Drama 1

Drama 1

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Course Description:

Drama 1 is a class intended to give students an introduction to the basic aspects and components of the live theater. Students will develop an understanding of the theatrical production process and the different jobs involved. Students will gain experience and knowledge through practical classroom exercises and performances as well as through written and group research assignments.


Course Objectives:

Students will develop an understanding and mastery of theatrical terminology.

Students will understand the steps in the theatrical process.

Students will develop an understanding and appreciation for different types of drama.

Students will develop a mastery of different techniques used in character and script analysis and development.

Students will learn to choose, rehearse, and perform scenes in class.

Students will learn to appropriately evaluate and critique theatrical performances.


Drama One Chronological Unit Plan


August - September





Unit  - Theatre Terminology

Unit - The Actor’s Voice

Unit   - Prose/Poetry Performance

Unit - Script Analysis

“The Boys Next Door”

Unit - Character Analysis

Unit - Monologue Performance

Unit - Script Analysis

“The Glass Menagerie”

Unit - Improvisation for Performance

Unit - Children’s Theatre






Unit - Dramatic Duets

Unit - Script Analysis

“Barefoot in the Park”

Unit - Humorous Duets

Unit - Set Design

Unit - Costume Design

Unit - Lighting Design

Unit - Stage Makeup

Unit - Script Analysis

“A Midsummers Night’s Dream”

Unit - Production Concepts