I have posted a quizlet for Unit 1 Vocab under the useful links tab.


 8/15: First Day of School: Intro, Syllabus, Lab Safety Contract

8/16: Lab Safety Videos

8/17: Team Building Activity

8/20: Lab equipment activity/ Begin Nature of Science (NOS) Survey

8/21: Lab Safety Contract due/ Lab Safety Quiz/ Unit 1 Vocab (Ch. 1.1, 1.3, 28.2, 28.3) 

8/22: NOS Videos and activities

8/23: CONPTT Slides/ Science is...Science is not activity

8/24: CONPTT Slides/ Variables and Hypotheses worksheet due Tuesday 8/28

8/27: Begin Unit 1 notes/ characteristics of life activity

8/28: Unit 1 notes over homeostasis/ begin homeostasis lab

8/29: Homeostasis Lab cont..

8/30: Finish Lab/ Begin Study Guide

8/31: Finish Study Guide/Begin Review

9/3: No school

9/4: Review

9/5: Unit 1 Exam over CONPTT, Lab Safety, Equipment, Scientific methods, homeostasis, and characteristics of life 

9/6: Begin Unit 2:Ch. 2.2, 2.3, and 2.5 Properties of water and Enzymes: Properties of water demo/ Penny Lab/ Ch. 2.2 Notes/ Vocab

9/7: Properties of water demo/ Properties of water Worksheet/ Vocab

9/10: pH demo/ pH worksheet/ Finish Ch. 2.2 notes

9/11: 2.3 Notes over carbs and lipids/ quizlet live vocab review

9/12: 2.3 Notes over proteins/ quizlet live vocab review

9/13: Finish 2.3 Notes/ Macromolecules video/ Quizlet live vocab review

9/14: Vocab Quiz/ Biological molecules video

9/17: 2.5 Notes/ Enzyme Review Worksheet

9/18: Fragility of an Enzyme Pineapple Demo/ Macromolecule Activity/ Study guide

9/19: Finish Pineapple Demo and Worksheet/ Finish Macromolecule Activity

9/20: Virtual Enzyme Lab

9/21: Finish Virtual Enzyme Lab/ work on Study guide

9/24: Finish Study Guide/ Review

9/25: Unit 2 Exam over Properties of Water, pH, Carbon-based molecules, and Enzymes