Villefort -Eugenie Danglars -Bertuccio -Haydee -Major Calvacanti and his son

11/13--Read; COMC-small group discussion
11/14--Read; COMC "family tree" notes
11/15--COMC review- quote embedding, quote search, Q&A, Kahoot
11/16--COMC mid-novel exam

THANKSGIVING BREAK-enjoy the respite; read lots; eat lots; laugh lots!

11/26--Read; Squoval; Schedule review
11/27--Reading Day (BONUS!)
11/28--Graphic Novel assessment IN CLASS
11/29--Read; COMC quiz 3; discuss via Pyramid game
11/30--Read; COMC-review summarizing, paraphrasing, quoting=Exit Ticket 

12/3--Read; COMC-archetype study in groups=use Archetype Handbook on webpage to analyze archetypes in popular films and then find examples of archetypes in COMC
12/4--Read; COMC-finish archetype study
12/5--Read; COMC-discuss archetype study/debate COMC examples
12/6--Read/Book Chats (last opportunity)
12/7--Read; COMC-final assessment info/groups-have plan for next week's work time; COMC Quiz #4/Discuss; Theme Timed Writing=next week

***FINALS=cold read/skills based (no specific content for recall)

12/10--Begin COMC final assessment work
12/11--Continue work on COMC final assessment game
12/12--Finish work on COMC final assessment game
12/13--Exemption Conversations; Short Timed Writing-Theme in COMC; PACT scores returned
12/14--Play COMC games

12/17--Review for Finals; finish playing COMC games
12/18--Finals=1, 3, 5, and 7
12/19--Finals=2, 4, and 6

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  Enjoy family time and do some reading :)