English I
___________Monday, 5/14 - Friday, 5/18___________________
M 5/14  Romeo and Juliet Performance Project   finish script, rehearse, video  NOTE: ALL videos due Wednesday!
T 5/15 Romeo and Juliet Performance Project
W 5/16 Last day for Romeo and Performance Project - DUE TODAY Work on Study Guide Packet - guided notes 
Assigned Part 2 of Study Guide
Sign up for End of Year Party 
Th 5/17 Choice Read Quiz - Ender or Scorpion Work on study guide
F 5/18 Watch Romeo and Juliet Performance Projects
Finish Study Guide

____________Monday, 5/7 - Friday, 5/11_________________
M 5/7 Romeo & Juliet: Read Act 4
Continue watching Romeo & Juliet (1968 version)
T 5/8 Romeo & Juliet: Read Act 5
Complete R & J study guide - fill in the blanks about R & J
W 5/9 Watch Romeo  & Juliet
Romeo & Juliet Group Project: DUE Tuesday, May 15
Type script in Google Docs
Th 5/10 Watch Romeo & Juliet
Continue working on group project scripts
F 5/11 Continue working on group project scripts

____________Monday, 4/30 - Friday, 5/4_________________
M 4/30 Read Romeo and Juliet Act 1/Scene 1
Summary Act1/Scene 2-5
Watch 1968 version Act 1 up to party scene
T 5/1 Choice Read Test - questions over Enders or Scorpion
Romeo and Juliet - Watch 1968 version Act 1 Party Scene
W 5/2 Romeo and Juliet - Read Act 2/Scene 2
Summary other Act 2 scenes
Watch 1968 version
Th 5/3 Romeo and Juliet -Act 3/Scenes 1-2 
F 5/4 Romeo and Juliet - Act 3/Scenes 2-5

____________Monday, 4/23 - Friday, 4/27_________________
M 4/23 Argumentative Essay DUE today! 
Kahoot Review: MLA8 format and Argumentative Writing
T 4/24 New Unit: Romeo and Juiet
Introduce background information - Shakespeare
Find 20 coined Shakespearean Phrases
Copy vocab terms from literature book p.930
W 4/25 Assign 200 point Group Project-Performance Assignment
DUE Tuesday, May 15!  
Groups were assigned the act they would perform and video,
they determined their theme, assigned specific jobs/task for the 
Th 4/26 Intro to Romeo and Juliet, the play. Students received 2 handouts:
Character list and Fill in the Blank study guide
F 4/27 Performance Project
Students began writing their script

____________Monday, 4/16 - Friday, 4/20__________________
M 4/16 Work on Annotated Bibliography !DUE! End of Hour! (50 points)
(Share google doc with me)
Helpful resource handouts (4) passed out
T 4/17 Argumentative Outline DUE! (100 points)
Begin typing Rough Draft
W 4/18 Continue typing Rough Draft
Th 4/19 Continue typing Rough Draft
Peer Review rough draft
Make edits for Final Draft 
F 4/20 Edit Final Draft  
Due Monday, 4/23! Turn in today for Extra Credit (10 points)

____________Monday, 4/9 - Friday, 4/13__________________
F 4/13 Welcome Back!! Catch up, regroup, reflect.

____________Monday, 4/2 - Friday, 4/6 __________________

___________Monday, 3/26 - Friday, 3/30_________________
M 3/26 Review: Argumentative/Persuasive strategies in writing
Pathos (audience), Ethos (writer/presenter), Logos (content)
Introduce vocabulary for Argumentative Essay 
Reminder: Topic for Argumentative/Persuasive
T 3/27 Start research for Argumentative/Persuasive Essay
Choose side of the topic (pro/con, for/against)
Research for evidence - 3 credible sources supporting side chosen, 
1 credible source for opposing side
W 3/28 Continue finding credible sourcess
Create a Works Cited Page - MLA8 format
Th 3/29 Annotated Bibliography credible sources (for a grade - 50 points)
Use sources of evidence to complete outline (for a grade - 50 points)
F 3/30 Continue annotating sources and completing outline

