Advanced Drama

Advanced Drama

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Course Description:

Advanced Drama is a class designed to enhance a student’s understanding and abilities in the area of drama. Students will gain experience and knowledge through classroom exercises and activities, as well as through practical applications in live theatrical productions.

 Course Objectives:

Students will undertake various roles in the theatrical process.

Students will develop an understanding and appreciation for different types of drama.

Students will develop a mastery of different techniques used in character and script analysis and development.

Students will prepare selections for professional and academic auditions.

Students will actively participate in school and community productions.

Students will learn to appropriately evaluate and critique theatrical productions.


Advanced Drama Chronological Unit Plan

August -September


November - December

Unit  - One Act Play Audition and Performance

Unit - Dialect

Unit - Character Analysis

Unit - Monologue Performance

Unit  - One Act Play Audition and Performance

Unit - Children’s Theatre

“How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

January - February


April - May

Unit - Improvisation as Performance

Unit - Stage Makeup

Unit - Stage Combat

Unit - Direction of Stage Productions