Government & Economics Syllabus

Government & Economics Syllabus

Government: Students will learn the basic structure of our American and Oklahoma state Governments. They will venture into the legislative, executive and judicial branches, domestic and foreign policy, the voting process, the bill-making process, and the basic rights of citizens provided by the Constitution. 

Economics (Personal Finance): This course is designed to help students understand their money behavior, make and stick to a budget, and learn to cash-flow their spending.

Instructor: Mrs. Auten


Receive Remind texts! Reminders: Sign up by texting @dcgov2018 for Government class or @dchspf2018 for Economics/Personal Finance to the number 81010. Prefer to get notifications rather than texts? Download the free app! You can also check Remind updates on my school website.

Class webpage: By logging into your school Google Classroom account you may access the class assignments, activities, and notes. You may also contact me if you have difficulty on an assignment. You will need your Deer Creek Gmail account information to log in. An overview of daily assignments can be viewed on the Deer Creek High School website at

 Economics (Personal Finance) Google Classroom code: q3cjjpb

 Government Google Classroom code: qv1our

 Availability for tutoring & assistance: If tutoring and assistance are needed, request an appointment with Mrs. Auten.

Required Tools & Supplies                                                                  

  • Binder or folder for the class                   
  • notebook paper
  • pencils with erasers
  • white board markers with erasers
  • Economics students need a calculator other than their phone.                                             

 Every student will need to use or borrow materials at some point this year. I also try to frequently sanitize the classroom as well.  If you can bring any of the following to donate to the classroom it would be greatly appreciated. I also have an Amazon Wish List for other items I would like for the classroom which can be viewed at

  • tissues
  • HP 21 & 22 printer ink
  • paper towels
  • Papermate felt tip pens
  • white board erasers
  • white board markers
  • white board markers with erasers    
  • white board cleaner
  • pencils
  • colored paper
  • markers
  • windex
  • germ-x

Class Rules

  • Be prompt
  • Be on task
  • Be polite & positive
  • Be responsible
  • Be respectful
  • Be honest: Cheating, copying, or borrowing any assignment will not be tolerated. The result will be a zero on the assignment for all parties involved.

Tardies & Office Referrals: Refer to student handbook.

You are tardy if you are not in class when the tardy bell finishes ringing. No exceptions. Per school policy, 4 tardies= 2 detentions; 5 tardies= 4 detentions; and 6+ tardies= office referral. Detention is held every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 a.m. in room 113.

Consequences will fit actions according to me. I do my very best to take care of behavior problems in class. I understand we are all human and have bad days.

Homework: Most homework assignments are started in class and are assigned to be finished before the next class meeting or by the assigned date.

Textbook: Students may check out a textbook with the librarian.

Government: To access the textbook United States Government: Principles in Practice 2012 students need to go to  Click log-in at the top right. The log-in username is JAUTEN13 and the password is Jillauten1*.

                  United Stated Government: Principles in Practice, 2012: $73.95

Economics: You will be given a Dave Ramsey workbook provided by Quail Springs Bank that you will use daily. If you lose your workbook, you will need to purchase a new one for $20.

Make up work: Check Google Classroom on your own time for make-up work. Copies of worksheets can be found in the specified area of the classroom discussed in class on day one.

  • Per school policy, for every one day a student misses class he or she has two school days to turn it in.
  • If the homework assignment was made before you were absent, but due while you were gone, it is due the day you return to class.
  • If you are gone for school activities I expect you to come to class with the work completed the next day.

ACADEMIC HONOR CODE: In order to sustain a community of trust in which students and teachers can work together to develop their educational potential and goals, ethical standards of honesty are expected so that all students may compete fairly in the classroom to earn their academic standing through their own efforts. Violations of the honor code include lying, cheating, or stealing. Acts of cheating are defined as follows: 1) Willfully copying or allowing class assignments to be copied. 2) Falsely presenting other’s work as his/her own work. 3) Using notes or any other prompts to assist in answering test questions, unless allowed by the teacher. 4) Acquiring answers to test questions or homework by looking at any other student’s papers. 5) Being informed, or informing verbally or otherwise, of test questions or answers either during or prior to the testing situation, as well as answers to homework assignments for which you are given. 6) Plagiarizing someone else’s words or ideas. 7) Use of online resources to assist with homework, class assignments, quizzes, or tests is prohibited unless approved and allowed by the teacher.

A student who has been found to have violated the community of trust as expressed in the honor code will receive no credit (a zero) for the assignment on which the violation occurred, and his/her parent will be informed. Any student violating the academic honor code will lose semester test exemption status in all classes and recommendation for denial or dismissal from National Honor Society. Additional consequences may be added at the discretion of school personnel.

Test Make-Up Policy: The test must be scheduled to be taken before or after school or during lunch and must be completed within one week from the test date. Students are responsible for scheduling this with me. Don’t wait last minute and assume I can accommodate my personal schedule to fit yours.

Late Work: Late work may be turned in with 10% of the grade being deducted each day it is late. I will not accept late work after the unit test. If you were absent the day an assignment was due, please write “absent” on the work so I do not count it late.

Classroom 201

  • If you make a mess, clean it up.
  • Respect private and public property. If something does not belong to you, do not touch it.
  • Class is dismissed by the teacher, not by the bell.

Bring your own device: The use of your own technological device is for educational purposes only. I will decide when the device can be used in my class. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in the loss of privilege to use the device in my class and a write-up.

Grade Book: Grades can be accessed through the online gradebook. Visit the west office for your username and password or if you are having difficulties logging in. 

Grading Plan: Students grades are based on percentages earned on class work, projects, homework, quizzes, notebooks, and tests. Note: Projects may require internet. If the internet is not available at home, students can utilize the school library or visit an off-campus site with wifi. Semester tests are worth 10% of a student’s grade per district policy. Tests are worth 40%, assignments and projects are worth 20%, and quizzes are worth 30%. If I made a mistake while grading, simply let me know so I can fix it.

Student Success & Support

All students can learn and do well in this class. Success depends on each student’s willingness to cooperate with and respect others, to complete the assigned work, seek help when needed, and adhere to the standards of academic honesty.