August 16th - Welcome & introductions! Mini-me projects assigned; due Friday!

August 17th - Syllabus and class expectations/procedures discussed. Syllabus signature page due Thursday, Aug. 24th.

August 18th - Mini-me projects due; presentations!

August 21st - Assembly schedule for handbook & solar eclipse; daily grammar practice (DGP) introduced and booklet passed out

August 22nd - Library visit, select choice book and begin reading; DGP complete for Monday & Tuesday; view Disney short film "Feast" and discuss fiction literary terms handout

August 23rd - silent reading; DGP; complete "Feast" fiction literary terms worksheet

August 24th - Syllabus signature page due! silent reading; DGP; read and discuss "The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant" p.27

August 25th - choice read; finish answering 13 questions on "The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant"

August 28th - #2 DGP; choice read; review fiction literary terms ("Feast" handout); p.186 quickwrite - criteria for judging others, what clues might help you judge whether somebody is evil? Class creates wheel definition of evil; making inferences exercise p.187; begin reading "The Possibility of Evil" p.188

August 29th - #2 DGP; choice read; finish reading "The Possibility of Evil"

August 30th - #2 DGP - review answers for week; choice read; write book title, author, and exposition - setting, characters, initial conflict; deadline for book to be completed

August 31st - #2 DGP - choice read; p.199 discuss and answer questions as whole group; make flip chart for "The Possibility of Evil" due Tuesday at end of class

September 1st - work on flip chart for "The Possibility of Evil" due Tuesday at end of class

September 4th - Labor day - NO SCHOOL!

September 5th - Complete "The Possibility of Evil" flip chart, due at end of class! #3 DGP (Parts of speech and sentence marked); choice read

September 6th - #3 DGP; choice read; Fiction Literary Term Quiz; notecard - 3 rising action events listed and cited from choice book; book talks due Sept. 15th 

September 7th - DGP; choice read; tone worksheet; tone word half poster project assigned, due Monday for presentation!

September 8th - check week #3 DGP; writing prompt modeled and discussed for "The Possibility of Evil"; choice read, book talks due Sept. 15th

September 11th - Tone Word half posters due! DGP #4

September 12th - #4 DGP, choice read, "The Possibility of Evil" writing prompt, handout example

September 13th - #4 DGP, choice read, introduce "Harrison Bergeron" p.34-40 and begin reading

September 14th - #4 DGP. choice read, finish and discuss "Harrison Bergeron"

September 15th - 3-minute book talk presentations due, one notecard allowed

September 18th - Finish 3-minute book talk presentations; review DGP #4, choice read; library visit to return/check out books

September 19th - #5 DGP; choice read; practice test p.150 & p.272

September 20th - #5 DGP, choice read; review practice test

September 21st - #5 DGP completed; choice read; review Kahoot for unit test

September 22nd - Short Story Unit Test! Read novels; 2nd novel deadline Oct. 6th!

September 25th - Pass back papers; review DGP; #6 DGP; choice read; introduce narrative essays

September 26th - #6 DGP, choice read; continue to analyze narrative essay samples

September 27th - #6 DGP, choice read; assign narrative essay, DUE Oct. 12th!

September 28th - #6 DGP, choice read; continue to analyze sample essays

September 29th - Choice read; quick writes for narrative essay

October 2nd - #7 DGP; choice read; dialogue punctuation worksheet homework

October 3rd - #7 DGP; choice read; write rough draft for narrative essay!

October 4th - Library Lab - Type rough draft in MLA format on google docs

October 5th - Library Lab - Finish typing rough draft on google docs and print out to turn in at end of hour! Final Drafts due Oct. 12th!

October 6th - Choice Novel Test!

October 9th - Peer revise and edit Narrative essay rough draft

October 10th - Library lab - make revisions to final draft

October 11th - Library lab - complete final drafts, due tomorrow at beginning of class, no late papers accepted!

October 12th - Final draft of Narrative essay due with rubric! DGP #8; read choice novel; anticipation guide for Antigone 

October 13th - Choice read! Complete Antigone​ vocabulary worksheet and turn in!

October 16th - Choice read 3rd novel; review DGP #8; introduction to Antigone; power point and notes 

October 17th - Grammar edit; read; continue Antigone notes and background

October 18th - Read; background notes on Antigone 

October 19th - 23rd - FALL BREAK! Enjoy!

