Current Event Information
Current Events in Sports Medicine are done every Wednesday in class. This is a great way to take a slight detour from the regular curriculum while enhancing knowledge of injuries by sharing news articles and videos of recent injuries, changes, or advancements in the world of Sports Medicine.

Students are assigned a due date for their current event and they are due before class that day. There is a current event calendar tab on this page and students are responsible for knowing when they are assigned. Due to the fact that I don't give homework in my class and the student knows about the assignment well in advance, a grade of zero will be given for missed current event assignments. This falls under participation in the gradebook which is 20% of the student's overall grade.

In order to be considered "current," they must be within one month of the student's due date.

Students are to e-mail me their current event via the high school website under the "contact me" tab.  The best current events have videos and a news article to go with them. We want to learn as much information as possible about each of these.

Information to include:
Name of Athlete, sport and team that they play for. (20 points)
What is the injury? Be specific. I'm looking for a diagnosis here. (20 points)
What is the MOI (mechanism of injury)? (20 points)
Who attended to the injured athlete and what treatment was given? (20 points)
How long is the athlete expected to be out? MRI? Surgery? Physical Therapy? (20 points)