Festival At A Glance

A brief description of the festival:



Within the schedule of the Festival, each school will have the following:

60 minutes of Load In/Tech Rehearsal

30 minutes of dressing room/makeup time

45 minutes to Warmup and Preset the stage

50 minutes to perform and strike their show

10 minutes to load out or stow their set

25 minutes of critique with the judges immediately following their performance.

This schedule will require your techies to be loading out while the judges’ critique is going on, so they or someone with them will need to be able to handle load out without your direct supervision.

Following the final performance and critiques, all participants will be invited to The Dinner/Awards Extravaganza. This will be a relaxed, fun environment, where hopefully the kids can mingle and discuss and be generally social. It will also include some sort of entertainment (in the works). Towards the end, we will present the awards and all that fun stuff. It will be a long day and I would like for it to end on as upbeat a note as possible.

Awards and Other Fun Stuff:

Judges – Each production will be viewed by the following panel of adjudicators:

3 Adjudicators – 2 College Theatre faculty. 1 Theatre Professional. Will judge and respond to all Performances.

Tech Judge – College Technical Theatre faculty. Will observe Load-In/Tech Rehearsals as well as Performances.

Each show will receive an overall rating of 1, 2, or 3 based on the overall quality of the production. These ratings will be decided by a panel of three independent judges/respondents. The rating is entirely for your benefit and will be revealed to you as a director but will not be announced at the awards ceremony. Each production will also receive a technical rating of 1.2. or 3 based on the technical aspects of the production and decided by the judges panel as well as the technical judge.

We will present awards for the following categories at the awards ceremony as well. Instead of spending money on traditional trophies that would be really good at collecting dust, we will be awarding handcrafted and decorated “perpetual” trophies that will be in possession of the winning school for the year, and will be returned the next year (with the winning school’s own added flair) to be awarded again to the next winner. (Example: The Best Tech Trophy will be a golden hand truck.) I hoped this would be a fun, economical, and unique alternative to traditional trophies.

Best Tech “The Golden Hand Truck” – Awarded by the Tech Judge who will observe the load in/spike process as well as the performances. Will take into account professionalism, team work, and student involvement in technical production aspects.

Best Company “The Antler Trophy” – Awarded by the entire judges panel including the tech judge. Will take into account performance, ensemble work, professionalism and response to judge critiques by the director, cast, and crew.

Best Costumes/Makeup “The Makeup Case of Power” (also known as the overnight bag of Doom) – Awarded by the judges panel.

Fan Favorite “Fanny” – Decided by audience vote.

Outstanding Techie “The Marks Hawthorn Cup” (An engraved flashlight) – Awarded by the Tech judge to an outstanding individual or small group of techies/crew members.

Charity Award “Really Big Check” – Each school will choose a charity to perform in support of.  There will be a donation box for each charity displayed in the lobby. The charity that receives the most donations throughout the day will receive this award as well as an additional donation (Some of the money we would otherwise have spent on trophies.)

All Star Cast – Awarded by the judges panel. Nineteen actors will be named to the all star cast. The All Star Cast is non-gender specific.

Best Actor – Awarded by the judges panel.

College Presence:

In addition to the college faculty who will be adjudicating your show, we will also invite all of the state and surrounding state college theater departments to send representatives for recruitment opportunities. Colleges will have information tables set up in the lobby, and the longer breaks between shows allows for ample opportunity for your students to visit with and be seen by these representatives.

Live Tweeting:

In a move that admittedly makes my inner theatre snob cringe, we will be allowing audience members to live tweet during the performances. Tweeters will be assigned to a specific area of the audience so that they won’t be a distraction to the judges. With the expectation that all tweets would be positive and constructive in nature, it is a fun way to help keep our tech obsessed teens engaged. We would then share a selection of the best tweets between shows. This activity has been hugely popular with the students.


We will have a full concession stand open both days of the festival. The schedule includes ample time for lunch off campus. On Friday, we will offer a dinner option for sale or you may provide for yourselves. The 10 school schedule does not allow enough time to get a group to a restaurant and back. Dinner on Saturday will provided by Deer Creek.