English IV Daily Agenda/Calendar
1/3/18--New Seats/presidents/elbow buddies, etc.; Squoval
1/4/18--WN-what do you want to be when you grow up and why and how do you plan to get there; TED TALK-finding passion in your career (link on HANDOUTS page); add to WN-what value does the career embody and how does it contribute to society as a whole
1/5/18--Research teaser; prepare for next week's sub; begin Dante's Inferno study

1/8--Video over Dante's Inferno; get notes from friend
1/9--Charlie and the Chocolate Factory clips over 7 Deadly Sins; begin Inferno study
1/10--Read/annotate Canto from Inferno; read/annotate article "Dark Woods"
1/11--Finish reading/annotating; look for modern reference of 7 Deadly Sins; Find article that references one or more of the sins and annotate it as well as complete the argument evaluation over it
1/12--Finish work to be prepared for Tuesday's discussion

Week 1 (1/18-1/26)=Chps. 1-12
Week 2 (1/29-2/2)=Chps. 13-21
Week 3 (2/5-2/9)=Chps. 22-32

Week 4 (2/12-2/15)=Chps. 33-45; Mid Novel Test
Week 5 (2/20-2/23)=Chps. 46-56; Begin Research

Week 6 (2/26-3/2)=Chps. 57-68
Week 7 (3/5-3/9)=Chps. 69-73; WWF
Week 8 (3/12-3/16)=Final Novel Test; Final Research Due

1/15--MLK Day!  No school!
1/16--Discuss last week's work; small group discussion-see me for make up
1/17--Finish small group discussion and last of Inferno study-hand in for final grade
1/18--begin Alexander Dumas's The Count of Monte Cristo-PPT scavenger hunt (PPT notes and fill in notes on HANDOUTS page)
1/19--COMC-manipulatives over chp. 1 plus "Yearbook" notes over main characters (Edmond Dantes, friends of Ed, foes of Ed)

1/22-Read/notes in COMC
1/23--Chapter Plot Notes Graphic Organizer (on HANDOUTS page); work with partner for chps. 1-3/continue to add from today's reading
1/24--Silent reading in COMC; reading schedule given (also posted above)
1/25--Q&A over COMC; reading schedule copied (on HANDOUTS page and above); read together beginning with chp. 9
1/26--Quiz 1 over chps. 1-12 plus background and Sins/Virtues in COMC; read

1/29--COMC: Discuss Faria and Ed's relationship and Ed's characterization; read chp. 13; review Learning Goals and Scales
1/30--COMC: read in groups; complete the "Pass the Characterization" exit ticket; be through chp. 19 by Thursday
1/31--Discuss research interview/create questions for interview; read in COMC
2/1--COMC skit over chps. 20 and 21
2/2--Mock Interview for Research Paper

2/5--COMC Quiz 2; Read
2/6--Reading day in COMC; Research Paper Info including guidelines for formal email for interview (on HANDOUTS page)
2/7--COMC assignment (in classroom make up work folder)
2/8--COMC assignment due end of hour
2/9--COMC discussion; discuss Research 

2/12--Review scope of Research=REMINDER that INTERVIEW is due next Tuesday as a workable source (email to set up interview, conduct interview, type notes from interview); COMC small group discussion
2/13--COMC discussion continued; through chp. 35 by TOMORROW
2/14--COMC whole class discussion and character connections chart
2/15--COMC Kahoot review/discussion

2/20--COMC Mid Novel exam
2/21--Snow Day 
2/22--Snow Day
2/23--Research; Today's focus: create Google Folder and share with me; begin career logistics research using databases

2/26--Research; Today's focus: finish logistics research using databases; begin history of career
2/27--Research; Today's focus: continue history of career research
2/28--Research; Today's focus: source check and annotation (see me for make up)
3/1--Self-Paced Day: read/work on questions for COMC (guidelines on HANDOUTS page) OR research additional sources and annotate sources=due MONDAY!
3/2--Self-Paced Day: read/work on questions for COMC (guidelines on HANDOUTS page) OR research additional sources and annotate sources=due MONDAY!

