Calendar of Assignments for English IV
Aug 16: syllabus; fill out I am: begin to introduce partner
Aug 17: finish partner interview if needed. Priority Standards; Voc and begin definitions and imagery
Aug 18: Student/Parent Syllabus Signature Sheet; Scavenger syllabus hunt; finish definitions
Aug 21: Stephen Covey habits, Ted Talk show
Aug 22:Begin Language "Me Talk Pretty" and "Prison Studies"; venn diagram
Aug 23: Voc 1-use definitions with these
Aug 24: Finish Venn diagram
Aug 25: Pro. Engels "A Light History of thef English Language" take notes over points and discuss
Aug 28: Discuss note taking skills: and begin taking notes over intro. material pgs. 19-23 and Epic Tradition pgs. 34-35.
Aug 29: Finish note taking over Anglo Saxon
Aug 30: Voc 1-Syn
Aug 31: Anglo Saxon power point; counselor sheet; practice voc knowledge
Sept 1:Extended Definition assignment; Hand in prewrite on Wednesday Sep 6
Sept 5: Anglo Saxon note quiz; read Seafarer and Wanderer in lit book
Sept 6: turn in prewrite; Do Voc 1 practice
Sept 7: View Sutton Hoo; Academic Voc on Beowulf; Begin reading Beowulf
Sept 8: continue reading Beowulf
Sept 11: Book choices pick 3; Beowulf
Sept 12: Beowulf-fill in google choices for books
Sept 13: Peer Edit Extended Definition
Sept 14: Beowulf continue
Sept 15: Beowulf continue; Extended Definition Due
Sept 18: Review Beowulf
Sept 19: Beowulf Test
Sept 20 Voc 1 quiz; Discuss 4 questions
Sept 21: Bring Novel and read in class
Sept 22: Sir Gawain and hero
Sept 25: Medieval Notes; silent read 10 minutes
Sept 26 Begin Prologue; silent read 10 minutes
Sept 27: Define Voc 2
Sept 28: Silent Read; Prologue
Sept 29: Read in class

Oct 2: Finish the prologue
Oct 3: Read Pardoner's Tale (L 166)
Oct 4: Voc list 2 Syn/Ant; Silent Read in Novel
Oct 5: Read Wife of Bath (L179)
Oct 6: Sir Gawain  read
Oct 9: Annotation Quiz and read
Oct 10: Project description
Oct 11: Voc 2 quiz
Oct 12: Read LeMorte D'Arthur
Oct 13: Medieval Quiz; silent read
Oct 16: Annotation quiz
Oct 17: Library-find nonfiction article for presentation
Oct 18: Find Multi-media for presentation
Oct 19-23: Fall Break
Oct 24: IXL comma work in library
Oct 25: Put presentation together
Oct 26: Put presentation together
Oct 27: Project Due and Essay
Oct 30: Continue Presentation
Oct 31: Continue presentation

Nov. 1: Presentations
Nov. 2: Renaissance background
Nov 3: video over Ethan Hawkes and Macbeth
Nov 6: Renaissance and Macbeth
Nov 7-8: Act I read and watch video
Nov 9: Act II
Nov 10: Act I and II quiz: Start Act III
Nov 13: Act III
Nov 14: watch Act III
Nov 15 start Act IV
Nov 16: watch Act IV
Nov 17: quiz over Act III and IV quiz
Nov 20-24: Thanksgiving
Nov 27: Act III, IV, and V quiz; Power point
Nov 28: Macbeth's speeches start review
Nov 29 Finish review
Nov 30 write on Macbeth

Dec 1: Test on Macbeth
Dec 4: Sonnet form pg. 302; 306, 307
Dec 5: Shakespear 317,318,319, 320, 321, 322
Dec 6: write on universal theme
Dec 7: Utopia ( 436); Elizabeth speech (440; Bacon 456; 459
Dec 8. Read Milton and answer questions
Dec 11: King James (pg. 474, 476, 477)
Dec 12: Metaphysical poets (510, 513, 514, 518, 524
Dec 13: Review
Dec 14-15: Semester Test

Jan 3: Begin Research 
Jan 4: Research Packet Instructions
Jan 5: Library to find historical information on career: 
Jan 8: Library for research on career requirements
Jan 9: Library: continue research-Print all information
Jan 10: Bring sources to annotate and turn in for a quiz grade
Jan 11: Type questions you will ask the interviewee
Jan 12: Turn in questions and type rough draft of Intro with thesis
Jan 15: MLK-no school
Jan 16-19: Library to type all but interview and reflection and partial works cited
Jan 23-24: Restoration Notes
Jan 25: Modest Proprosal-satire
Jan 26-27: Gulliver's Travels
Jan 26: read parts of Gulliver's Travels
Jan 29: Type interview responses
Jan 30-Feb 1: Type complete essay with interview and reflection; works cited page

Feb 2: Peer edit of paper-bring completed printed copy
Feb 5: Review paper
Feb 6: Quiz over chapters 13-21 and review sheet
Feb 7-8 Gulliver's Travels
Feb 9: Final paper due
Feb: 12: Quiz over chap 22-33; Read over 33-45
Feb. 13: Dante
Feb 14: Speaker
Feb 15: Roman. Notes
Feb 16: no school
Feb 19: no school
Feb 20: Romantic poets
Feb 21: review for mid novel test
Feb 22: Mid Novel Test Chapter 1-45
Feb 23: Romantic pets
Feb 26-28: Romantic Video

Mar 1: COMC look at irony and allusion
Mar 2: Read in novel
Mar 5: Examine Satire and draw a fairy tale to write satire
Mar 6: Write satire
Mar 7: Finish satire; T/F quiz over chapters 46-56 COMC; begin presentation
Mar 8: Presentation
Mar 9: Presentation
Mar 12: Presentation
Mar 13: Work on theme statement in groups
Mar 14: Work on theme statement
Mar 15: Theme statement
Mar 16-25: Spring Break
Mar 26: present theme statement for COMC
Mar 27: present theme statement for COMC
Mar 28: Romantic Notes
Mar 29: Romantic Notes
Mar 30: Romantic poets Blake 752-760 and Burns 766-771.

May1-7: 1984
May 8: l984 Test
May 9: write on article
May 10-15: 1984 review
May 15: 1984 Test
May 16: write on 1984
May 17-22: The Power of One
May 23: review
May 24-25 Semester Test