Creative Writing 2
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CLASS GOAL: To write for a reader, to read like a writer

W Jan 3: Welcome! Add your birthday to the calendar. Share a book, TV show, or movie you consumed over break. Introduction to the Letters about Literature contest. Read the poem "Penelope" by Dorothy Parker and then study its accompanying award-winning letter. Brainstorm which novel, series, or poem you will write about.

R Jan 4: Read the letter to Stephen Chbosky. Compare and contrast it with the one to Dorothy Parker. Discuss and brainstorm your letter.

F Jan 5: Draft your letter to your author / novelist / poet.

M Jan 8: Learn about Summer Arts Institute at Quartz Mountain. In Stephen King's On Writing, read pages 163-179, pausing to discuss how you use story / situation / plot.

T Jan 9: Write your letter about literature using the Macbooks provided. Share your draft through Google Docs with Mr. Stephenson by the end of class.

W Jan 10: Novel Day!

R Jan 11: Listen to some feminist poems from Poisoned 🍎 🍏  and then write one of your own.

F Jan 12: Listen to some poems from Cynthia Rylant's book God Went to Beauty School and then write one of your own.

M Jan 15: MLK Jr. Day.

T Jan 16: Read and discuss "The Demonstration of Gravity" and write in response.

W Jan 17: Novel Day

R Jan 18: Read and discuss "We Did Division in a Concrete Room" and write in response.

F Jan 19: Read and discuss "I Used to Live Here Once" and write in response.

M Jan 22: Read aloud Stephen King's On Writing, pages 179-192.

T Jan 23: Debrief on how things went while Mr. Stephenson was away. Write in response to the ekphrastic challenge on

W Jan 24: Novel Day. Notebook Check.

R Jan 25: Read three pieces of flash fiction by Ron Koertge, then write one in response.

F Jan 26: Existential Riddles. Write one in response.

M Jan 29: Read aloud Stephen King's On Writing, pages 192-214.

T Jan 30: Read "The Really Big One" by Kathryn Schulz on Google Classroom. Take notes on the devastation of this future earthquake. We will write dystopian fiction in response on Thursday.

W Jan 31: Novel Day.

R Feb 1: Write apocalyptic fiction in response to "The Really Big One."

F Feb 2: After viewing images from Travelers, write something in response: prose or poetry.

M Feb 5: Continue Stephen King's On Writing, pages 214--?.

T Feb 6: Read the short story "Never-Never Time" and write in response.

W Feb 7: Novel Day.

R Feb 8: Watch Kobe Bryant's "Dear Basketball" poem come to life in his video. Study the poem, and then write your own "Dear _______" poem.

F Feb 9: Finish up your "Dear _____" poem. Brainstorm cliches and facts about hearts. Read Rita Dove's poem "Heart to Heart" and brainstorm a response. Notice its use of short lines, enjambment, and how the title references "heart" but uses the pronoun it 11 times.

M Feb 12: Read On Writing, pages 235-261.

T Feb 13: Write your response to "Heart to Heart." Read, annotate, and respond to This is How You Lose Her / "Year 0."

W Feb 14: Novel Day.

R Feb 15: Write a response to "An Unfinished List," focusing on fragments or a refrain.

F Feb 16: No school.

M Feb 19: No school.

T Feb 20: Read, annotate, and discuss the war short story "Crossing the River No Name," noting its use of flashback and religious imagery.

W Feb 21: Ice / Snow Day.

R Feb 22: Snow / Ice Day.

F Feb 23: Respond to "Crossing the River No Name."

M Feb 26: Against all odds, finish reading and discussing Stephen King's On Writing.

T Feb 27: Computer lab to type author's chair piece(s).

W Feb 28: Notebook Check / Novel Day / Party.

R Mar 1: Computer lab to type and print author's chair piece(s) for writing groups.

F Mar 2: Learn about the sijo (beefy Korean haiku) and write one of your own. There is a contest if you would like to compete. Deadline is end of the month.

M Mar 5: Writing Groups!

T Mar 6: More writing groups.

W Mar 7: Finish writing groups.

R Mar 8: Submit your piece to with the code HMCVC2

F Mar 9: Give feedback to two anonymous pieces on peergrade. Be ready to start Author's Chair on Monday.

M Mar 12: Begin Author's Chair.

T Mar 13: Continue Author's Chair.

W Mar 14: Continue Author's Chair.

R Mar 15: Finish Author's Chair.


M Mar 26: Begin viewing the film The Village. Pay attention to foreshadowing, character development, and three-act structure. [Script]

T Mar 27: Continue viewing The Village.

W Mar 28: Continue viewing The Village.

R Mar 29: Finish viewing The Village. Write an alternate ending to it or continue the story.

F Mar 30: Debrief on The Village, now that Mr. Stephenson is back.


F Apr 13: Receive your mini-lesson assignment. Plan the date for this semester's Mic Night. Determine a deadline for your final portfolio.

M Apr 16: Read Junot Díaz's piece, annotating it for writing moves. Note his use of an open letter, names reduced to letters, Spanish, swear words, and repetition. We'll write in response tomorrow.

T Apr 17: Write in response to yesterday's piece.

W Apr 18: Avreigh's slam poetry lesson on "Paper People" by Harry Baker and "Rifle" by Rudy Francisco. Write in response. Ezri's lesson on "Hotline" by Demetri Martin.

R Apr 19: Write in response to Ezri's lesson. Karis's lesson on "Explaining my Depression to my Mother: A Conversation." Write in response.

F Apr 20: Write in response to Lanah's lesson on "I Don't Need Anything From Here." Write in response to Brooke's lesson on A Man Called Ove.