English III Assignments/Homework
August 16th - Welcome! Introductions and mini-me project assigned, due Friday!

August 17th - Syllabus and class expectations covered; syllabus signature page due Tuesday!

August 18th - Mini-me projects due and presented!

August 21st - Assembly schedule for handbook & solar eclipse; ACT vocabulary 1-3 assigned; students define unit 1 words, due Friday!

August 22nd - Syllabus signature page due; grammar edit-space flight; Native American powerpoint

August 23rd - Creation myth discussed; read "The World on the Turtle's Back" p.32-40; bring novels August 30th!

August 24th - Complete creation myth characteristics worksheet on "The World on the Turtle's Back"

August 25th -  ACT Vocab. 1 definitions due; define memoir and listen to "The Way to Rainy Mountain" p.52-58; complete historical context worksheet

August 28th - Complete vocab. 1 sentence worksheet; Native American practice quiz

August 29th - Redo vocab. 1 sentence worksheet; complete Native American practice quiz; grammar edit -women get to vote

August 30th - Required novels due in class; novel projects assigned due Sept. 27th; read novels silently; bring novels to class Friday!

August 31st - Early Settler's powerpoint; watch John Smith video; read background; write paraphrase of first paragraph p.90 "The General History of Virginia"

September 1st - Vocab. 1 synonyms worksheet; grammar edit-voting rights of 1965; bring novels to read!

September 4th - Labor Day - NO SCHOOL!

September 5th - Score and discuss Native American practice quiz; pass back vocab. 1 sentence completion and synonyms; complete vocab. 1 antonyms worksheet with a partner

September 6th - Vocab. 1 pick a word worksheet; read and discuss "The General History of Virginia" p.90-97

September 7th - Grammar edit; finish "The General History of Virginia"

September 8th - Vocab. 1 Quiz; read and write summaries for William Bradford's "of Plymouth Plantation" p.100 -106; bring novels to read; projects due Sept. 27

September 11th - Discuss summaries "of Plymouth Plantation;" begin reading Equiano's slave narrative p.78-87

September 12th - Finish and discuss Equiano's slave narrative; grammar edit; work on vocab. 2 definitions, paraphrases, and pictures

September 13th - Early Settlers' Quiz; bring novels to read, projects due Sept. 27th - NO LATE PROJECTS

September 14th - Puritan powerpoint slide; read and discuss Bradstreet's poems and take notes p.112-117

September 15th - Read and analyze Edward Taylor's poem p.117; Great Awakening powerpoint; begin reading "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" p.119

September 18th - finish and analyze "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"; complete emotional appeals worksheet; Vocab. 2 definitions, paraphrase and pics due! Assign business letter to Jonathon Edwards due Friday!

September 19th - Vocab. 2 definitions worksheet; prepositional phrase worksheet; bring novels to read; projects due Sept. 27th! No late projects!

September 20th - Puritan Quiz! Practice Test 

September 21st - Review Practice Test Unit 1 Part 1; prepositional phrase and adverb clause review

September 22nd - Typed Business letter to Edwards due! Unit 1 Part 1 Test!

September 25th - Pass back papers and discuss novel project due Wednesday - NO LATE projects accepted! Review grammar edits

September 26th - Grammar edit; vocab. 2 synonyms/antonyms worksheet

September 27th - Novel projects due with rubric! Presentations!

September 28th - Presentations!

September 29th - Finish Presentations! Introduce ​The Crucible

October 2nd - Hand out two worksheets on The Crucible - Character description worksheet and study guide questions; both worksheets due Friday; begin viewing film

October 3rd - Continue watching The Crucible

October 4th - Continue watching The Crucible

October 5th - Finish The Crucible and complete two worksheets; 10 points bonus for typing Study Guide answers in MLA format

October 6th - The Crucible Quiz! Turn in both worksheets for The Crucible!

October 9th - Vocab. 2 definition review; complete sentence worksheet voc. 2; grammar edit

October 10th - Must have novel Peace Like a River in class! Peace power point; reading guide handed out; finish reading novel by Oct. 27th.

October 11th - Bring novel to class to read!

