Government Assignments
A summary of what is discussed and assigned daily will be posted here. However, handouts and PowerPoints will be posted on Google Classroom.

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 10/16 & 17
You continued working on the election packet today. You will have all of tomorrow in class as well. It will be homework over the break if you don't finish in class. 
On the judges who you are deciding yes or no on, I forgot to take off the "I choose" part. I took that off for you on the new attachment on GC.
A parent shared with me the State Question Booklet (on GC) that has pros and cons for the state questions that are on your ballot election research packet.

0/12 & 10/15
On Friday you guys worked on the Executive Branch Leaders chart (attached on GC) using the textbook and the internet. Tomorrow you will start your candidate research for the November 6th election (attached on GC). The chart should be done when you get to class tomorrow and the candidate research we will work on Monday-Wednesday. Don't forget to get your test from Thursday made up by the end of the day Wednesday. See you tomorrow!

Test day! Test make ups need to be before or after school, or during your lunch sometime next week before fall break.

We reviewed the study guide! Answers attached. Make me proud tomorrow!

Study Guide day (attached on GC)! It's due tomorrow!

Our test is Thursday. Look at your t-charts and your law-making notes. What do you anticipate having trouble with? What can I do to help? If you have any concerns write them down or send them to me so I can spend extra on that during review. 

Contacting Your Representatives Pt 2:
If your legislation is at the National level you will contact both of the US Senators and your US Representative (for this just pick one).
If your legislation is at the State level you will contact your Oklahoma Senator and Representative.
If it’s already passed in one chamber you need to write to the other chamber. 

Contacting: Write out an email, letter, or telephone script of what you would like to tell them (You don’t have to send it if you don’t feel comfortable.). 
Introduce yourself.
Introduce the legislation.
Explain why they should or should not vote on this legislation. Don’t be a stinker! Be kind about it. They are YOUR VOICE!

Contacting Your Representatives Part 1:

What is legislation you would like to see pass or not pass in the state of Oklahoma, the city of Edmond, or on the National level? It could also be new legislation you would like to consider.

If you do not know something of the top of your head, the following websites will help:{%22source%22:%22legislation%22}

Last day for your comic! It's due when you walk into class tomorrow. Staple it with your rubric. 

Day 2 of working on your comic. Make sure you follow the rubric. Tomorrow you will finish.

Today we learned about the bill-making process. We went over the notes I provided you guys, filled out the diagram to help the process start making sense, and started a comic strip. Everything is attached on GC.

We went over the two t charts from this week. Then you found your US senator, US representative, State senator, and State representative. Have a good weekend!9/27
Turn in vocab from Monday and T-charts if you didn’t on Tuesday.

Read about the qualifications of the Legislative Branch on the state level: the Senate and the House

Create a T-Chart with the following:
1. Formal qualifications for both 
2. How many STATE Senators and Representatives does Oklahoma have?
3. How both are chosen in Oklahoma (direct or indirect election)? 
4. Number of years per term for Senators and for Representatives
5. How many years can they serve as a member of the state Congress?
6. How many times can they be reelected?
7. How many citizens do each represent (look at state population and divide)?
8. What is the title of the main leader of each chamber and who are the leaders currently?
9. What is the salary of a normal member of the Senate and the House? 

Read about the qualifications of our Bicameral Legislative Branch on the National level: the Senate and the House of Representatives (Chapter 5 Sections 1, 3, and 4)
Create a T-Chart explaining the following:
1. Formal qualifications to become a U.S Senator and a U.S. Representative 
2. Informal qualifications for the Senate and the House of Representatives 
3. How is it determined how many U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives per state? How many does Oklahoma have for both the Senate & the House.
4. How many U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives does the U.S. have?
5. Number of years per term for a Senator and a Representative
6. How many times can each be reelected? 
7. Salary (just a regular member), 
8. benefits and privileges for both (normal members)
9.Why are U.S. Senators’ terms longer than U.S. Representatives’ terms?
10. What are the titles of the leaders of each chamber and who are the leaders currently?
11. How are Senators and Representatives elected? Direct or indirect election?

