English IV Daily Agenda/Calendar
8/15--Roll; Ice Breaker-choose a Now and Later flavor and share tidbit; I Am sheet; Exit ticket card=1. A goal you have for this year;  2. One fear you have about this year; 3. Something unique or funny about you; 4. Something you wish people knew about you but don't; 5. A question you have about me
8/16--Roll; Ice Breaker-"5 THINGS" w partner and then with neighborhood; Answer exit ticket questions from yesterday
8/17--Roll; Supplies and housekeeping business (see me); "How to Get Better at the Things You Care About" TED Talk (link on HANDOUTS page)/written analysis questions (on HANDOUTS page)

8/20--Finish TED Talk questions/discuss; Begin Syllabus Scavenger Hunt-pet peeves
8/21--Finish Syllabus-review rules/procedures/phones; Cornell Notes How-To video; Practice Cornell Notes with TED Talk by Tim Urban on Procrastination (both links on HANDOUTS page)
8/22--Follow up on notetaking-discuss and compare to my notes
8/23--Begin Language Study-read and discuss "Prison Studies" and "Me Talk Pretty One Day" (both on HANDOUTS page)
8/24--Finish Language Study; begin video "A Light History of the English Language"/take Cornell notes

8/27--Finish video from Friday/compare notes
8/28--Review notetaking with Cornell College tips (Link on HANDOUTS page); Begin Anglo-Saxon notes (Unit 1 PDF on HANDOUTS page); 
8/29--Finish Anglo-Saxon notes; review for quiz (Questions your notes should answer on HANDOUTS page)
8/30--First QUIZ (Anglo-Saxon, "A Light History...", "Prison Studies," and "Me Talk Pretty..."); Begin background to Beowulf/set up notes
8/31--Fish Bowl Friday--see me for make up

9/3--LABOR DAY=Enjoy NOT laboring!
9/4--Begin Beowulf-read the section "Grendel" (full text in Unit One PDF on HANDOUTS page)
9/5--MEAD HALL day! Continue Beowulf-read section "Beowulf"; write your own boast as exit ticket (I, _______, daughter/son of ________, am_____ {a few lines of all the things you are best at/the good you will do for the world/like Beowulf to Hrothgar when he first comes to Herot})
9/6--Continue Beowulf-read "The Battle with Grendel," "Grendel's Mother," and "The Battle with Grendel's Mother"/sketch the scenes while we listen and include the images you see/hear/smell/taste/feel
9/7--Continue Beowulf-add summaries, characterization, and setting of yesterday's scenes to your notes; read "Beowulf's Last Battle" as a neighborhood and discuss/add to notes

9/10--Finish reading/discussing/analyzing Beowulf
9/11--ARCHETYPE study with partner; Match archetypes in Beowulf-discuss; Kahoot review
9/12--Beowulf exam
9/13--Begin 1984-creating a Totalitarian Society group activity-see me
9/14--Continue 1984-create novel flip chart-see me; read chp. 1 and focus on where the government is controlling society

1984 READING SCHEDULE (expect quizzes anytime):
Part 1 by 9/28 (chp. 1 and chp. 5 together)
Part 2 by 10/8 
Part 3/final 10/17

9/17--Archetype Creative Writing Assignment (on HANDOUTS page; due for a grade)
9/18--Read; 1984-continue reading chp. 1 together and adding to novel flip chart
9/19--Read; 1984-finish reading chp. 1 together and adding to novel flip chart; read chps. 2 & 3 by tomorrow
9/20--Read; 1984
1984-discuss chps. 2-4=characters and government control

9/24--Read; WN-think of a person, an event, or a tradition that you would never want erased from history (think of Winston and the Ministry of Truth) and write that story; 1984-group research/create Google Slide and share with group members and me/begin research on chosen topic/present Wednesday
9/25--Read; Work on presentations
9/26--Read; Finish presentationsPresent 1984 background info-author, history, archetypes, allusions in society, main characters, main concepts
9/27--Read; Discuss/begin chp. 8 of Part I together; review for quiz
9/28--Read; 1984 Part One quiz

10/1--Read; Presentations/Discuss; be through chp. 4 of Part 2 by Wednesday
10/2--Read for period; Exit ticket=
10/3--Presentations/discuss; Read together chp. 5 of Part 2
10/4--Read; 1984-read in neighborhood groups chp. 6 for as long as you can and compare notes for flipper chart
10/5--Read; 1984-Winston and Julia comparison/contrast analysis charts

10/8--Touch base from sub; finish to pg. 184 in 1984 (stop before Goldstein's book within the book; finish Winston and Julia analysis
10/9--Discuss in 1984; summary notes of Goldstein's book/discuss (on HANDOUTS page); finish Part 2; review w/Kahoot (Quizlet on HANDOUTS page)
10/10--1984 Part Two Quiz; Read-Part 3 chp. 1 as homework
10/11--Read; 1984-Discuss Part 3 chp. 1 and read chp. 2 (finish as homework)
10/12--Read; 1984-Discuss chp. 2 ending and read chp. 3; finish book by Monday

10/15--1984 Final Discussion-small group to whole group (on HANDOUTS page)
10/16--1984 Final Review-finish discussion; Kahoot
10/17--1984 Final Exam
10/18--Fall Break
10/19--Fall Break

10/22-Fall Break