October 12th - Kahoot it Voc. 2 review; introduce Age of Reason power point; begin reading Franklin's "Autobiography" p.262

October 13th - Voc. 2 Quiz; finish reading Benjamin Franklin's "Autobiography​" and answer questions p.272 #1-8.

October 16th - Read Patrick Henry's "Speech to the Virginia Convention" and discuss; persuasive discourse worksheet

October 17th - Read Thomas Paine's "The Crisis" and analyze it

October 18th - Age of Reason Quiz; bring PLR to read!

October 19th - 23rd - FALL BREAK! Enjoy!

October 24th - Practice test p.284-289, complete and score; review sentence types

October 25th - Grammar review - adverb clauses, prepositional phrases, complex and compound/complex sentences

October 26th - Unit 1 Part 2 Test Age of Reason

October 27th - Peace Like a River completed; turn in reading guide; romantic hero paper assigned, final draft due Nov. 17th! Thesis statements worksheet assigned along with Romantic Hero Thesis Statement worksheet - due Monday!

October 30th - Romanticism power point; Romantic hero thesis due; outline worksheet assigned, due Thursday with typed introduction to paper; meter notes; "The Chambered Nautilus" p.342

October 31st - Read & discuss "The Chambered Nautilus" p.342; read "The Devil and Tom Walker" p.310-325, discuss satire and parallelism

November 1st - Finish and discuss "The Devil & Tom Walker"

November 2nd - Library Computer lab - Outline worksheet and typed introduction due at end of hour; type rough draft

November 3rd - Pass back outlines and introductions; works cited page example

November 6th - Library Computer lab - work on Romantic Hero paper, typed rough draft due Wednesday at end of class!

November 7th - Read & analyze "The First Snowfall" p.352-355; grammar edit -romantic hero intro.

November 8th - Library Computer Lab - Romantic Hero rough draft due at end of class! Final draft due Nov. 17th!

November 9th - Romanticism Quiz - Poetry & "The Devil and Tom Walker;" read Emerson's "Self-Reliance" & "Nature" p.361-366 and answer questions #1-6 p.367

November 10th - Define Transcendentalism p.361 and answer questions #1-6 on p. 367; read Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience" and discuss it and answer questions #1-4 p.389; final drafts of Romantic Hero paper due Nov. 17th! No late papers accepted!

November 13th - Participle phrase and adjective clause review

November 14th - Romantic hero rough drafts revised and edited; computers in class; final drafts due Friday at beginning of class; NO late papers accepted!

November 15th - Library computer lab - work on final drafts of romantic hero papers

November 16th - practice test p. 482-487

November 17th - Romanticism Unit 2 Test! Final draft of romantic hero paper due at beginning of class; NO Late papers accepted!

November 20th -24th - HAPPY THANKSGIVING BREAK!

November 27th - Unit 3 Realism power point; read & discuss Whitman's poetry p.508-515; define free verse, repetition, parallelism, & cataloging

November 28th - Finish reading Whitman's poetry p.516-517; answer questions #1-7 p.519

November 29th - Read and analyze Emily Dickinson's poetry p.524-532; in groups summarize each poem

November 30th - Read Frederick Douglas' narrative p.538-547; answer questions #1-8 p.548

December 1st - Whitman and Dickinson Quiz - open book!

December 4th - Discuss Frederick Douglass' narrative; read and discuss Abraham Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address" and the Emancipation Proclamation; read Civil War letters p.564-574

December 5th - Realism #2 Quiz - open book!

December 6th - Practice Test p.606-611

December 7th - Unit 3 Realism Test

December 8th - Make-up day; pass back papers

December 11th - Review

December 12th - Review

December 13th - Review

December 14th - 1st, 3rd, 5th, & 7th Semester Tests

December 15th - 2nd, 4th, 6th, & make-up Semester Tests

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Enjoy your break!

Spring Semester 2018
January 3rd - Welcome back! New seating chart; students must have Huck Finn or The Sea Wolf in class January 12th

January 4th - Read "The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" p.660-666 and answer questions #1-7 p.667

January 5th - Read "The Story of an Hour" p.760 and answer questions #1-6 p.764

January 8th - Grammar edit 1st Typewriter; discuss "Jumping Frog;" power point on regionalism and naturalism literature

January 9th - Review "The Story of an Hour," read "The Outcasts of Poker Flat" p.674

January 10th - Finish reading and discuss "The Outcasts..."