___________ Monday, 3/19 - Friday, 3/23________________

___________Monday, 3/12 - Friday, 3/16_________________
M 3/12  Quick Write: Persuasive Techniques used in Over the Hedge
Using a Google Doc, type a 1-page document and share with me
Give examples of the persuasive strategies pathos (emotion), logos
  (logic) and ethos (credibility) in the movie, Over the Hedge.
*12 pt font
*2-3 paragraphs (approximately 1 page typed)
*double spaced

T 3/13 Introduce Persuasive/Argumentative Notes and Vocabulary NBTT presentations
W 3/14 Assign Persuasive/Argumentative topic
NBTT presentations
Th 3/15 Earned FREE day! Students can use as catch up day. 
F 3/16  NO SCHOOL - Enjoy your Spring Break!

___________Monday, 3/5 - Friday, 3/9___________________
M 3/5  Review NBTT  Discussion
Group project: Google Slides First Amendment rights along with  
choosing an argumentative side: Whose rights were violated? Phillip?
or Miss Narwin?
T 3/6  Group Project Google Slides
W 3/7  Watch: Over the Hedge
Th 3/8  Watch: Over the Hedge
F 3/9  Watch: Over the Hedge

___________Monday, 2/26 - Friday, 3/2__________________
M 2/26 Library Day! Return Books - New Choice Read is Enders Game or
House of the Scorpion
Choice Read Quiz
Read: NBTT p53-60
T 2/27 Read: NBTT p60-98 Persuasive Rhetoric (Pathos, Ethos, Logos) Commercial Activity
Watch Video introducing above:
Persuasive Rhetoric Video
W 2/28 Finish Commercial Activity
Th 3/1 Read NBTT: p99-135
F 3/2 Read NBTT: p135-177 Finish book by Monday

___________Monday, 2/19 - Friday, 2/23_________________
M 2/19 NO SCHOOL - Presidents Day
T 2/20 Quick Write: Using complete sentences, write a paragraph explaining
the following quote:
"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today." - James Dean
Read: NBTT p37-53
W 2/21 NO SCHOOL - Ice/Snow Day
Th 2/22 NO SCHOOL - Ice/Snow Day
F 2/23 Catch Up Day - opportunity to work on any missing assignments!

___________Monday, 2/12 - Friday, 2/16_________________
M 2/12 My College Options Survey
Bell Work: Daily edit The Super Bowl 
Review WS for NBTT: Intro-Ch 7
T 2/13 Bell Work: Grade Daily Edit
Choice Read Quiz: exposition
Finish Review WS
W 2/14 Weekly Article: 
Sustained Read - Choice Read book
Th 2/15 Bell Work
Game: Telephone (Gossip)
F 2/16 NO SCHOOL - Teacher PD Day

___________Monday, 2/5 - Friday, 2/9___________________
M 2/5 Bell Work
LIBRARY DAY! Check out a FICTION book. Note: First Choice
  Read quiz on your book over literary elements will be
Tuesday, February 13! 
Watch intro video for Nothing But The Truth to see story overview
  and meet the characters. 
Read: Nothing But The Truth (NBTT) - preface, p1-7
T 2/6 Bell Work
NBTT - read p7-13
NOTE: Abbreviated schedule today, due to enrollment information. See 4th hour teacher if absent.
W 2/7 Weekly Wednesday: Ted Talk - Body Language video and 5 question handout
Th 2/8 Bell Work
Introducing Persuasive Strategies: Pathos, Logos, Ethos through a 
video and handout
https://youtu.be/FeCz5fy02JE Read: NBTT p14-20
F 2/9 Bell Work
Read: 15 minutes sustained reading of choice read book
Read: NBTT p21-25

