Competitive Speech/Debate

Syllabus 2018 - 2019

Deer Creek High School

INSTRUCTOR:  Matt Cheek                             CLASSROOM: PAAC Drama Room

PLAN:  1st Period (8:00-8:50)                                PHONE: (405)348-5720

FAX:  (405) 359-5719                                              EMAIL:


Course Description:

Competitive Speech and Debate is a class focused on participation in OSSAA sanctioned and other competitions and tournaments. All students enrolled in this course will be members of Deer Creek’s competitive speech team and will be expected to prepare for tournaments at which the team is competing. ** As members of a team participating in interscholastic competition, all debate students are required to sign and return the attached consent form for participation in Deer Creek’s random drug testing program. Please see the student handbook for details on this program. **

Course Objectives:

Students will develop an understanding of the various aspects of Public Forum and Lincoln Douglas Debate as well as prepared and extemporaneous speech on current events/political topics.

Students will learn the basics of speech/debate research including the choosing and citing of appropriate sources for constructive debate and discussion.

Students will prepare, write, and compete in Original Oratory, Public Forum or Lincoln Douglas Debate and extemporaneous speaking events at tournaments.

Students will learn to appropriately evaluate and critique the performances of other competitors.


        5 Legal Pads

        Pens (At least two different colors)


        Stopwatch (A Cell Phone stopwatch is acceptable)

        One ream of copy paper

Contest Fees – Each Team Member will be required to pay a one time, $40 contest fee that will go towards tournament costs (entry fees, buses, judges fees, etc…). This fee includes a team t-shirt. All other contest costs will be covered by the DCHS Speech and Drama department. The Speech and Debate team will be participating in one fundraiser to help with these costs. **The Bishop Kelley Tournament on November 9-10 is an overnight trip and will require an additional cost for lodging.**

Course Work:

Participation/Performance - This is a participation course. Much of the time in class will be dedicated to rehearsing and preparing for tournaments and regular attendance and participation in class is required. Students will be graded on their effort and commitment to class projects and exercises. Some outside research and study will be required as well as some after school rehearsals and weekend tournaments.

Competition Preparation – Students will be required to research and write Affirmative and Negative cases for five different debate topics as they are assigned throughout the course of the year. Students will also be required to regularly update the current event files for extemporaneous speaking and prepare to compete in the extemporaneous events at tournaments. Students will also be required to write and rehearse an Original Oratory.

Contest Attendance –Students will be required to work towards achieving their Pre-Reqs allowing them to compete in any of the six tournaments we will be attending. Students are not required to compete, but must successfully complete their Pre-Reqs in debate, original oratory, and extemporaneous speaking. Students are encouraged to compete in as many tournaments as possible. In addition to their Pre-Req qualification, students must meet the following requirements to enter a tournament:

Debate – Cases completely written and used in at least one practice round by the Friday prior to the tournament.

Extemp – Completely current on extemp article requirements and have performed two practice extemp speeches the week before the tournament.

Oratory – Completely written and performed from memory for Mr. Cheek by the Friday prior to the tournament.

Students must remain eligible to attend and compete.

*Note- All contests are on weekends.  Debate tournaments begin on Friday afternoon and continue through Saturday evening.*

2018-2019 Tournament Dates

September 4 - 6:30 PM - Speech Drama Mixer/ Parent Night

November 9-10 - Bishop Kelley Speech Tournament (Overnight Trip)

December 7-8 - Choctaw Speech Tournament

January 11-12 - Crossings Christian Speech Tournament

January 25-26 - Edmond Santa Fe Speech Tournament

February 1-2 - Norman Speech Tournament

February 8-9 - Deer Creek Speech Tournament

February 22-23 - Norman North Speech Tournament

March 8-9 - Regional Speech Tournament @Edmond North

April 4-6 - State Speech Tournament @OU

May 10-11 - Novice/JV Speech Tournament @Crossings Christian

Late Work:

To receive full credit, all written work must be turned in at the beginning of class on the day it is due.  Late written assignments will be accepted for half credit. Scheduled performance assignments may not be made up or completed late. Assignments that are missed because of excused absences and school activities must be turned in on the day that the student returns to class.  Class participation grades cannot be made up except in the case of excused absences or school activities.

Grade Breakdown:

Daily Participation - 15% of Total Grade

Participation grades will be comprised of in class activities and assignments including but not excluded to; quizzes, extemp speeches, research, practice debate rounds, written assignments, group discussions, speech performances, and written critiques.

Homework - 15% of Total Grade

Homework grades will be comprised of written assignments, research, outside practice, and tournament preparation.

Tournament Pre-Requisites - 40% of Total Grade

Tournament Pre-Reqs are levels of achievement that students must meet for each event before they are allowed to compete in those events at tournaments. Most of the time and work in class will be moving towards achieving these prereqs, with the hope that all students will want to use those Pre-Req skills to then compete for the team at tournaments.

Tournament Attendance and Competition  - 20% of Total Grade

Students are required to compile a total of 600 tournament points. (200 1st Semester - 400 2nd Semester). Tournament points can be earned by preparing, attending,  and competing in tournaments on the team schedule. All students must earn these points, even if they do not compete in any tournaments. Tournament points can be earned in the following ways:


Full Practice Debate Round - 20 Pts

After School Practice Session - 10 Pts

Coaching (Must be approved by Mr. Cheek) - 20 Pts/hr

Extemp Practice Speech - 3 Pts


Compete in Debate - 75 Pts

Compete in Original Oratory - 30 Pts

Compete in Extemp Speech - 25 Pts

Break to Saturday in Debate - 30 Pts

Break to Finals in OO or Extemp- 20 Pts

Qualify for Regionals - 40 Pts


Work DC Tournament - 5 Pts/hr

Outside Related Activity Report (Must be approved by Mr. Cheek) 50 pts

Semester Final - 10% of Total Grade


Classroom Expectations:

Come to class on time and prepared to participate and to learn. Bring all of the materials you will need for class. This includes pen or pencil, paper, scripts, and books.

Be respectful of your teacher and your peers. You are expected to be quiet, awake, and attentive during class. Talking or sleeping during lectures, videos, presentations, or performances is not acceptable. Making fun or belittling of classmates will not be tolerated. Be supportive of your peers’ efforts.

No food is allowed in the classroom. This includes candy and gum. Bottled water only is allowed in the classroom.

Cell phones must be turned off and put away out of sight during class.

Academic Dishonesty Policy:

In order to sustain a community of trust in which students and teachers can work together to develop their educational potential and goals, ethical standards of honesty are expected so that all students may compete fairly in the classroom to earn their academic standing through their own efforts. Violations of the honor code include lying, cheating, or stealing. Acts of cheating are defined as follows:

1. Willfully copying or allowing class assignments to be copied.

2.    Falsely presenting other’s work as his/her own work.

3. Using notes or any other prompts to assist in answering test questions, unless allowed by the teacher.

4. Acquiring answers to test questions or homework by looking at any other students’ papers.

5. Being informed, or informing verbally or otherwise, of test questions or answers either during or prior to the testing situation, as well as answers to homework assignments for which you are given.

6. Plagiarizing someone else’s words or ideas.

7. Use of on-line resources to assist with homework, class assignments, quizzes, or tests is prohibited unless approved and allowed by the teacher.

A student who has been found to have violated the community of trust as expressed in the honor code will receive no credit (a zero) for the assignment on which the violation occurred, and his/her parent will be informed. Any student violating the academic honor code will lose semester test exemption status in all classes and recommendation for denial or dismissal from National Honor Society. Additional consequences may be added at the discretion of school personnel.