October 24th - #9 DGP; choice read; begin reading Antigone Prologue and Parados

October 25th - #9 DGP; choice read- 3rd book finished by Nov. 1st; read scene 1, ode 1 of Antigone  

October 26th - #9 DGP; choice read; read and discuss scene 2, ode 2 of Antigone

October 27th - #9 DGP; choice read- have 3rd novel completed Nov. 1st; ​Antigone background quiz, open notes

October 30th - #10 DGP; 3rd choice read, book talk Wednesday; Antigone worksheets

October 31st - #10 DGP; 3rd choice read completed; read Antigone sc. 3 

November 1st - #10 DGP; 3rd novel choice book talks - one notecard due!

November 2nd - #10 DGP; ​continue book talks

November 3rd - ​Complete book talks and visit library to check #4 choice read

November 6th - #11 DGP; choice read; Antigone ode 3,  scene 4 ode 4

November 7th - #11 DGP; choice read; Antigone scene 5 

November 8th -  #11 DGP; choice read; Antigone ​Paean and Exodus; take notes

November 9th - #11 DGP; choice read; work on Antigone worksheets

November 10th - Complete Antigone worksheets, due Monday; review the play and take notes; choice read

November 13th - Antigone Test! Turn in worksheets!

November 14th - Writing assignment on Antigone

November 15th - Library computer lab - typed writing assignment on Antigone due at end of class

November 16th - #12 DGP; choice read; anticipation guide for Night

November 17th - Discuss Night anticipation guide; Kahoot on Holocaust background; all students need a copy of Night upon returning from Thanksgiving break!

November 20th - 24th - NO SCHOOL! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

November 27th - Holocaust background; Holocaust Terms worksheet due at end of class or finish as homework

November 28th - Night books required in class; reading schedule and chapters assigned; turn in Holocaust Terms worksheet; ​Night ​power point; read chapter one

November 29th - #4 Choice Novel Test!

November 30th - Read and discuss ​Night, chapters 1-3

​December 1st - ​Night​ quiz chapters 1-3; discuss chapter 4; read chapter 5; rhetorical analysis worksheet on Ch. 1

December 4th - Discuss chapters 4 &5 of Night; ​rhetorical analysis of Ch. 3 passage - both rhetorical analysis worksheets turned in 

December 5th - Discuss chapters 6 & 7 of Night; Simile & Metaphor worksheet completed and turned in

December 6th - Discuss chapters 8 & 9 of Night

December 7th - Review Night

December 8th - Night Test!

December 11th - Watch Oprah's interview of Elie Wiesel

December 12th - Review

December 13th - Review

December 14th - 1st, 3rd, 5th, & 7th Semester tests

December 15th - 2nd, 4th, 6th, & make-up Semester test

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Enjoy your break!
Spring Semester 2018
January 3rd - Welcome Back! New seating charts

January 4th - Visit library for non-fiction choice read book, then read in class

January 5th - Read "Abolishing the Penny Makes Good Sense" p.588-590 and answer questions #1-11 p.591

January 8th - Grammar edit 1st Typewriter; notes on structure of an argument

January 9th - Visit library for non-fiction books; analyze "Abolishing the Penny..." watch video of persuasive techniques and discuss

January 10th - Choice read; watch video on persuasive techniques, discuss, complete worksheet - assign homework worksheet - identify persuasive techniques in 6 advertisements due tomorrow!

January 11th - Choice read, background notes on Shakespearean Drama p.1082-3 assigned

January 12th - Choice read, grammar edit, finish Shakespeare Background notes worksheet, p.1082-3

January 16th - Choice read, grammar edit, drama terms definition worksheet

January 17th - Choice read, quick write on persuasive scenario and strategies used

January 18th - Julius Caesar power point with worksheet

January 19th - Begin reading play Julius Caesar​ Act 1 scene 1

January 22nd - Write anecdote and explain its point from nonfiction choice read; continue reading Julius Caesar; fill in comprehension questions for play

January 23rd -  continue reading play

January 24th - Grammar edit, choice read, fill in comprehension questions for Julius Caesar; review drama terms and Shakespeare notes

January 25th - Complete JC Act 1 comprehension questions #1-24

January 26th - Matching background Quiz for Shakespearean Drama and ​Julius Caesar​; watch film of Act 1

January 29th - continue reading Julius Caesar Act 2 p.1116, scene 1

January 30th - continue reading ​Julius Caesar, complete Act 2

January 31st - Nonfiction quiz for choice read; grammar edit

February 1st - continue Julius Caesar ​read Act 3 scene 1 p.1134

February 2nd - continue ​Julius Caesar​ Act 3 scene 2 & 3 p.1144

February 5th - Julius Caesar Act 3 discussion, complete comprehension questions through #48; grammar edit review, choice reading

February 6th - Read Julius Caesar Act 4 

February 7th - Finish reading Act 4 and answering questions; grammar edit; choice read

February 8th - Read Julius Caesar Act 5; complete comprehension questions

February 9th - ​Julius Caesar​ Literary Analysis worksheet, due next Tuesday

February 12th - Julius Caesar Comprehension questions due at end of hour. 