___________Monday, 1/29 - Friday, 2/2___________________
M 1/29 Bell Work: Compound Word Practice
Daily Edit: Paul Revere
Begin reading in literature book p120: Seabiscuit: An American Legend
T 1/30 Bell Work: Quick Write (for a grade): Diversity
In class time to finish Part 2 of Journal Assignment
W 1/31 Weekly Article/Video: Newswela-"Read all about it!: AI systems beat
  humans at reading comprehension
4 question Reading Comprehension Quiz over article 
Th 2/1 Introduction Activity to Nothing But the Truth: 2 Truths and a Lie
F 2/2  Finish introduction activity
Video clip introducing the story of this documentary book
                  REMINDER: Bring Nothing But the Truth book Monday!!!!

___________Monday, 1/22-Friday, 1/26___________________
M 1/22 Library Day - renew or check out book
Finish "The Rights to the Streets of Memphis" worksheet
Sustained Reading
Start part 2 of Nonfiction Reading Journal
T 1/23 Bell Work
Read: "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" 
p236 of the literature book
W 1/24 Weekly Article/Video: Article - "21 Images of Where Children Sleep
  Around the World" Viewed and read article and then had a whole
  class discussion about the differences and similarities of what we 
saw to us.
Th 1/25 Bell Work: Create a Rebus group activity Finish reading: "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings"
Quick Write: p247 #3 - What does Mrs. Flowers mean when she tells 
Marguerite that some people, though lacking formal schooling, are 
"more educated and even more intelligent than college professors"?
F 1/26 Work on Choice Read Journal Assignment Part 2 - 10 cited quotes 
from the last 100 pages of your book identified as background, 
anecdote or perception.  Must have at least one of each.
DUE DATE: Wednesday, January 31
Turn in today for +20 Extra Credit points

___________Monday, 1/15-Friday, 1/19___________________
M 1/15 NO SCHOOL - MLK Day
T 1/16 Daily Edit Practice: Elvis
Read part of "The Rights to the Streets of Memphis" by Richard
  Wright  in our literature book (p110) pdf of it is in handouts section
W 1/17  Possessive Noun reviewed the use of apostrophe (') vs. apostrophe "S"
Weekly Article/Video: Ted Talk: "The Danger of a Single Story"
and corresponding short answer worksheet (on handout page)
Th 1/18 Nonfiction Journal Assignment: Worked on completing the first
  journal submission of nonfiction elements in the first 100 pages of
the book.  (Assignment details are on the handout page)
Extra day given for students to complete. 
F 1/19 Reading Journal first half DUE TODAY!
Finish reading "The Rights to the Streets of Memphis" by Richard
Wright and complete related worksheet 

____________Monday, 1/8-Friday, 1/12___________________
M 1/8 Bell Work: Quick Write
Sustained Reading: Nonfiction Choice Read Book
Set up Nonfiction Journal and make entries
Students received 2nd Semester YELLOW hall passes today.
T 1/9 Daily Edit: Paul Revere's Ride (on my webpage if absent)
Read from literature book: Angela's Ashes p836
W 1/10 Bell Work: Build Your Vocabulary: Imminent
Weekly Article - Ted youth Talk (Focus on how student 
used persuasive argument strategies to present her claim)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vz-hlV8o3y8 Sustained Reading
Th 1/11 Bell Work: Rebus (word puzzles)
Read from literature book: finish Angela's Ashes p836
F 1/12 Bell Work: Quick Write: Describe snow to someone who has never
seen it.
Sustained Reading
Work on Nonfiction Choice Read Journal Assignment

