Notes from the Principal



Enrollment nights are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday February 12 and 13

What do I need to bring on my enrollment night?

Students will be given their enrollment sheet, as well as their transcript, on Tuesday, February 6th.  Students will need to bring their completed colored enrollment sheet to their scheduled pre-enrollment time.  Faculty, counselors, and staff are available to assist students in pre-enrolling during enrollment times. Your online registration must be completed prior to your child being able to enroll in their classes.  

When do you arrive?

You are scheduled by your last name. Students will be enrolling with their 4th hour teacher.  If you do not have a 4th hour on campus or your teacher is unavailable, please see the next available teacher.  Please make sure you follow the time schedule so we may minimize your wait time as much as possible.  It is imperative that each child is enrolled so that we have an accurate count of desired courses.  Due to staffing, some courses could be eliminated or modified depending on numbers enrolled and staff changes.

Interested in Concurrent Enrollment?

Students interested in enrolling in college classes (concurrent enrollment) next year need to attend an information session in the library computer lab before they enroll.  The session will be led by a college representative and will be repeated at 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00 each night of enrollment.  All interested parents and students must attend this session to receive paperwork and apply online.

Pre-AP & AP Requirement

AP/Pre AP Classes: Students enrolling in Pre-AP or AP courses must have a teacher signature.  Signatures will be given if the student has an A or a B in the first semester of their current course in the same subject.  Students with a C will be at the teacher’s discretion.  Students who do not enroll in Pre-Advanced Placement courses may choose to take Advanced Placement courses, although it is highly recommended that they first consider the Pre-Advanced Placement program.  

Where do you go?

Incoming freshman (current 8th Graders) will be enrolling in the Freshman Academy cafeteria (building off Macarthur with the big blue deer).  Sophomores, juniors, and seniors (2018-2019 school year) will be enrolling in the central cafeteria.  You can use the central parking lot off 206th or the parking lot off MacArthur to enter the Freshman Academy. If your online registration is not completed, you will need to go to Rm. 146 (beside the cafeteria) to complete it before your child can go to the cafeteria to select classes.

Important Information about Enrollment-

Because of decreasing school funding and the need to get appropriate staffing, students will not be allowed to change classes after May 18th unless they meet one of the following requirements:

1. Moving to or from a Pre-AP or AP class.

2. Moving into a college class, athletics, work-study, service leadership, special education, or office/media assistant.

Monday Schedule
3:30 A-Bo
4:00 Br-Cl
4:30 Co-Do
5:00 Dr-Go
5:30 Gr-Ho
6:00 Hu-La

Tuesday Schedule
3:30 Le-Mi
4:00 Mo-Ph
4:30 Pi-Ru
5:00 Sa-Sq
5:30 St-Vi
6:00 Vo-Z

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