Government Assignments
A summary of what is discussed and assigned daily will be posted here. However, actual documents and PowerPoints will be posted on the Google Classroom website.

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Sign up at as a student to play the Do I Have a Right? game. It's kinda fun! You get to practice with laws and act like an attorney. It's a little juvenile but still fun.
  There are many more games, too!

Today we started 12 Angry Men.  You have all been assigned a juror. See the attachment on GC of the photo for your person if you were absent. 

We are going to finish yesterday's debate questions and turn them in. Don't forget to tell me if your thoughts changed at all during the debate. If I don't see to portion you will not receive all points.

We then debated the next set of questions. 
1. Should we build a wall at our southern border? 
2. If you feel it is necessary, what policies should the federal government implement to control the entry of immigrants into the US?
3. In his farewell address, George Washington warned against political parties. Why do you think he did so? Is what he predicted true?
”…they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people.”

These can be answered on the same paper as yesterday. If your thoughts changed during the debate, remember the address that on the paper!

Remember our goal is to hear the varying opinions of our peers to help us learn how to nicely agree to disagree with some, have kind debates/conversations, become more knowledgeable on current events, and verbalize our own ideas. 

Answer the following questions before our debate. We didn't finish today with the debate, but we will tomorrow. 
1. Should it be okay for US businesses to partake in offshore drilling (meaning drilling for fossil fuels in our oceans)?
2. Should welfare recipients have to pass a drug test to be provided assistance? Should their be limitations on what they spend their assistance on?
3. The census is taken every 10 years to determine population and demographics. Should it be okay to ask if people living here are US citizens?
4. In your opinion, does Facebook respect the privacy rights of its users? What, if anything, should be done to protect FB users’ personal data in the future?
5. Do you think online sellers who make sales in a state should collect that state’s sales tax? Explain. 
6. Are you for or against stricter gun-control laws in the US? If so, what do you think can be done?

Think back on all the teachers you’ve ever had. Which one was THE very best? I know you’ve written little “thank yous” to teachers already this week, but today I want you to think bigger. Write a heartfelt thank you to that one teacher who made the biggest positive difference in your life. If you want to give it to them you can. Otherwise I will work to get it to them for you. This made so many teachers around the country/state so happy last year!

Test day!

Students are finishing the Domestic and Foreign Policy study guide. Test tomorrow.

Students read about and answered questions regarding the Government, the economy, and taxation (attached on GC). Then they worked on their study guide. Test Tuesday. 

We are finishing up the lecture notes from yesterday and then completing the readings and questions regarding Government Spending.

We are completing the 3 questions regarding Pork and Earmarks (sheet attached on GC). Then I am discussing Foreign and Domestic Policy to the class (see PPT on GC) while students complete lecture notes (attached on GC).

We completed the Foreign Policy packet that we didn't get to on Friday. 

Finish the packet from yesterday and turn that in. Then complete the Foreign Policy and Diplomacy page. Answer the Newsflash questions and the vocab. Ignore the other pages (5 and 6) on this attachment as we are not doing them this semester.

Test day! After the test you are reading about and answering on International Organizations (Use the internet to explain if they've served their purpose), International Influence, and Conflict and Cooperation (2 won't have a "conflict."). These should be done by the end of the hour. Attachments are on GC.

Yesterday you read about AARP, an actual special interest group, and answered 3 questions. You read two editorials (attached below) and answered the editorial questions. Both the these were to be turned in. You then worked on the study guide. All of these are attached on GC.

Today, the first half you wrote the summary for your political polls and turned them in with your questions sheet. If you were not here and you had a partner you must do the summary on your own as they had to do the same in class today. Then we reviewed for tomorrow's test. 

Students were given half of class to finish their political party quizzes and chart. We talked about the parties and how to vote. 

”F.E.A.R. has 2 meanings– ‘Forget everything & run’ or ‘Face everything & rise.’ The choice is yours.”
Turn in anything you owe me. 
Be working on your polls! Due next Wednesday!
Take the Dave Ramsey Scholarship Quiz before April 25: 
Register to vote! I’ll mail your registration for you! 