__________Wednesday, 1/3 - Friday, 1/5__________________
W 1/3 Quick Write: Reflection of 1st Semester (Did semester go the way
you wanted? What habits will you keep and/or change? What areas
did you do well and what areas will work harder? Do you have new
goals for 2nd semester?)
Checked out a nonfiction book from Library
Th 1/4 Daily Edit Practice - Flying Boat Airplane Nonfiction Journal Assignment given - 2 Due dates:
   *1st half (100 pages) DUE: Thursday, January 18
   *2nd half (100 pages) DUE: Wednesday, January 31
   *+20 early credits given if completed journal received
   Friday, January 26
F 1/5 Sustained reading - Nonfiction book
Daily Edit Practice - Joan of Arc

__________Monday, 12/11 - Friday, 12/15_________________
M 12/11 Final Review and Catch Up
T 12/12 Final Review and Catch Up
W 12/13 Final Review and Catch Up
Th 12/14 Finals: 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th
F 12/15 Finals: 2nd, 4th, 6th and Make-up

___________Monday, 12/4 - Friday, 12/8_________________
M 12/4 Wrap Up TKAM with Robert F Kennedy's speech in Indianapolis
following the death of Martin Luther King and group discussion
Intro to Odyssey: The Epic at a Glance / Vocab worksheet
T 12/5 Review vocab terms
Read and discuss: The Odyssey book 1, 5 and 9
W 12/6 Read and discuss: The Odyssey book 9 (cont.), 10, 11 and 12
Th 12/7 Read and discuss: The Odyssey books 16 and 17
F 12/8 Read and discuss: The Odyssey books 21, 22, and 23

___________Monday, 11/27 - Friday, 12/1_________________
M 11/27 TKAM Chapter 18-31 Quiz DUE
Peer Edit Research Paper/Works Cited Page, then print final copy
T 11/28 Research Paper DUE
Watch TKAM
W 11/29 Watch TKAM
Th 11/30 Watch TKAM
 Personality Test Activity (characterization)
F 12/1 Watch TKAM

____________Monday, 11/20 - Friday, 11/24________________

------------------NO SCHOOL - THANKSGIVING BREAK----------------------------
Wishing all of you a relaxing, safe, and happy Thanksgiving break.  

TKAM take home quiz over Chapters 18-31 is DUE Monday, 11/27.

____________Monday, 11/13 - Friday, 11/17_______________
M 11/13 TKAM Chapters 13-17 small group discussion questions
Finish Introduction paragraph and Thesis Statement
Start Body Paragraph
T 11/14 How to: Body Paragraphs - citing sources and Conclusion Paragraph
W 11/15 Research Paper Work day - finish rough draft
Take home quiz for TKAM Chapters 18-31 passed out.  Due 11/27.
Th 11/16 Peer editing of rough draft
F 11/17 Peer editing of rough draft/Work Cited/make edits/final draft.
FINAL Draft DUE: Tuesday, November 28.  10 bonus points if you
  turn in before break on Friday, November 17.

____________Monday, 11/6 - Friday, 11/10________________
M 11/6 TKAM Chapters 1-7 Open Book Quiz
T 11/7 Artist Research outline DUE end of the Hour
W 11/8 Notes worksheet on research format guidelines, in-text citations and  Work Cited
T 11/9 TKAM Chapters 8-12 Open Book Quiz
F 11/10  Research Day: Introduction paragraph and Thesis Statement
TKAM Chapters 13-17 Discussion Quiz questions - homework

____________Monday, 10/30 - Friday, 11/3________________
M 10/30 Small group Mini Lesson Presentations
T 10/31 Small group Mini Lesson Presentations
W 11/1  October Reading Logs DUE
Finish small group Mini Lesson Presentations
Start To Kill A Mockingbird (TKAM)- BRING BOOK!
T 11/2  Assign Research Paper and go over appropriate/acceptable databases
F 11/3 Begin in class research. Goal is to have 5 sources by the end of the
NOTE: We are working on 2 different learning goals the month of November through the 1st week of December.  We will be reading TKAM while continuing to focus on literary elements and writing a research paper - topic is Artist.  Students choose the artist genre and particular artist on Day 1.  NO DUPLICATIONS!  Students will have a detailed calendar of requirements and due dates.  The calendar and all corresponding handouts will be posted on Handouts section of this website.

