The Callboard

Cast List for Godspell

Roles with a * have been double cast. Both actors listed will split the performances.

Jesus - Luke Kerr

John the Baptist/Judas - Garrett Langley

Clown 1 - Colton Casteel

Clown 2 - Jonah Abrell

Clown 3 - Kel Hunter

*Clown 4 - Isabella Hardin/Abby Parson

*Clown 5 - Laila Farmer/Ava Rankin

*Clown 6 - Kyleigh Taylor/Aubrey Linder

*Clown 7 - Hallie Manuel/Meg Williams

*Clown 8 - Chloe Stephenson/Torie McEwing

*Clown 9 - Rachel Morris/Angie Dovalina

*Clown 10 - Daniel Matos/Alex Szallar

In addition to the above ensemble members, we will be staging a larger chorus for various moments within the show. All remaining auditioners are invited to be a part of this chorus if they wish. All Cast and Chorus Members need to complete the Cast List Assignment on the Godspell Google Classroom. If you have not joined the Godspell Google Classroom, the code to join is khc1in7

There will be a mandatory cast and chorus meeting on Tuesday, December 4 from 3:15 - 5:00.

Thank you again to all who auditioned. You guys are amazingly talented which makes so many parts of our jobs much easier. Just not this one.


Cheek and Johnson


Check Back for Show Information and audition materials as well as cast lists.


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