Profesora Fajardo



Below is some important information about Spanish II. 

Daily Work:

Daily work becomes homework if not completed during the given class time. Due the next day!

Homework is assigned usually on Tuesdays and due the following Tuesday. (Homework helpers: Google translate/ itranslate)

Late work:

Unless the student was absent late work is not accepted.


There are no any individual test or quiz retakes.


If the student is absent, he will have the number of days absent plus one to make up any assignments, quizzes or tests. It is the student’s responsibility to check the weekly handout folders and/or the teacher website, or if necessary, to check with the teacher before or after class to obtain any missed work. NO MAKEUP QUIZZES/TESTS WILL BE GIVEN DURING CLASS TIME, unless the teacher has agreed for that arrangement! Otherwise they must be made up before or after school.

Google Classroom:

We will use Google Classroom for certain assignments (Online Chapter Vocabulary/Verb Quizzes, Projects, Assessments, etc), the codes will be posted on the teacher’s website after the 1st week of school and they are announced in class, posted on the teacher calendar, notified through remind. Resources may be used to complete the online assessments.


Sign up or text listo101 for Spanish II reminders. Reminders are also posted on my website and the code is on my website under the reminders tab.

It is used to track participation.The weekly participation grade comes from the report generated at the end of each week. If you need your student’s account information please ask your child for the parent account handout or contact me to receive an email invitation.

Extra Credit:

Extra credit in the form of “Euros” may be earned by the student for various academic competitions or participation deemed exceptional by the teacher. The duolingo program is also used for extra credit purposes, please follow the tutoring instructions for duolingo steps. Extra credit can only be used for Quiz grades, they will not be used for any other grade category, including tests. A maximum of 5 extra credit slips can be used. The student must complete the required extra credit information appropriately.  Euros earned during 1st semester may be carried over and used in 2nd semester if the student chooses to do so.
Tutoring: Tutoring takes place 30 min before school  and 15 min after school. For tutoring instructions please see
-Sign up or text @spanishelp for tutoring reminders.

Teacher website:

On my website for each chapter you will find bellwork, book activities, handouts, homework, review materials, vocab.,  workbook, etc.

-Check my Online Calendar frequently as well as infinite Campus to know what grades are due and your student obtained score.
*Please review the course syllabus as necessary.
-Look over the parent letter which has important information regarding language acquisition, textbook organization, etc.  

Teacher contact:

If you need to contact me outside of class please do so by accessing my website and following the contact me instructions. To better serve you when submitting an electronic teacher contact it is important to provide your full name ( name & last name), the class hour, a good phone number and an email address.

Important apps/websites for Spanish class:

duolingo, classdojo, google classroom, google drive, reminder, quizlet.

Grades may be monitored continuously online by registering with the Administration Office for Infinite Campus. The grades are weighted as follows:

        Homework                              10%

        Quizzes                                  25%

 Participation/Speaking/Daily Work 25%

        Chapter Tests                          30%

        Final Exam                             10%