English IV Daily Agenda/Calendar
8/16--Roll; Who Are You info sheet; Ice breakers; Exit ticket questions (one goal for the year, one fear you have this year, one funny/unique thing about you, and one thing you wish people knew about you but don't)
8/17--Roll; Partner Introductions; Join Remind (text @18b6b to 81010); Name game
8/18--Roll; Webpage/Remind/Supplies reminder; Ted Talk "How to get better at the things you care about" (link on HANDOUTS page); response questions (on HANDOUTS page)

8/21--Finish TED Talk questions-hand in or turn in tomorrow; Syllabus Scavenger Hunt
8/22--Finish Procedures/Pet Peeves; Cornell Notes How-To Video (link on HANDOUTS page); practice Cornell with Procrastion TED Talk (link on HANDOUTS page)
8/23--Discuss notetaking; begin Vocabulary program (list and template on HANDOUTS page)-List 1, words 1-11 only
8/24--Continue Vocab 1 definition work/add synonyms and antonyms and pics
8/25--Begin Language Study with "Me Talk Pretty One Day"-focus on defining words you don't know, describe David and the teacher, and answer has learning been effective for David

8/28--Continue Language Study with "Prison Studies"-focus on the value of words and the process of learning; respond to questions c/c the two pieces and elaborate on YOUR reading history (on HANDOUTS page)
8/29--Finish Language study discussion of last week's two pieces; Video-"A Light History of the English Language"--practice Cornell Notes
8/30--Discuss "A Light History..." notes; practice Vocab 1 w/synonyms
8/31--Vocab 1 part 2 definition time; Begin Unit 1 notes-Cornell style (stop at Medieval period; text pages on HANDOUTS page)
9/01--Extended Definition Essay assignment; Finish Unit 1 notes; QUIZ Tuesday that includes "A Light History," so STUDY!

9/05--Unit 1 background quiz; work on Extended Definition prewriting=due tomorrow (on HANDOUTS page); Vocab 1 part 2 work time
9/06--Vocab 1 part 2 practice; Check Extended Definition prewrite; Notebook check; begin writing essay=Due September 15
9/07--Vocab practice; Look at Proficiency Scale for Unit 1; Begin reading/analyzing Beowulf
9/08--Vocab practice; continue Beowulf/notes

Timeless Issues Book Carousel with books from list-have book choice by tomorrow; continue Beowulf/notes; sketch battle scene between Beowulf and Grendel
9/12--Vocab practice; Choose book via Google Form/list on HANDOUTS page; continue Beowulf/notes (through Grendel's mother in 3rd; through battle of Grendel and Beowulf in 5th)
9/13--Vocab 1 practice-antonyms and reflection on vocab thus far; Beowulf/notes
9/14--Continue Beowulf/notes
9/15--Continue Beowulf/notes-through "Death of Beowulf"; Extended Definition Essay due; Have Timeless Issues Novel of Choice by WEDNESDAY!

9/18--Vocab 1 quiz; finish Beowulf/notes/discussion
9/19--WN-choose one of the four timeless issue questions at the beginning of Unit 1 and respond with specific examples to support your ideas; Beowulf review
9/20--Beowulf exam
9/21--Begin reading in Timeless Issues Novel of Choice; create bookmark for annotations-Shapes Society/Hero/Fate/High Ideals; model and discuss annotations of topics using a passage from The Kite Runner
9/22--Read; Unit 1-Medieval Period notes (either outline or Cornell-you choose!); full PDF of background info on HANDOUTS page under Unit 1 

9/25--Read; Finish Medieval notes
9/26--Read in Timeless Issues novel of choice for the period (remember annotations: Hero, Shapes Society, Fate, High Ideals); Exit ticket #1-name, book title, pages read, setting-how do you know, description of central character, one quote that answers one of the four questions and how, and do you like the book and why/not
9/27--Read; Character and Situation Archetypes in Mean Girls as prep for The Canterbury Tales
9/28--Read; begin Canterbury Tales Prologue-read the passage of your character and complete the character map/profile
9/29--Read; Exit Ticket #2 (name, book title, pgs. read, quote that answers one of the 4 timeless issue questions and HOW it answers it); finish character map of CT character

