Mrs. Roel

School Year:  2017-18
Classes:  AP English Literature & English IV
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*All assignments are posted on Google Classroom.  Please see the appropriate syllabus for access.
*The class schedule is posted on Google Calendar.  

Why I Teach

This year marks my 19th year in the classroom.  During that time, many repackaged educational theories have come and gone, but students have remained the same: people who really do want to learn, people a sincere desire to change the world for the better. They are the reason I continue to teach. 

Importance of Reading
To keep students from being bored, lessons must be meaningful and challenging. Important literature--literature whose purpose is far greater than mere entertainment--stimulates thinking, improves reading comprehension, and develops writing skills. For a work to be called a classic, it must do two things. First, it must be told with great artistry, and second, it must teach timeless truths. Thus, a classic inspires us to live for a purpose larger than ourselves. What one learns from reading a great work of literature cannot be underestimated or duplicated, except through personal experience. Fortunately, literature lets us experience events vicariously, which gives us incredible insight into ourselves, others, and the world. 

The first day of school I sent an e-mail to all parents/guardians with the syllabus attached.  The Parent-Student Syllabus Signature form is due on Friday, August 18th.  As stated in the syllabus, I will be using Google Classroom and Google Calendar to keep students abreast of what is happening each day.  They can print assignments easily from Google Classroom and thus come to school prepared after an absence, not feeling the pressure of being behind.  If you or your student has any questions or problems accessing, please e-mail me at 

Thank you for all your help and support.  I'm looking forward to another great year teaching!

Ann Roel
National Board Certified Teacher, 2006