____________Monday, 10/23 - Friday, 10/27__________________
T 10/24 Mini Lesson Group Project assigned.  Students will work in a small group (2-5) to create a google slide presentation on a background topic related to the book To Kill A Mockingbird.  Purpose: to provide historical back-ground of contributing events, culture, etc. Details of the assignment and a grading rubric are in the handouts section of this website.
Topics include:
Civil War, The Great Depression, Life in the South-1930's,
Law: To Kill A Mockingbird, Workers Progress Administration,
Jim Crow Laws, Education: 1930s to Little Rock Nine, 
Scottsboro Boys Trial/6th Amendment and Civil Rights
Movement/Rosa Parks 
W 10/25 Research and prepare Group Mini Lesson Presentation
T 10/26 Research and prepare Group Mini Lesson Presentation
F 10/27  Research and prepare Group Mini Lesson Presentation - Last Day! Presentations start Monday.

____________Monday, 9/11 - Friday 11/15___________________
M 9/11 Read "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allen Poe again straight through.  Start Discussion Questions handout. 
T 9/12 Assign Choice Read - Book Talks - Present in class Friday, 9/5
Watch "The Cask of Amontillado"
Complete 14 Discussion Questions.
Introduce Missing Person's Report Assignment - DUE Friday, 9/15
W 9/13 Vocabulary List - literary focus terms Quiz Friday, 9/22
Continue working on Missing Person's Report
Th 9/14 Continue working on Vocabulary List
Introduce and read the  "The Necklace" p206
F 9/15 Book Talks: Students will introduce their current Choice Read book.
Must include: title, author, exposition (setting, primary characters,  
and first conflict). Also: recommend or do NOT recommend and why

____________Monday, 9/4 - Friday, 9/8___________________
T 9/5 Library visit to checkout or recheck books
Introduction of Poe
W 9/6

F 9/8  Read "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allen Poe. Literary focus:   irony and foreshadowing, visualization, setting, characterization,

____________Monday, 8/28 - Friday, 9/1_________________
M 8/28 Becoming An Active Reader Chart - students copied the chart on page
  12 from the literature book It should be placed in the front of their 3
  ring binder. Quiz over it Tuesday. 
Students received the August Reading Log today. Record 75 
minuites/week of outside reading homework beginning 8/21. 
Reading Log DUE Tuesday, September 5, beginning of class.
T 8/29 Kahoot quiz over Becoming An Active Reader Chart
Introductory activity to short story, "Pancakes", Literary focus is 
W 8/30 Continue reading "Pancakes"
Th 8/31 Finish reading "Pancakes" 
Assignment: Formal Write Paragraph-Characterization of our
  protagonist, Jill
F 9/1 Review vocabulary in "Pancakes".  With a partner come up with 1-2 
synonyms to add to our vocabulary list.
Introduction to "The Cask of Amontillado" Literary focus: irony and

____________Monday, 8/21 - Friday, 8/25________________
M 8/21 Library visit - check out fiction book; begin reading HW log
T 8/22 Short Story: "Checkouts" (p28 literature book) Focus: Plot Pyramid
W 8/23 "Little Matchgirl" video - discussed whole class the storyline and
plot pyramid
Student Interview activity (students interviewed each other for a 15-30
  second oral introduction to the class)
Th 8/24 Oral presentations: Students introduced a classmate to the whole group
"Little Matchgirl" video - Fiction Literary Term worksheet 
F 8/25 Finished Student Interview presentations and "Little Matchgirl" video 
  Fiction Literary Term worksheet 
____________Wednesday, 8/16 - Friday, 8/18______________
W 8/16  Get To Know You Activities/About You worksheet (WS)
T 8/17 Quick Write: Expectations/Fears or Anxieties of 9th grade WS 
Went overSyllabus
F 8/18 Kahoot quiz: syllabus review