Film Studies

Film Studies Syllabus


Mr. Bayer

Course Description

            This class will explore world culture and social history through the medium of film and other mediums of mass culture. Students will view a variety of films arranged in chronological order focusing on important eras in world history. The class will discuss and write about these films as primary documents within a historical context and as manifestations of popular culture.


Student Expectations

  • Be in class, on time, in your seat, every class period
  • Participate and pay attention! This class is about movies!


Materials needed

  • At minimum, you should always have access to pencil or pen with paper.


Class Objectives

  • Learn about movies….
  • Learn about film history
  • Learn about film makers
  • How to reflect on movies



  • 50% Participation
  • 40%  Projects
  • 10% Semester Exam


Attendance and Grading Policy

  • Be in your seat with materials ready before the bell rings
  • Late work will receive a 10% deduction/after 5 school days no credit will be given



In order to sustain a community of trust in which students and teachers can work together to develop their educational potential and goals, ethical standards of honesty are expected so that all students may compete fairly in the classroom to earn their academic standing through their own efforts. Violations of the honor code include lying, cheating, or stealing. Acts of cheating are defined as follows:

1.    Willfully copying or allowing class assignments to be copied.

2.    Falsely presenting others work as his/her own work.

3.    Using notes or any other prompts to assist in answering test questions, unless allowed by the teacher.

4.   Acquiring answers to test questions or homework by looking at any other students’ papers.

5.   Being informed, or informing verbally or otherwise, of test questions or answers either during or prior to the testing situation, as well as answers to homework assignments for which you are given.

6.   Plagiarizing someone else’s words or ideas.

7.   Use of on-line resources to assist with homework, class assignments, quizzes, or tests is prohibited unless approved and allowed by the teacher.

A student who has been found to have violated the community of trust as expressed in the honor code will receive no credit (a zero) for the assignment on which the violation occurred, and his/her parent will be informed. Any student violating the academic honor code will lose semester test exemption status in all classes and recommendation for denial or dismissal from National Honor Society. Additional consequences may be added at the discretion of school personnel.


Film Studies Parental Consent Form


            Throughout the semester, this class will be watching a variety of movies. According to school policy, no rated R movies will be shown. However, with principal approval, PG-13 movies can be shown. This form is used to obtain consent from parents/guardians and students to be shown movies PG-13, PG, and G rated. Every effort will be made to let parents/guardians and students of upcoming movies and movie genres that will be watched during the class.


Thank you


I consent to my student being shown principal approved PG-13 movies during film studies class.


Parent/Guardian signature ____________________________________


Student Signature _____________________________