WWF Week!  Get involved, have fun, help people!
3/5--COMC formal discussion=if you don't speak/answer, I can't give you a grade :); ALL SOURCES ANNOTATED DUE TODAY!
3/6--Finish COMC formal discussion=if you don't speak/answer, I can't give you a grade :)
3/7--Research-begin w/paper; Beeson models Intro/thesis (sample on HANDOUTS page)
3/8--Research-continue w/paper; Beeson checks intro/thesis
3/9--Research-continue w/paper; Beeson finishes checking intro/thesis

3/12--Research Draft due for QUIZ grade; draft conferences w/Beeson; read in COMC
3/13--Research draft conferences w/Beeson; COMC theme work (on HANDOUTS page)
3/14--Research draft conferences w/Beeson; COMC theme work
3/15--Research draft conferences w/Beeson; COMC theme work; Final Papers due AFTER break in folders with ALL things research (sources, draft, peer review, paper)/extra credit for finalizing paper by FRIDAY, MARCH 23rd by MIDNIGHT and sending me an email to let me know you finished!

HAPPY SPRING BREAK!  Be safe and make wise choices!

3/26--Mini Squoval; finish COMC theme-due end of hour as small exam grade
3/27--Research Peer Review
3/28--Hand in RESEARCH FOLDERS and CELEBRATE!; review for COMC test tomorrow
3/29--COMC exam
3/30--Begin Priority List Unit

4/2-4/12=Teachers fighting to fund education properly; I hope you did some reading :); Have 1984 or Choice Novel by the time we return

4/13--Housekeeping-novel for Monday; Squoval

1984 or Choice Novel READING SCHEDULE (appx 100 pages/week):
Part 1=by 4/30
Part 2=by 5/7
Part 3=by 5/14

4/16--Read; Ohio Case Study in preparation for Tess of the D'Urbervilles
4/17--Read; Finish response to OH case and discuss
4/18--Read; Begin Tess of the D'Urbervilles analysis
4/19--Read for period; Exit ticket-name, book title, pages read, something you like, a question you have
4/20--Read; Continue Tess analysis=If you miss ANY of Tess, it is YOUR responsibility to make it up (look on YouTube) in preparation for the quiz.

4/23--Read; Continue Tess analysis (3rd=through 1:25:38; 5th=through 1:20:09)
4/24--Read; Compare reading notes/annotations of 1984 or Book of Choice with Reading Buddy; Continue Tess analysis
4/25--Read; Continue Tess analysis (3rd=through 2:22:05; 5th=through 2:22:20)
4/26--Read; Finish Tess-discuss
4/27--Read; Tess quiz

4/30--Novel assessment; Read
5/01--Read; Priority List #1-Family=watch clips from This Is Us and CBS Sunday Morning regarding family and discuss
5/02--Read; Continue PL #1=read and ANNOTATE article #1 and discuss
5/03--Read; Finish PL #1-Hand in written response #1
5/04--Senior Awards and Luncheon=soak up these last moments as a class!

5/07--Novel assessment #2; Read; Begin PL #2 Ted Talk="A Different Way to Talk About Love" (link on HANDOUTS page)
5/08--Read; Write Teacher Appreciation Letters; Priority List #2-Love/discuss TED Talk
5/09--Read; Continue PL #2=read/annotate article
5/10--Read; Finish PL #2-Hand in written response #2
5/11--Read-final assessment over novel on MONDAY!; Poetry-"If/Senior" discussion and analysis=writing prompt on HANDOUTS page

5/14--Final Novel Assessment
5/15--PL #3=Respect; "Ask Yourself" video/discussion (on HANDOUTS page); begin article analysis
5/16--Continue PL #3-finish article and response and turn in
5/17--Priority List Speed Dating (no make up)
5/18--Graduation Practice!  See you tomorrow :)

5/21--Type/Revise/Edit PL Essay (choose 1 of 3 PL article responses and elaborate, revise, and edit for a final composition grade; revision tips on HANDOUTS page)
5/22--Type/Revise/Edit PL Essay (choose 1 of 3 responses and elaborate, revise, and edit for a final composition grade)
5/23--Finals Review
5/24--1, 3, 5, 7 Finals
5/25--2, 4, 6, MakeUp Finals

Have a wonderful life, dears!  Keep in touch!