Economics Assignments
A summary of what is discussed and assigned daily will be posted here. However, actual documents and PowerPoints will be posted on the Google Classroom website.

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So here is what the deal entails: If you open a savings account, you can deposit any amount all the way up to $1000 and earn 5% interest!!!!!! This is a HUGE deal that you'll understand more in a few weeks. You will keep earning that amount until you are 30 (unless of course times get rough for the bank)!! Any amount over $1000 will earn the normal .1% interest. Please say you heard about the deal at Deer Creek High School because it'll help ensure I get the funding to keep our school's program going.

Jan 31 $1,500 scholarship opp!

Feb 2 $5000 scholarship opp!

We started Chapter 1 today, pages 9-14 in the workbook.
Add the following to the Ch 1 key terms:
asset-- an item you own
liability- an item that you're still making payments on
add this to the credit definition: "to credit your account" means money is going into your account (yay!)

Test day! Absent students have one week to retake it and must schedule with me a time to come in.

We reviewed the study guide for Monday's test and then looked at the cost of living in different states along with the cost of living on campus vs off campus. 

We completed the Post High School Budget worksheet and the case study about Ethan. Students were also given their study guides for the test on Monday. 

Finish your college chart from yesterday! =)

Students completed the case studies and turned it in. Students started the College Chart and will have tomorrow to continue working on it. 


*Don't forget about the second parent interview due Tuesday!

Complete pages 122-125.
On page 122, after you define the words, simply read the Big Ideas statements.
On page 123, determine your options after graduation. If you only have one option right now determine your possible back-up plan!
On page 124, if you can’t draw well just describe the words they want you know. 
On page 125, follow the directions. 
Bring it to me when you are done and complete the next assignment which is small and easy. =)

Letter to Your Future Self
How do you envision your life in five years? Write a letter to your future self detailing what you want your life to be like in the following categories: standard of living (how much have you saved? Do you have credit cards, student loans, card debt?), career, education level, family and the types of activities in which you are involved. Your letter to you needs to be at least a full page.

Standard of living=the degree of wealth and material comfort available to a person or community

We are completing pages 118-121. You have another interview for your parentals. It is due Monday.

Interview your parents! Learn roughly how much they spend on you each month! Do you want to maintain the lifestyle they’ve provided you? It’s about time to learn just how wonderful they are to you!
Some items I have seen on student lists are:

Food clothes school activities
Allowance gas medicine
car insurance         car payment cellphone payment
Health insurance mortgage/rent
Household utilities (divided by how many people live in the house)

We completed pages 112-117. Lots of information life info!

Today we completed in the workbook and discussed pages 106-111. Students should be proactive and be working on scholarships and saving money outside of class. 

-turn in your parent interview
-add to your grateful sheet
-we completed and discussed 104-105 of our workbook

-grateful bellwork
-read and discussed pages 100-104 of our workbooks
-parent interviws due mMonday
-get those FAFSA forms done!

Write down another something you're grateful for on your bellwork sheet. =) Pre-Test day!!! If you were gone you'll need to make it up on your own time please. Don't forget those parent interview sheets are due on Monday! 

Welcome! Most of you I had last semester but a few of you I didn't. If you weren't mine last semester don't forget to read the syllabus, get that sheet signed by your parentals/guardians, and answer the questions about yourself. 

Everyone did the following. If you were absent, please do it. =)
1. Get out two clean sheets of paper.
2. Go online and find a inspirational quote that you feel could benefit you and your peers this semester. Write it on both sheets. 
3. On one of the sheets after the following question. Reflecting on your work ethic, behavior, attitude, etc. from last 4. semester, what are some things you can do better? Turn in this sheet.
5. On the second sheet title it “I’m grateful for” then write down one thing you are grateful for. You will keep this is in your class binder and write something different each day. This will serve as a reminder to us on those bad days they we have a lot to be grateful for. =)