Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring


Course Description:

What is PALS? Peer Assistance and Leadership. Peer helping is a system of providing support services by peers in diverse settings. Peer mentors will be trained to serve as helpers to younger students within our school district. Students will have an opportunity to interact with younger students and be positive role models, developing a close and trusting interpersonal relationship.

What this class is not:

  • A source of advice or solutions

  • A moral agent for pushing personal values on students

  • An attempt for mentors to provide therapy

  • A blow-off class or opportunity for a free period

  • An enterprise in which students are expected to “save” other students

Expectations for the class:

  • To lead through example

  • Positive listening skills

  • Developing of individual and group trust

  • To model healthy behaviors and decision making

  • To follow the norms set forth by our peer helping group

  • To follow the rules and standards set by the Deer Creek School District


  • Participation 60%

  • Daily 20%

  • Weekly Reports 10%

  • Semester Test 10%

What parents should know:

Your student has been given the opportunity to participate in a class in which that they will be impactful in the lives of several young students at Deer Creek Elementary Schools or DCIS. We will hold our Peer Mentors to the highest standards set forth by our code of conduct as a PAL. Students will be trained to learn and serve with the potential of this class being the most rewarding experience of their education at Deer Creek High School. Welcome to the family of PALS!!