February 13th - Julius Caesar Literary Analysis worksheet, due tomorrow; choice read

February 14th - Finish ​Julius Caesar​ Literary Analysis worksheet and turn in; choice read

February 15th - Grammar edit; finish watching Act one of film

February 16th - No school

February 19th - No school 

February 20th - Watch film of ​Julius Caesar

February 21st - Snow Day!

​February 22nd - Snow Day! 

February 23rd - Finish film of ​Julius Caesar

February 26th - ​Julius Caesar character analysis assignment and illustrate a quote, due tomorrow!

February 27th - Julius Caesar character analysis and illustrated quote due at beginning of class; Julius Caesar Quote quiz; hand out Julius Caesar review

February 28th - Review Julius Caesar

March 1st - Julius Caesar ​Test 

March 2nd - Choice read completed for assessment; present book reports

March 5th - Continue presentations of choice read novels

March 6th - Finish novel reports; go to library for new books

March 7th - Grammar edit

March 8th - Read choice novels

March 9th - Read choice novels, type a response; laptop cart in classroom

March 12th - Library computer lab - Finish Prediction Reader Response to choice read and print it; turn in

March 13th - Library computer lab - choice read; select an issue to research and find three sources in databases

March 14th - Library computer lab - type up annotated bibliography for three sources

March 15th - Choice read; grammar edit; have your choice novel completed by March 30th

Have a Happy Spring Break!

March 26th - Grammar edit; read choice novel; introduce research paper topics and freewrite

March 27th - Library computer lab - research topics, write claim statement, find one article for each point in claim statement and type up annotated bibliography due Friday

March 28th - Library computer lab - continue to research and type annotated bibliography

March 29th - Library computer lab - complete 3 source annotated bibliography due tomorrow

March 30th - Turn in 3 source annotated bibliography; choice novel assessment completed and turned in

Teacher walk-out April 2nd - 12th 

April 13th - Outline worksheets handed out, due April 18th at end of class; found two more sources for argumentative research paper and printed articles 

April 16th - Library computer lab - continue to fill in Outline and research sources for paper; must have The Kite Runner in class April 25th 

April 17th - Continue research and completing outline worksheet

April 18th - Outline worksheet due at end of class

April 19th - Type rough draft and works cited page, due April 24th at end of class; final draft with works cited page and 5 article sources due May 2nd!

April 20th - Continue typing rough draft and works cited page

April 23rd - Work on research paper

April 24th - Typed rough draft with works cited page due at end of class!

April 25th - The Kite Runner introduced, background/context power point, begin reading, Ch.1-4 Quiz Friday!

April 26th - Read chapters 1-4 of The Kite Runner

April 27th - Quiz Ch.1-4 The Kite Runner, continue to read book

April 30th - Library lab - edit and revise final draft of research paper and works cited page; due Wednesday!

May 1st - Library lab - type final draft of research paper and works cited page

May 2nd - Library lab - Research paper final with 5 article sources due at end of class; NO late papers accepted! Due date pushed back to Monday, May 7th!

May 3rd - Quiz Ch.5-8 The Kite Runner

May 4th - Continue reading The Kite Runner

May 7th - Research Final drafts due with rough draft and five article sources! Vocabulary definitions due! Vocabulary Quiz for The Kite Runner

May 8th - Quiz Ch. 9-14 The Kite Runner

May 9th - Continue reading The Kite Runner

May 10th - Continue reading the novel

May 11th - Quiz Ch. 15-21 The Kite Runner

May 14th - Watch the The Kite Runner film for review

May 15th - Continue viewing the film

May 16th - Finish the film

May 17th - Quiz Ch. 22-25 The Kite Runner

May 18th - The Kite Runner Test 

May 21st - Review for Semester Test

May 22nd - Review

May 23rd - Review - Last day of class

May 24th - Semester Finals 1st, 3rd, 5th, & 7th hours

May 25th - Semester Finals 2nd, 4th, 6th hours & make-up exams

Have a wonderful summer!