Wed. Aug. 16th- Introduction/Syllabus/Lab Safety Contract
           Lab safety contract and Syllabus due Tues. Aug 22nd

Thurs. Aug. 17th- Lab Safety Video
             Lab Equipment ID Wkst due Fri. Aug 18th
     Solar Eclipse Permission Form due by Mon. Aug. 21st

Fri. Aug. 18th- Lab Safety Video #2
 Lab Equipment Wkst due
Discuss Solar Eclipse for Monday Aug. 21st

Mon. Aug. 21st- Solar Eclipse! 
    Permission Form due!

Tues. Aug. 22nd- Begin Metric System

Wed. Aug. 23rd- Metric System Practice

Thurs. Aug. 24th- Metric System Cont.

Fri. Aug. 25th - Metric System Cont.

Mon. Aug. 28th- Metric System Quiz. Unit 1 Vocab

Tues. Aug. 29th- Finish Unit 1 Vocab, begin Unit 1 Notes

Wed. Aug. 30th- Unit 1 Notes

Thurs. Aug. 31st- Homeostasis Lab

Fri. Sept. 1st- Homeostasis Lab and Vocab Quiz

Tues. Sept. 5th- Review for Unit 1 Exam

Wed. Sept. 6th- Unit 1 Exam

Thurs. Sept 7th- Unit 2 Vocab and Finish Homeostasis Lab Questions

Fri. Sept. 8th- Unit 2 Notes

Sept. 11th- Unit 2 Notes

Sept. 12th- Unit 2 Notes

Sept. 13th- Unit 2 Vocab Quiz/ Penny Lab

Sept. 14th- Unit 2 Notes

Sept. 15th- Unit 2 Notes

Sept. 18th- Capillary Action Lab

Sep. 19th- Pre-Lab for Enzyme lab/ Review

Sept. 20th- Lab/ review 

Sept. 21st- Finish Lab:Post Lab Q's

Sept. 22nd- Review

Sept. 25th- Unit 2 Exam/Unit 3 vocab

Sept 26th- Unit 3 Vocan/ Begin Cell Notes

Sept. 27th- Cell Notes

Sept 28th- Cell Notes

Sept. 29th- Cell Notes

Oct. 2nd- Intro to microscopes

Oct. 3rd- Microscope Lab

Oct. 4th- Vocab Quiz

Oct. 5th- Cell Notes

Oct. 6th- Pond water lab/ Microscope Quiz

Oct. 9th- Cell Notes/Quizlet

Oct. 10th- Cell Notes/Quizlet

Oct. 11th- Cell Notes Quizlet

Oct. 12th- Cell Quiz

Oct. 13th- Review Packet Ch. 3.1-3.3

Oct. 16th- Review

Oct. 17th- Unit 3 Part 1 Test (3.1-3.3)

Oct. 18th- Begin Unit 3 Part 2 (3.4-3.5)

Oct. 19th-23rd. Fall Break

Oct. 24th- Ch. 3.4 Notes

Oct. 25th-27th- Diffusion Lab

Oct. 30th- 3.5 Powernotes, Osmosis Wkst

Oct. 31st- Vocab Quiz/Ch. 3.5 Notes

Nov. 1st- Review

Nov. 2nd- Unit 3 Part 2 Exam

Nov. 3rd- Data Nugget/Unit 4 Vocab

Nov. 6th- Ch. 5.1 Notes

Nov. 7th- Ch. 5.2 Notes-Vocab Due

Nov. 8th- Mitosis Lab/Quizlet

Nov. 9th- Mitosis Lab/ Quizlet

Nov. 10th- Unit 4 Vocab Quiz/Ch. 5.3 Notes

Nov. 13th- Ch. 5.3 Notes

Nov. 14th- Lab

Nov. 15th- Review/Study Guide

Nov. 16th- Unit 4 Exam

Nov. 17th- Benchmark

Nov. 20th-24th- Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 27th- Begin Unit 5

Nov. 28th- 4.1 and 4.2 Notes

Nov. 29th- Vocab due and Ch 4.4 Notes

Nov. 30th- Ch. 4.6 Notes

Dec. 1st- Vocab Quiz and Study Guide

Dec. 4th- Photosynthesis Lab

Dec. 5th- Photosynthesis Lab

Dec. 6th- Study Guide

Dec. 7th- Review

Dec. 8th- Unit 5 Exam

Dec. 11- Review

Dec. 12- Review

Dec. 13- Review

Dec. 14th- Finals Odd

Dec. 15- Finals Even

Semester 2

Jan. 3- Unit 6A: Ch 8.1-8.3 Vocab Assigned

Jan. 4- Ameoba sisters DNA video and Ch 8.1 Notes

Jan. 5- Lies, Thieves, and DNA video, 8.2 Notes, PreLab, Receive study guide

Jan. 8- Vocab Quiz: Ch 8.1-8.3, Questions over Lies, Thieves, and DNA video due, DNA model Lab and Vocab due

Jan. 9- 8.3 Notes and PreLab DNA extraction

Jan 10- DNA extraction Lab

Jan. 11- Review for Exam and DNA extraction Lab questions due and Study Guide Due

Jan. 12- Exam Ch. 8.1-8.3

1/15- No School

1/16- Unit 6B Vocab (Ch. 8.4,8.5,8.7)

1/17- Ch. 8.4 Notes

1/18- Ch. 8.5 Notes

1/19- Vocab Quiz

1/22- Study Guide

1/23- 8.5 Notes and Translation Coloring Sheet

1/24- 8.7 Powernotes

1/25- Review/Finish Study Guide

1/26- Unit 6B Exam

1/29- DNA Extraction Lab

1/30- Test Corrections and Ch. 9 Vocab

1/31- Gattaca Movie and Wkst

2/1- Gattaca Movie and Wkst

2/2- Finish Movie and Wkst

2/5- Finsih Ch. 9 Vocab

2/6- Ch. 9 Vocab Quiz

2/7- Gel electrophoresis/DNA fingerprinting wkst

2/8- Grade Wkst and Begin Unit 7 Vocab

2/9- Unit 7 Vocab due/ Begin Notes
2/12- Ch. 6.2 Notes/ Unit 7 Vocab due

2/13- Ch. 6.6 Notes

2/14- Finish Notes and work on study guide

2/15- Vocab Quiz and work on study guide

2/16- No school

2/19- No school

2/20- Review

2/21- No School

2/22- No School

2/23- Unit 7 Exam

2/26- Unit 8 Vocab (Ch. 6.3-6.5)

2/27- Unit 8 Study Guide

2/28- Ch. 6.3 Powernotes

3/1- 6.4 Powernotes

3/2- Punnet Square Wkst

3/5- Genetics Wkst

3/6- Emoji Lab/ Review Vocab

3/7- Vocab Quiz/ Finish Lab

3/8- Karyotype Lab

3/9- Grade Study Guide/Finish Lab