I talked to you all about political parties. You worked on the chart you started yesterday and took political party quizzes. We will continue working on these on Monday to ensure you have enough time. 

We learned about Special Interest Groups and completed the attachment on GC.
We then started working on learning about political parties which is also attached on GC. 

Be working on your polls! Due next Wednesday!
Take the Dave Ramsey Scholarship Quiz before April 25: 
If you owe me an old test you have until the end of the week or it remains a zero.
Register to vote! I’ll mail your registration for you! 
Vote for Mr and Ms DCHS
Individually or in pairs students created a political poll. View attachment for directions. It is due next Wednesday. Do not expect class time except for half of class next Wednesday to write your summary with your partner. 

In 3rd hour we started discussing Special Interest Groups. We will finish tomorrow. 5th and 7th will start on it tomorrow.

Test today! After the test complete the worksheet on GC using the textbook or PPT and the internet.

We are going over the Judicial Branch study guide. Your test is tomorrow. 

It was so wonderful to see you all again! If you missed, I gave students a summary of what was and was not accomplished during the walkout and what teachers will continue to do to better Oklahoma's education system. 

On Monday we will review your judicial branch study guide you received before the walkout. Your test will be Tuesday. 

Debate/Bellwork Questions:
1. When a rapper raps about killing or a movie star talks about blowing up the White House or a comedian is pictured decapitating the President’s head on a doll, are they inciting violence and if so, should they face charges for it?
2. Should Supreme Court Justices continue to have life tenures or should they have term limits?

We are going over the court cases from yesterday.

Then I am giving you the study guide. At this time the test will be Tuesday but with everything going on that is subject to change.

Today we are talking about the US Supreme Court and some of the major cases heard by the Supreme Court. You will be filling out a chart about those cases. See attachments on GC.

Today we checked out Oklahoma's judicial branch and compared it to the US judicial branch. Look on GC for documents.

Today students learned some of the basics of the judicial branch with a short reading and answering questions. Then in pairs students matched scenarios with the correct court: federal, state, civil, criminal. All is attached on GC.

Pick up a Lecture sheet from the back table. Answer these on the back. Write the question and answer.
Chapter 8 Section 1
1. What is jurisdiction?
2. What is original jurisdiction?
3. What is exclusive jurisdiction?
4. What is appellate jurisdiction?
5. What are the three tiers of the federal courts?
6. What is judicial restraint?
7. What is judicial activism?
8. How might the judiciary be different if ALL judges served limited terms and were elected?
9. What do you think is the most important quality for a judge?
10. How does the structure of the federal court system ensure that Americans have ample opportunities to seek justice?
Chapter 8 Section 2
1. What US federal court circuit is Oklahoma in?
Chapter 8 Section 3
1. Should there be formal qualifications for a Supreme Court justice? Explain.
2. What is majority opinion?
3. What is concurring opinion?
4. What is dissent opinion?

After we talked about the questions above, I lectured about the basics of the judicial branch and students answered the lecture questions. View the PPT if you weren't here. 
Test day! If you missed you have until the Friday after we return to make it up. 

Study guides are due today. We will review them after I've looked over them so you all can check/fix your answers. If time, we will play a review game. Test tomorrow over the executive branch!

Our next test will be on Thursday. On your bellwork sheet are the following. You may need to use the internet. When your done turn it in (There was bellwork on 2/27, 3/12, 3/13).
How do you register to vote in Oklahoma?
How can you see what’s on the ballot before going to vote in Oklahoma?
How can you complete an absentee ballot rather than going to the polls in Oklahoma?

Students finished and we talked about the Structure of Bureaucracy sheet  (on GC) and turned them in. Then students had the rest of class to complete the study guide they were given yesterday (on GC). It is homework if not finished in class today.

Our next test will be on Thursday. Grab a study guide. On the bellwork sheet we started a couple weeks ago answer the following:
1. Why do you think the executive branch has grown so much since the        beginning?
2. What is an executive order? Should these be allowed?
3. What is an executive agreement?
4. What is a federal mandate?
If you were absent few the PPT on GC and fill out the notes sheet that is also attached on GC 

We watched the following 2 videos regarding bureaucracies.
And we (voluntarily) wrote letters to senators and representatives explaining to them why we feel a teacher pay raise if necessary.