January 11th - Quiz on 3 short stories; work on defining vocab. 3 words, add paraphrase and pictures; vocab. 3 definitions due Tuesday

January 12th - Students must have novel Huck Finn or The Sea Wolf in class to begin reading; assign reading schedule and quiz dates - novel quizzes on Jan. 26th, Feb. 14th, and March 2nd! Huck Finn divided in three segments with Ch. 1-11, 12-23, 24-end; Sea Wolf divided Ch.1-9, 11-19, 20-end. 

January 16th - Vocab. 3 definitions due! Grammar edit; begin reading "The Open Boat" p.712

January 17th - Continue reading and discussing "The Open Boat"

January 18th - Finish reading and analyzing "The Open Boat" 

January 19th - Bring novels Huck Finn or Sea Wolf to class! Research papers assigned with handouts; read silently!

January 22nd - Reflect on writing, pass back romantic hero papers and identify strengths and weaknesses; review example of annotated bibliography for first research deadline

January 23rd - Research in library lab - working thesis, two sources and annotated bibliography due Jan. 30th

January 24th - Research in library lab; signed parent letter due!

January 25th - Research in classroom on laptops and type annotated bibliography due Jan. 30th!

January 26th - 1st Novel Quiz! Bring novels to class to reference and read. Next quiz will be Feb. 14th, Ch.12-23 in ​Huck​ and Ch. 10-19 in ​Sea Wolf.

January 29th - Read Jack London's "The Law of Life" p. 746-752 and answer question worksheet

January 30th - 1st Research deadline = Annotated Bibliography for two sources, working thesis, and two annotated articles; read "A Wagner Matinee" p.694-702 and answer question worksheet

January 31st - Regionalism/Naturalism Quiz #2 on "The Open Boat," "The Law of Life," and "A Wagner Matinee." Bring novels to read in remaining time.

February 1st - Research to find three sources for 2nd deadline. Type annotated bibliography and print articles to annotate.

February 2nd - Continue research in library computer lab, 2nd deadline is Feb. 6th, three article sources plus outline.

February 5th - Research - laptop cart in classroom; deadline tomorrow for three new article sources, outline, and annotated bibliography

February 6th - Bring novels for silent reading; vocab. 3 synonyms/antonyms worksheet assigned

February 7th - Bring novels to read! Voc. 3 synonym/antonym worksheet due!

February 8th - Bring novels to read!

February 9th - Research - laptop cart in classroom to type up novel connections paper for Tuesday deadline; bring novels to class 

February 12th - Research - laptop cart in classroom to type introductions, novel connections and outline due tomorrow!

February 13th - Research - deadline for Novel Connections, Outline with thesis, and Introductions for research paper due! Bring novels to read!

February 14th - 2nd novel quiz! bring novels to class to finish reading

February 15th - Vocab. 3 - choose right word and complete the sentence worksheets

February 16th - No school 

February 19th - No school

February 20th - Laptop cart in class to type rough draft and works cited page, due Friday!

February 21st - SNOW DAY! Laptop cart to continue typing research paper

February 22nd - SNOW DAY! Voc. 3 Quiz - bring novels to finish reading, final quiz over books March 2nd!

DUE to SNOW days, the deadline for the rough draft is extended to next Wednesday.

February 23rd - Laptop cart in class to finish paper; typed rough draft and works cited page due next Wednesday!

February 26th - Read "April Showers" p.792-800 and answer questions #1-6 p.801 and turn in!

February 27th - Active/Passive Voice review, grammar workbook p.82-83, Kahoot

February 28th - Typed Rough Draft and Works Cited due at beginning of class! Voc. 3 Quiz!