Define the following. Words with * are in the textbook. Check index and glossary.
2. delegate: legislator, politician, our representatives and senators
3. *apportionment

4. legislation: statute or law
5. *gerrymandering
6. *bicameral
7. *constituents
8. *caucus
9. *whips
10. *majority leaders
11. *minority leaders
12. incumbent: the person currently in office

We debated Friday's questions.

Test day!

Afterward you answered the following debate questions--
1.  Should you have to show your i.d. to vote? Explain. 
2.  Should the national minimum wage be increased? If so, to what? Should states increase theirs, too? Explain. 

Test tomorrow! We will check the job duties chart and the last test, and with whatever time is left we will review.

We finished the study guide and presentations. Our test is Friday.  

I gave students 10 minutes to finish the chart from yesterday. It's homework if not finished. 
We started presentations today and while students presented, others filled out their study guide for that particular part. The study guide is attached on GC.

We are determining which government (national, state, or both) is responsible for what powers. See attachments on GC.

Hopefully I have everyone's projects by now. If not get them to me asap.

Today you defined the following words on your own paper. After we talked about them you matched up the words with scenarios. 

freedom of association
symbolic speech
establishment clause
free exercise clause
prior restraint

From Now On, a new non-profit, is hosting a student-run gubernatorial debate. They are seeking applicants and want to give young voters more access to the political process. More info at

Today you finished your projects! Email them to them before you go to bed!

Day 5 on the project! Don't forgot the work cited with MLA formatting, don't copy and paste, and share it with me at

While working on day 4 I had a 9/11 documentary on and I showed you are the interactive timeline.

We are on day 3 of our project. It is due before you walk into class of Thursday. 

Today you should be finishing day 2 of your project.

Today we started our unit 2 project. See the attachment on GC. You will have until next Wednesday in class to work on it. It is due before you class into class next Thursday. 


Debate day! 

I was so proud of your maturity during our different debate! If you didn't feel comfortable this first go-round, I hope you will next time. The more opinions we hear the more we can grow!

Purpose=find your voice & understand the voice of others
. Answer the following questions on a piece of paper.

1. Are Native American mascot names racist? Explain your opinion.
2. Some states let 16 year olds vote in local elections; Others let 17 year olds vote in the primaries. Should more states jump on board? Explain.
3. Should hate words, groups, or symbols be banned? Explain.
4. Should the children of illegal immigrants become US citizens at birth? Explain.
5. How should our government handle the illegal immigration in our country?
*At the end of your debate, tell me whether or not your opinion changed or if anything stood out to you.

Test day! Turn in study guides if you were absent on Friday! You have one week to make up the test if you were absent. Schedule it with me sooner rather than later.

On Friday we reviewed for the test. Attached on GC are the answers.

Study Guide day! Make sure you come to class with it completed tomorrow!

Bellwork: Finish the 5 questions from yesterday and turn in.
We went over the chart from Monday.
We started the study guide (see attached on GC).

Today you learned about the amendment process. The last slide of the PPT on GC has the wrap up questions for you to complete. See the photo attached on GC for the review notes I wrote on the board today.

Today you have all of class to finish the chart you started on Friday. It is homework if you do not finish it. Before leaving you today make an exit ticket with your own paper telling me  if you need help understanding limited vs unlimited, unitary, federal, or confederal, republic vs democracy, autocracy, oligarchy, and democracy.

Today i finished talking about the types of government and you all started the Limited v Unlimited Government Chart. You had today in class and you will have Monday in class before it turns into homework. See attached on GC.

*Attendance Stuff: Francis Tuttle absences count as 10 school excused absences. You still get 10 outside of school excused per semester. 

Today we started material that will be on your first test. Attached in GC is the PowerPoint from today. Some classes got further along than others.

First Week--

So wonderful meeting all of you! Don't forget to get your All About Me questions completed and your syllabus sheet signed, and return them to me on Monday. Both are attached on Google Classroom if you lose them. Have a lovely weekend!