Calendar of Assignments for AP English III
Aug 15: Review syllabus, teacher web, calendar, verb list, etc.
Aug 16: AP mock M/C
Aug 17: turn in personal memoir; Review MLA and rubric
Aug 20: Pwr pt for Native Amer; Read Coyote and Buffalo (L 44-49)
Aug 21: L "World on Turtle's Back" 32-40
Aug 22: Bring Thesis; Bring Definitions of Voc 1
Aug 23: M/C Review from 16th; Kiowa M/C
Aug 24: Hogan "Dwellings"  (E149) group questions
Aug 27: Way to Rainy Mountain (E365-371)
Aug 28: Silko (E346)
Aug 29: Peer Edit memoir
Aug 30 : Voc 1; Commas
Aug 31:  Read (L La Relation

Sept 3:no school
Sept 4: Video of John Smith (lit 88)
Sept 5: North American quiz; DUE Memoir Essay
Sept 6: Power point on Puritans; puritan poets
Sept 7: Bradford (L100) Ply video
Sept 10: Equiano (L 78); current events
Sept 11: Discuss Edwards (L118) M/C
Sept 12: Voc 2
Sept 13: M/C
Sept 14: Current Event analysis due; clauses review
Sept 17: Begin Crucible through power point and video
Sept 18-19: Crucible video  19th-Kelly Gallagher annotation and response for Crisis at the Veterans Center turn in annotation and response pade
Sept 20: Crucible end and response
Sept 21: Quiz over Crucible and the Puritan writers
Sept 24: sentence structure practice
Sept 25: Power point for Age of Reason; book choice
Sept 26:Practice test for Unit 1
Sept 27: Unit Test 1A
Sept. 28: film on Williamsburg Age of Reason