Deer Creek High School Speech and Drama

Booster Club Bylaws




The organization shall be known as Deer Creek High School Speech and Drama Booster Club, hereinafter referred to as “DCHS Speech and Drama Booster Club”.


ARTICLE 2: Mission


The purpose of the DCHS Speech and Drama Booster Club is to provide financial, logistical, volunteer and fundraising support for the drama and competitive speech programs of DCHS.


ARTICLE 3: Membership


Membership is open to parents or guardians of students enrolled in the DCHS Speech and Drama programs and any adult who supports the purpose of the organization. A $20 annual membership fee is requested.


ARTICLE 4: Meetings


A: General meetings shall be held a minimum of two times per year. Dates of the meeting will be posted at least one week prior to the general meeting. The President and/or Executive Board will determine the agenda.


B: Annual meeting will be held one time per year. This meeting will take place in April. The Executive Board and chairpersons of committees shall give summation reports and officers will be elected for the upcoming school year.           


ARTICLE 5: Executive Board


A: The Executive Board shall be comprised of:

  1. Speech and Drama Booster Club Officers
  2. The Speech and Drama Director (Matt Cheek) and the immediate past President shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Executive Board


    B: The Executive Board shall be allowed to carry on the business of the organization with a quorum of the Board. The Executive Board may authorize any elected officer or officers to enter into any contract of agreement on behalf of the organization. The president is duly authorized to deliver and execute any contract.


    C. The Executive Board shall have full authority over the disposition and disbursement of funds. The President, Treasurer, and Internal Control Officer shall be authorized to sign checks and disburse funds.


    D. A Board member may delegate a committee member to attend board meetings and vote on his/her behalf.


    ARTICLE 6: Officers


    A: President

  3. Presides at all meetings of the Drama and Speech Booster Club and of the Executive Board.
  4. Shall be an ex-officio of all committee meetings.
  5. Acts as liaison between the Speech and Drama Boosters and the Speech and Drama Director, Deer Creek faculty, administration and other booster clubs
  6. Supervises all business of the organization


    B. Vice President

    1.   Assumes the duties of the President in his/her absence

    2.   Assists the President in carrying out his/her duties

  7. Chairs the nominating committee


    C. Secretary

    1.   Keeps minutes of all meetings and maintains all previous minutes of         meetings

                            2.   Retains copies of all committee reports and officer reports

                            3.   Conducts all delegated correspondence   


    D. Treasurer

                            1.   Receives and disburses all monies of the organization

    2.   Balances the checkbook monthly and keeps accurate records of the monies of the organization

    3.   Presents books for audit at the end of the fiscal year

    4.   Deposits funds within 15 days of receiving them


    E. Internal Control

                1. Assists the President and Treasurer with all deposits/withdrawals                                and verification of funds

                2. Provides an additional safeguard to ensure all bookkeeping and                                               records are accurate.


    F.. Middle School Member at Large

                            1.   To be the middle school representative on the board

                            2.   This position is optional and will be determined on a year-to-year basis


    ARTICLE 7: Election of Officers


  1. Nominating Committee: shall consist of two members, of which are not Board members and are appointed by the President. The third member and chair of the Nominating Committee shall be the Vice President.


  2. The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of nominees to the membership at least 30 days prior to the election. Nominations may be taken from the floor at the April meeting


  3. Election of officers shall take place at the annual meeting in April. Terms will commence July 1


  4. If there is only one candidate nominated for an office, the election shall be held by voice vote. If there are additional candidates, the President will appoint a teller’s committee of at least three members who are not candidates


    ARTICLE 8: Financial Terms


                A.   The fiscal year will run from July 1 through June 30


    B.   The Treasurer shall prepare a budget by May 15th for approval by the Executive Board at the August meeting.


    C.   Any expenditure requires prior approval from the President, Treasurer and Internal Control Officer.


    D.   Reimbursements are made only with proper receipts and prior approval as indicated above.


    E. All monies shall be held in a checking account in a local bank. The Treasurer, President, and Internal Control Officer are authorized to sign checks


    ARTICLE 9: Property


  5. All equipment, supplies, production materials, etc. purchased by the Speech and Drama Booster Club for the exclusive use of the Drama and Speech Departments shall become the property of Deer Creek Schools.


    ARTICLE 10: Amendments


  6. The bylaws may only be altered or amended by a two-thirds affirmative vote of the membership in attendance at a Drama and Speech Booster Club meeting. The intent to alter or amend these bylaws as well as the proposed changes must be announced at least three days prior to the date of the meeting.