10/2--Read; Mix and Mingle with questions over other characters in CT; begin Small group work with chart of all prologue characters in CT (on HANDOUTS page)
10/3--Read; Exit ticket #3 (name, book title, pgs. read; central character name and description with text evidence; 2 quotes that answer one of the four questions and HOW it answers it explanation)
10/4--Read; continue small group work on CT Prologue character chart
10/5--Read; finish small group work on CT Prologue
10/6--Read; WN-Men vs. Women: consider relationships, work, school, society.  Also, how well do you feel you understand the opposite sex. ; begin "The Wife of Bath's Tale" in the CT

10/9--Timeless Issues Novel of choice half assessment-see me to schedule make up
10/10--Finish Timeless Issues Novel of choice half assessment-see me to schedule make up
10/11--Read-focus on ONE question throughout second half
10/12--Timeless Issues Project/Essay assignment Q&A; read/discuss "The Wife of Bath's Tale" in the CT
10/13--Read; Finish "WofB" and begin "Pardoner's Tale"

10/16--Read; Wrap up CT/review for quiz tomorrow over Medieval background, Canterbury Tales Prologue, and "WofB Tale" and "Pardoner's Tale"
10/17--CT Quiz; Read
10/18--Novel 2nd assessment

FALL BREAK--Enjoy leaves and pumpkins and spice and all things nice!

10/25--Set up Google Doc with thesis and plan for Timeless Issues Essay
10/26--Work on essay for 20 minutes/Beeson checking thesis statements/helping; Read nonfiction mentor text about Lupita N. and Harvey W. through Who Shapes Society/Can People Live Up To High Ideals lens
10/27--Work on essay for 30 minutes/Beeson checking thesis statements/helping; mentor multi-media piece about Who Shapes Society/Can People Live Up To High Ideals/discussion; Essay Conferences begin next week=the more you have completed the more help you get. Do NOT come to conference time with just a thesis and plan; I expect at least several paragraphs completed, so I can best help you earn the best grade! 

10/30--Conferences; Work on TI Project with partner; Goal=create template and find one source
10/31--Conferences; Work on TI Project with partner; Goal=finish template and sources
11/01--Conferences; Work on TI Project with partner; Goal=find your two sources and work thesis
11/02--Conferences; Work on TI Project with partner; Goal=embed multimedia and begin cleaning up font, aesthetics, grammar, etc.
11/03--Conferences; Work on TI Project with partner; Goal=clean up font, aesthetics, grammar, etc./know which slides each of you will present;  Presentations and essays due MONDAY! Ensure you have hard copy of essay WITH WORK CITED page

11/6--Peer review essays using guide (on HANDOUTS page); self-analysis of essay using rubric; make changes-FINAL copy due Wednesday; begin TI Presentations/provide feedback to each presentation using chart (extra copies in folder in classroom)
11/7--TI Presentations; begin Renaissance background using Cornell Notes or Outline Notes
11/8--TI Presentations; finish Renaissance background
11/9--TI Presentations; Ethan Hawke video on Macbeth and its Significance
11/10--TI Presentations; finish Hawke video/discuss; begin Macbeth-ACT I questions (on HANDOUTS page)

11/13--TI Presentations; Begin Macbeth-Notes/ACT I questions (on HANDOUTS page); Through: 3rd hr=Act I-scene 2-line 50/5th hr=Act I-scene 1
11/14--TI Presentations; Macbeth
11/15--TI Presentations; Macbeth; Through: 3rd hr=Act I-scene 5-line 52/5th hr=Act I-scene 5 after Lady Macbeth's opening lines
11/16--Macbeth-finish Act I; Quiz tomorrow (study notes for background and Macbeth we've read so far)
11/17--Macbeth + Renaissance background QUIZ