March 1st - Gerund phrases review, workbook p.43-45

March 2nd - Bring novels to read in class; Spring musical 1st - 3rd hours

March 5th - Watch "To Build a Fire" and discuss naturalism traits 

March 6th - FINAL Novel Quiz over entire book - Huck Finn or Sea Wolf

March 7th - Library Computer lab - edit 2nd rough draft due Friday

March 8th - Unit 4 Test 

March 9th - Laptop cart - 2nd rough draft and works cited page due at end of class

March 12th - Watch Of Mice and Men - Anticipation Guide and Questions passed out, due on Thursday; 10 points BONUS in Quiz category if answers to 25 questions are typed in MLA format

March 13th - Continue Of Mice and Men 

March 14th - Finish Of Mice and Men

March 15th - Final Paper due in folder with ALL research work! Precode for Juniors ACT, turn in ​Of Mice and Men ​answers to questions and anticipation guide

Happy Spring Break!

March 26th - Grammar edit; powerpoint introducing Modernism, Unit 5, with emphasis on Harlem Renaissance; students must have novel The Great Gatsby in class April 6th!

March 27th - Read Langston Hughes poetry p.840-843, answer 6 questions and turn in

March 28th - Notes on sonnets p.846, read "My City" and "If We Must Die" and discuss

March 29th - Read Zora Neale Hurston's essay "How It Feels to Be Colored Me" p.860-864, answer questions p.865 #1-7

March 30th - Modernism Quiz #1 on Harlem Renaissance poetry and Hurston's essay; students must have The Great Gatsby in class April 6th!

Teacher walk-out April 2nd - April 12th

April 13th - grammar edit; begin reading ​The Great Gatsby​; bring novel to class Monday, test April 26th 

April 16th - Study guide questions for ​The Great Gatsby ​handed out, due April 26th test day; analyzed poems "Richard Cory," "Miniver Cheevy," "Chicago," and "Grass"

April 17th - Group work analyzing Robert Frost's 4 poems - "Acquainted with the Night," "Nothing Gold Can Stay," "Out, Out--," and "The Death of a Hired Man"

April 18th - Review Frost's poems; analyze imagism poems: "In a Station of the Metro," "Helen," "Spring and All," and "This is Just to Say"

April 19th - Read and discuss Flannery O'Connor's "The Life You Save May Be Your Own" p.1034, answer questions #1- 8 p.1044

April 20th - Modernism Quiz #2 open book on poetry and short story

April 23rd - Watch The Great Gatsby for review for novel test; study guide questions due April 26th answered in complete sentences on a separate piece of paper

April 24th - Continue viewing The Great Gatsby

April 25th - Finish watching The Great Gatsby

April 26th - The Great Gatsby Test; study guide answers due written on separate piece of paper and in complete sentences; grammar handbook infinitives p.46-47

April 27th - Review infinitives; practice test for Unit 5 p.1080-1085

April 30th - Unit 5 Modernism Test

May 1st - Introduction to Unit 6 Contemporary Literature power point; read "Why Soldiers Won't Talk" and "The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner" p.1114-1119

May 2nd - Read and discuss "Ambush" p.1136-1141

May 3rd - Read and discuss "Adam" p.1123-1131

May 4th - Contemporary Lit. Quiz #1 war stories, open book

May 7th - Read "Straw Into Gold" p.1222, answer questions #1-7 p. 1229

May 8th - Poetry- read Gwendolyn Brooks p.1232, Rita Dove p.1238, and Billy Collins p.1244-1245

May 9th - Read "Mother Tongue" p.1204-1212 and answer questions #1-10

May 10th - Read King's "Stride Toward Freedom" p.1162 and Malcolm X's "Necessary to Protect Ourselves" p.1166; discuss both leaders approach to civil rights

May 11th - Practice Test Unit 6 p.1256-1261

May 14th - Unit 6 Test

May 15th - Watch "McFarland, USA"

May 16th - Continue viewing "McFarland, USA" - identify 3 examples of prejudice in film and whether or not the prejudice is proven true or false

May 17th - Continue viewing film

May 18th - Finish film - identify 3 examples of cultural differences in film and one positive impact EACH culture had on the other

May 21st - Review

May 22nd - Review

May 23rd - Review

May 24th - Semester Finals for 1st, 3rd, 5th, & 7th hours

May 25th - Semester Finals for 2nd, 4th, 6th hours, & make-up exams

Congratulations on completing your junior year! Have a great summer!