Reading for FUN Daily Agenda
8/15--Roll; Ice Breaker-choose a Now and Later flavor and share tidbit; I Am sheet; Exit ticket card=1. A goal you have for this year;  2. One fear you have about this year; 3. Something unique or funny about you; 4. Something you wish people knew about you but don't; 5. A question you have about me
8/16--Roll; Ice Breaker-"snowball" fight with 5 facts (one about your reading)/share out; Answer exit ticket questions from yesterday
8/17--Roll; Supplies and housekeeping business (see me); Read

8/20--Syllabus Scavenger Hunt-review syllabus/pet peeves/establish rules
8/21--Review rules & procedures-furniture etiquette and PHONES; Read; BRING your FAVORITE CHILDREN'S BOOK tomorrow
8/22--Establish Goodreads account; Read
8/23--Share Children's Books
8/24--Finish Children's books share out; hand in Carousel notes that includes your READING HISTORY=when you started reading, has it changed for you, what did you read, when did you read, etc.

8/27--Read; Exit ticket #1=name, date, book title, genre, pages read (for example: 302-334), something specific you like about the book and why, something you are eager to discuss about the book
8/28--Book Goal Setting Conferences; Read
8/29--Lit Chat
8/31--Read; Update Goodreads

9/3--Happy Labor Day
9/4--Begin work on "Faculty Currently Reading" signs
9/5--Finish "Faculty Currently Reading" signs

9/10--Read; Partner Chat
9/11--Faculty Currently Reading signs-cut lamination, add books; Read
9/12--Read; Exit ticket #2=Name, Date, Book Title, Book Genre, Pages Read (start#-stop#), Something you like, A prediction for what will happen soon in the book
9/14--Attach book signs to Faculty Currently Reading signs; Update Goodreads; Read

9/17--Hang Currently Reading Signs across building; Read 
9/21--Lit Chat