Students filled out who the secretaries are for each cabinet and turned it in (I apologize I don't have this sheet as an electronic copy yet). Then I gave students the answers to the Independent Agencies sheet (it's all on GC) for times sake and students turned that in for an easy grade. You're welcome. =)

Today I told you every you needed to know about the executive branch leaders, the cabinets, and the EOP. Whatever information you didn't have on your paper from your own work I asked you to add or to take a photo of so you had it come study guide time. If you were absent ask a friend for those info or me. =)

I gave you all time to finish the Executive Cabinets chart today. We started talking about everything you've been doing to ensure you have everything you need and we will continue tomorrow. 

*If you haven’t turned in the Executive Leaders Chart or EOP Chart do so now or keep a zero. Today is the last day to make up the Executive Branch test.

The Federal Bureaucracy: Cabinet Positions
The Executive Cabinet: an organization made up of the heads of the executive departments
Executive Departments: are responsible for carrying out laws, administering programs, and making regulations in their particular area of responsibility. 
Main task of the department head is to run the department, helping to formulate and carry out the president’s policies. 
When assembled they act as an advisory body to the president. These members are nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate.
Secretaries of--
Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, Veterans Affairs, and Justice

Complete the attached chart.

Turn in your Executive Branch Leaders chart. Monday is the last day to make up the last test and the last day to turn in late work regarding the legislative branch.

Students are completing the EOP sheet attached.
Complete the Executive Branch Leaders chart that we started yesterday. It's homework if not completed in class today.

On a clean sheet of paper--
1. Name 5 priorities (Foreign and/or Domestic) a president should have in your opinion.
2. What do you feel is the most important job of a President?
3. Who is our President?
4. Who is our Vice President?
5. Who is our Governor?
6. Who is our Lieutenant Governor?

Students started the Executive Branch Leaders Chart (on GC) today and will finish tomorrow. It is homework tomorrow if not finished in class. 

Test day! If you are absent you have a week to make it up and you must schedule a time with me. 

Due to the ice days, today I am giving you the answers to the Legislative Branch study guide. The next will be on Monday. If you were absent get the answers from a peer.

We are finishing the bill research from  next Thursday. See that day's post. It is homework if not finished in class. Test Thursday. You can pick up the study guide today.

Turn in comics.
*In 2011-2012 12,298 bills were introduced and only 283 (2%) became laws.
Using your notes answer the following questions. You can do this on the back of your law-making diagram chart.
1.When is a bill sent to the president or governor? What are their 4 options once they have it?
2.How many votes must a bill receive on the national and state level to become law if the president vetoes it?
3.What is the purpose of a conference committee?
4. Who can only introduce spending and tax bills?
5.What is a filibuster?

Next, we completed the two attached sheets on GC. 

Then we started the following and will finish on Tuesday. 
What is legislation you would like to see pass or not pass in the state of Oklahoma, the city of Edmond, or on the National level? It could also be new legislation you would like to consider.

If you do not know something of the top of your head, the following websites will help along with a bunch of others out there.{%22source%22:%22legislation%22}

On the Making-a-Bill diagram you should have written down your US senators and representatives and your state senators and representatives but if you didn't this website will tell you:

If your legislation is at the National level you will contact both of the US Senators and your US Representative (for this just pick one).
If your legislation is at the State level you will contact your Oklahoma Senator and Representative.
If it’s already passed in one chamber you need to write to the other chamber.

Contacting: Write out an email, letter, or telephone script of what you would like to tell them (You don’t have to send it if you don’t feel comfortable.).

•Introduce yourself.
•Introduce the legislation.
•Explain why they should or should not vote on this legislation. Don’t be a stinker! Be kind about it. They are YOUR VOICE!

I must approve it before you send the email, letter, or make the phone call if you send it.

Finish those comics! They're homework if you didn't finish!

