Creative Writing 1
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Memoir Unit Goal: I can write a memoir with believable dialogue, smart details, and an emotional punch.

W Jan 3: Welcome back! Add your birthday to the calendar and share a movie, TV show, or book you consumed over break. Read two food memoir pieces by Connie Schultz and then brainstorm one of your own.

R Jan 4: Write a food memoir piece.

F Jan 5: Read the David Sedaris piece "Us and Them" and discuss its merits. We will write in response on Monday about a neighbor or Halloween.

M Jan 8: Start a memoir piece about a neighbor or a Halloween memory.

T Jan 9: Listen to a read-aloud of Cynthia Rylant's "When I Was Young in the Mountains" and Stepho's imitation "When I Was Young in the Country." Write your own imitation that includes at least four memories.

W Jan 10: Write about the social experiment you conducted.

R Jan 11: Read Taylor Austin's "Fatal Attraction" and discuss its merits. Brainstorm an accident you were a part of. Write for five minutes. We will write more tomorrow.

F Jan 12: Finish your accident story from yesterday for five more minutes. Read and discuss "White Lies." Write for eight minutes about a lie or bullying story from your life.

M Jan 15: MLK Jr. Day

T Jan 16: Read "Searching for Shards" and think about an object from your past that symbolizes one of your hopes, dreams, fears, etc. Write the story of that symbol.

W Jan 17: Make a list of your beliefs, past and present. Then write a story about how one of these beliefs came to be or go away.

R Jan 18: Physically describe one of your family members, focusing on the five senses. Then a tell a story about that family member.

F Jan 19: Compare and contrast yourself with one of your current or past best friends using a Venn diagram. Then write a story you have with that best friend.

M Jan 22: Write about yourself in the third person. It should be a story that has happened to you within the past twelve months.