Notes from the Principal

Dear Parents-

This is 
one of the
s I will ever send
 but if there is any email of mine that you read in it's entirety, please make sure it is this one.  The district has a new attendance policy and it has some important changes for high school students.  The new policy is attached
 but below are some important highlights:
  • The only reasons a student will receive an excused absence are:  
Illness or injury to student, 

Doctor or dental appointment, 

       Court Appearances,

Serious illness or emergency in immediate family, 

State Senator or Representative Page, 

ecognized religious holidays and associated travel
       College visits (2 for Juniors and 4 for seniors)

  • Absence for vacations, outside 
    DC events,
    DMV, late even if parent checks in, 
     other than
    etc. will be coded as unexcused absences
    .  Reminder- unexcused absences means the student has to take their final in any class they have a UA in.
  • Parents have 
    school days
     from your child's return to call our attendance line to report the reason for the absence.  If you have not called after 5 school days after your child's return, the absence will be an unexcused absence and that coding will not be changed for any reason.
  • Absences for doctor appointments will only be changed to "Medical" coding once a doctor's note has been brought in to the office.  This will be important for students who may miss more than 10 days in one semester
    , which can not be predicted so please make it a habit to always turn one in
    Medical notes must be turned in within 5 days of your child's return to school.
  • Every student receives 10 excused school absences (ESA's) for the year, not semester.  These absences are for school excused activities such as athletics, competitions, StuCo, attending state play offs as a spectator, etc.  This is also the code used for field trips when students miss a class other than the one the field trip is for.
      Students and parents are responsible for keeping up with how many ESA's a student has available.
  • Once a student has used up their 10 ESA's for the year, the other school excused absences will be coded as Excused Absence (EA) and they will count towards their allowed 3 absences for final exemption.
  • When a student gets 3 tardies or checks out early from class 3 times, that will equal an unexcused absence, again leading to loss of finals exemption for that
  • The finals exemption policy was changed this month to allow 3 excused absences if a students has an A, B, or C in their class. 

For 9th & 10th grade absences please call 715-9831 or email

For 11th & 12th grade absences please call 348-6462 or email

Melissa Jordan


Deer Creek High School

6101 N.W. 206th

Edmond, OK 73012

(405) 348-5720 ext. 2213

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