You are to create a comic strip via the computer or on paper, making sure to complete the following--
Create a story with every step of the amendment process. View the “Passing a Bill through Congress” handout or the internet for help with these steps. 
Include the following words, proving to me you know what they mean. Underline, highlight, or circle them.
-bill, House of Representatives, Senate, filibuster, floor, veto, Congress, standing committee, conference committee, amend, law


Grab both sheets from the back table. Answer the following on the back of the diagram one. Go to to find the answers. Turn in the State T chart if you didn’t on Friday.
Who are our 2 (Oklahoma’s) US Senators?
Who is your 1 (Oklahoma’s) US Representative? 
There are 48 OKLAHOMA Senators for Oklahoma.Which one of them represents you? 
There are 101 OKLAHOMA Representatives for Oklahoma. Which one of them represents you? 

We went over the t chart from Friday regarding our Oklahoma legislative branch.
Then we went over the how to's of creating a bill (see note sheet on GC). To ensure understanding you all filled out the chart attached on GC.

Afterward we started making a comic strip. Create a story with every step of the amendment process. View the “Passing a Bill through Congress” handout or the internet for help with these steps. Include the following words, proving to me you know what they mean. Underline, highlight, or circle them.
-bill, House of Representatives, Senate, filibuster, floor, veto, Congress, standing committee, conference committee, amend, law

Read about the qualifications of the Legislative Branch on the state level: the Senate and the House

Create a T-Chart with the following:
1. Qualifications for both 
2. How many STATE Senators and Representatives does Oklahoma have?
3. How both are chosen in Oklahoma (direct or indirect election)? 
4. Number of years per term for both
5. What is their term limits (do multiplication or division here.)
6. How many times can they be reelected?
7. How many citizens do each represent (look at state population and divide)?
8. What are titles of the main leaders of each chamber and who are those leaders currently?
9. What is their salary? 

Students finished the work from yesterday and turned it all in. See yesterday's post. 

Define the following. Words with * are in the textbook.
-census         -delegate/legislator/politician 
-*apportionment -legislation/statute
-*gerrymandering         -*bicameral
-*constituents -*caucus
-*whips         -majority leaders
-minority leaders

Read about the qualifications of our Bicameral Legislative Branch on the National level: the Senate and the House of Representatives (Chapter 5 Sections 1, 3, and 4)
Create a T-Chart explaining the following:
1. Formal qualifications to become a U.S Senator and a U.S. Representative  
2. Informal qualifications for the Senate and the House of Representatives 
3. How is it determined how many U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives per state? How many does Oklahoma have for both the Senate & the House.
4. How many U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives does the U.S. have?
5. Number of years per term for both
6. How many times can each be reelected? 
7. Salary (just a reg member), benefits, and privileges for both 
8. Why are U.S. Senators’ terms longer than U.S. Representatives’ terms?
9. What are the titles of the leaders of each chamber and who are those leaders currently?

Today was debate number 1. If you were absent answer the questions below. Kuddos to those who shared your opinion with the class. That can be a scary thing! The more opinions we hear, though, and learn to see all points of view,  the more well rounded we become! Today was a touchy subject. Good job!

Should hate words, groups, or symbols be banned? Explain.
Should the children of illegal immigrants become US citizens at birth? Explain. (Yes, this is how it is currently)
How should our government handle the millions of legal and illegal immigrants living in our country?

Turn in State-of-Union questions if you didn't Friday, Test, finish definitions from Thursday and turn in, survey

State of the Union Address
Each at beginning on each year (January 30th) the president gives a state of the union address, telling Congress his plans for the new year.
When it’s a new president he is inaugurated on January 20th and gives speech address some time later. 
Tuesday night Trump told us his goals.
Watch/read the speech.
Write down anything he says that stands out to you (good or bad).
What are his plans for this year?
Did he sound hopeful? Arrogant? Discouraged? Kind?
Do you agree with the plans you heard? Explain and be specific.

Don't forget you have a test Monday!

We finished presenting the projects and answering the questions on the study guide. Then we discussed the reserved/concurrent powers sheet and changed incorrect answers. 

