Wish List for Community Supplies

Mrs. Brown - Classroom Community Supply List

We have several community items that will be used by all of us, like tissues and Clorox wipes, colored pencils, etc. If you could be generous enough to donate items, these are what we are in the greatest need of:

Kleenex (or Puffs! or Walmart brand... etc) Colored Pencils - bigger packs for more variety of colors - the bigger the better & Crayola®
                            name brand actually works better - lasts longer - not as easily broken, sharpens
                            better, etc.
Clorox Wipes (off brands work just fine!)

Donations Greatly Appreciated: The nature of my classes requires that we use a lot of consumable materials. Because they are consumable, I need these every year. And because they are consumable, I am unable to write a grant for them to get funds from the Deer Creek Foundation. If you would like to make a donation, please make out checks to DCHS and put in the memo of the check "Brown Bio" or "Brown Anatomy" to make sure the funds get allocated to us.

AMAZON Wish List
Neon Expo Window Markers
File Folders    (2 boxes needed)   
Small Student White Boards                                
Clorox Wipes