Infinite Campus

For all students in my classes, Infinite Campus looks a little different. The hour that they have me they will be enrolled in “Online Education Center Study”. This class is strictly for attendance purposes so you will never see a grade on that line. Your student will also be enrolled in an 8thhour (which they won’t actually attend) that will show what subject they have me for. This is where all of their grades can be found.

Because many students work ahead, I have to put in assignments that are not due yet. Typically by the beginning of October I will have all the assignments for the whole semester entered in the gradebook.  Your student will not have a grade for these assignments until they complete them.  However, if it is past the due date for the assignment and they have not completed the work, they will have zeros as an indication of missing work.  They will still have to do the work, and I do not deduct points once it is completed.