Supply List

Honors Anatomy:
Course Supplies Needed:

  • Textbook:  Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology    Benjamin-Cummings pub. Check this out from the librarian.  Cost (if lost): $124.47
  • Wynn-Kapit Coloring Book optional but highly recommended very helpful (range in price but about $15-$20 - try not to purchase used ones because they are colored in already)

  • set of 12 pocket folders WITH brads - ANY color 

  • Loose-leaf notebook paper (not a lot – maybe 50 sheets)

  • COLORED PENCILS- the BIG pack - and I do mean BIG - 64 or MORE!

  • Pencil Bag/Box for colored pencils 

  • Writing utensils (not red or pink)

  • Red or pink for in class grading


Course Supplies needed:     

  • set of 10-12 pocket folders WITH brads - any color
  • Loose-leaf notebook paper (not a lot – maybe 50 sheets)
  • Writing utensils - (not red or pink - pencils preferred)
  • One Red or Pink Pen for in class grading
  • COLORED PENCILS - Get a more than 24 if possible BIG Pack
  • Pencil Bag/Box for colored pencils
  • Biology, Author: Stephen Nowicki, Ph.D., Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt 2012, Cost: $93.55 (if lost)- there are some available to be checked out from the library if you desire a hard copy at home - otherwise you will have an access code for an online text