After that students wrote down the following notes:
The Legislative Branch on the Local Level:
The powers of cities and towns must be granted by the state
People directly elect leaders-- mayors, city councils 
Takes responsibility for 
Local parks and recreation services-- libraries, sports fields
police and fire departments
housing services
emergency medical services
municipal courts
transportation services (including public transportation)
public works (streets, sewers, trash, snow removal, signage, etc.)
City taxes
Local elections
Local schools 

Lastly we defined the following terms: 
-libel -symbolic speech
-treason -establishment clause
-sedition -free exercise clause
-slander -freedom of association
-prior restraint

Students are presenting parts of the project to ensure you learned the material and you help you fill out the unit study guide. We will finish tomorrow. 

You have half of class to finish your projects. They are due tonight. Email them to me at
Afterward we are completing the sheet on GC. See the PPT for help with the sheet. 
After Friday I will no longer be taking work from Unit 1.

Today you should be completing day 5 of the project. You will get half of class tomorrow to finish up and clean up your projects if needed.

Today you should be on day 4 of your project. I will be going around to each group and reviewing what you have so far for accuracy and feedback. This is due Monday is midnight so if you and your partner are behind you have this weekend to catch up. Remember your work cited page and make sure you aren't plagiarizing! 

Today you are working on day 3 of the partner research project.

By the end of class, you and your partner should be done with day 1 and day 2 of the project. Remember to cite all sources on your work cited page.
Last Name, First of Name Author. "Title of Web Page in Italics." Title of Website, Publisher, Date Published, Website Link.
Example: Staff. "Constitution.", A&E Television Networks, 2009, 
If the website doesn't tell you the info for any of the parts for the work cited, you simply skip over that part. 

Today we started the partner project regarding the Constitution. Remember to work together with your partner rather than divide the work to ensure you both learn the material and so you can help one another when it gets tough. This will be due on Tuesday of next week. 

Test day! Absent students have one week to retake it and must schedule with me a time to come in.

Today we reviewed the study guide for correct answers and played a review game. If you were absent, ask a friend for the answers. =)

Study Guide day! Review day tomorrow and test Monday!

We talked about what students learned about socialism and their opinions and watched a few videos: some that deemed socialism as positive and others that deemed it negative as it give students an even playing field when deciphering their opinion.

Today we learned about socialism. If you were absent view the PPT on GC for the information and the assignment. 

Today we finished the questions we didn't get to yesterday (see the last slide of yesterday's attachment). We then talked about the prejudice we all face so we can understand we all deal with hardships and we are all going to have different opinions simply because our lives are different. I want us to understand that so that when we debate you can be more understanding of one another. 

Today we are discussing the amendment process. Read the Powerpoint and complete the questions on THE LAST slide. =)

Students turned in yesterday's chart for me to grade and we reviewed the information together. 

We reviewed yesterday's content before starting on the class assignment which is attached on GC.  Students will be given 15 minutes of class tomorrow to work on it before we move on. If they feel they need to work on it some at home in order to finish they need to do so tonight. 

-Turn in the Citizenship Test
-Complete your grateful sheet
-We learned about unlimited and limited governments. View the PPT on GC. 

-grateful bellwork
-discussed the citizenship test and turned it in

Write down another something you're grateful for on your bellwork sheet. =) We started the Citizenship Test today. 

1/3 Welcome! Most of you I had last semester but a few of you I didn't. If you weren't mine last semester don't forget to read the syllabus, get that sheet signed by your parentals/guardians, and answer the questions about yourself. 

Everyone did the following. If you were absent, please do it. =)
1. Get out two clean sheets of paper.
2. Go online and find a inspirational quote that you feel could benefit you and your peers this semester. Write it on both sheets. 
3. On one of the sheets after the following question. Reflecting on your work ethic, behavior, attitude, etc. from last 4. semester, what are some things you can do better? Turn in this sheet.
5. On the second sheet title it “I’m grateful for” then write down one thing you are grateful for. You will keep this is in your class binder and write something different each day. This will serve as a reminder to us on those bad days they we have a lot to be grateful for. =)