Government Assignments
A summary of what is discussed and assigned daily will be posted here. However, actual documents and PowerPoints will be posted on the Google Classroom website.

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December 12: study guide review day!

December 11: CPR DAY!
We didn't get to talk about infants and pregnant women. View the links below for that and of, course, you can youtube anything.

The rhythm is to Staying Alive by the BeeGees.

December 8: We started today doing the Pork and Earmarks sheet on your own about crazy Congress spending then we debated some tough subjects. Proud of you all of being mature during them!

December 7: Today I finished up discussing cabinet members and different regulations that I hadn't gotten to finish awhile back ago. Thanks for being attentive! I hope you learned something adulty!

December 6:We all pay 'em. Today we are learning about taxes. Note: Some of those pay change depending upon the tax reform bill currently in the conference committee stage that we learned about during the legislative branch unit.

December 5:
How does the government impact us each day? Check on the PPT, video in the PPT, and the attachment which also has questions on GC.

December 4: Talking about the lovely government budget today! Read the PPT, handout, and complete the questions. 

December 1: We looked into spheres of influence and international government and nongovernment organizations and how they help people around the world.

November 30: Today we learned about the reasons one country would want to help or possibly go to war with another. You got to make tough decisions to decide how we should help other countries trying their conflicts completing both the Foreign Policy packet (ignore pages 5 and 6 of the attachment which I didn't give you in class.) and the Conflict and Resolution packet.

November 29: $5000 Scholarship Opp:

View and complete the questions on the PPT on GC if you weren't here over domestic and foreign policy. Also complete the attachment #1-3.

 November 28: Today we talked about political parties (view PPT). Take two of the following political party quizzes.

Answer the following and turn them in:
Did your score reflect the political identity you thought you had?
What was the most interesting thing to you about taking this quiz?November 27: Welcome back! Today I had to lecture and while I did students completed the two attached sheets on GC. We didn't do the two editorial stories but still read over that slide on the PPT.

November 17: Test day! And all missing work is due!

November 16: Turn in yesterday's bellwork and court case chart. We are going over the study guide and reviewing for tomorrow's test.

November 15: See PPT for bellwork and info about the US Supreme Court. Read the Court Cases packet and complete the Major Court Cases Chart. All on GC.

November 14: In groups you read more about the judicial branch and finished 5 sets of questions to ensure you are grasping the branch.

November 13: Today we checking out Oklahoma's Judicial branch. View the reading and questions on GC.

November 10: We started with a group activity ensuring students understood the difference between civil and criminal and federal and state before moving on. Then we filled out a chart regarding the steps of the court system. Afterward we talked about Veterans' Day! =)

November 9: We started the judicial branch today. View the PowerPoint. While I talked about the difference between the state and federal courts and civil versus criminal cases, students answered the lecture questions to keep them focused.

November 8: Test day! Make me proud!

November 7: Review day! If you weren't here ask a peer if they will let you compare answers. 

November 6: Study Guide day! Tomorrow we will review and Wednesday is your test!

November 3: We learned about the Electoral College today. There is a bellwork and wrap up questions on the Powerpoint that is attached.

November 2: Yesterday you completed the Independent Agencies chart and questions as well as the Bureaucracy questions. Today we went over both. 

October 31: Today we reviewed the Executive Cabinet and then watched the attached videos on Google Classroom.

October 30: Today students completed the Cabinet chart and questions. What wasn't completed in class is homework, but most everyone finished. Hooray!

October 27: Today we are going over yesterday's assignment: the EOP. Then we are discussing the debate questions we didn't get to last week. 

October 26: *Tomorrow is the last day the make-up the test! I cannot stay after school. Also, there are lots of missing assignments in the gradebook. Make up your work peeps!

The president's administration is made up of all the people who work for the executive branch- from local mail carrier up to the president. 
EOP (Executive Office of the President)- consists of a number of separate offices that help the president formulate policy.
-National Security Council
-Council of Economic Advisers
-White House Office
-Office of Management and Budget
-Council on Environmental Quality
-Executive Residence Staff
-Office of Administration
-Office of National Drug Control Policy
-Office of Science and Technology Policy
-Office of United States Trade Representative
-Office of the Vice President of the United States
-Domestic Policy Council
Using the textbook, complete the attached chart. It is due at the end of the period.

October 25: Today students turned in their President Chart for a grade. Then we went over it together. 

October 24: Using both the textbook and the following links complete the charts attached regarding the leaders of the Executive branches on the state and national levels. What isn't finished in class is homework.

October 18: We watched the following AWESOME video from our senator James Lankford:

Answer the following on a piece of paper. Be smart about where you sit.

1.What are some prejudice you have faced in life? That is, when have people prejudged you or what have people prejudged you about? 
2. Should minimum wage be increased? Why or why not?
3. There is both a US Senator and a US Representative who have been serving over 50 years. Should Congress have term limits? Explain.
4. Should you have to show your i.d. in order to vote? Explain.

October 17: Define the following words on your own paper.
-libel -symbolic speech
-treason         -establishment clause
-sedition          -free exercise clause
-slander          -freedom of association
-prior restraint

After we learn the meaning of these words we are going to look at scenarios and determine which is which. These are on the attachment on GC. If you were absent make sure to do both.

October 16: Test day!

October 13: I am checking study guides for completion and then we are going over them to ensure you have the correct answers. Your test is on Monday. 

October 12: Study Guide Day! It is attached on GC.

October 11: Finish the letter to your Congress man or woman about the bill you want passed or not passed and email it to me. View directions from yesterday's post.October 10: Pop Quiz! If you missed it you have a week to make it up and schedule with me a time.

Contacting your Representatives 
What is legislation you would like to see pass or not pass in the state of Oklahoma or on the National level? It could also be new legislation you would like to consider.
If you do not know something of the top of your head, the following websites will help, but there are many more you can also use.{%22source%22:%22legislation%22}
Finding and contacting your Representative or Senator

•If your legislation is at the National level you will contact both of the US Senators and your US Representative (for this just pick one).
•If your legislation is at the State level you will contact your Oklahoma Senator and Representative.
Contacting: Write out an email, letter, or telephone script of what you would like to tell them.
•Introduce yourself.
•Introduce the legislation.
•Explain why they should or should not vote on this legislation. Don’t be a stinker! Be kind about it. They are YOUR VOICE!

•I must approve it before you send the email, letter, or make the phone call.
October 9: Today we finished being Congress in class, passing our bills.

October 6: *In 2011-2012 12,298 bills were introduced and only 283 (2%) became laws.
Please write down the questions and answer them.
When is a bill sent to the president or governor? What are their 4 options once they have it? 
How many votes must a bill receive on the national and state level to become law if the president vetos it? 
What is the purpose of a conference committee?
How many days does the president/governor have to either sign or veto a bill? What happens if he/she miss that deadline and do nothing? 

Together as a class we acted like Congress and began the bill making process.

October 5: You have 25 minutes to finish your comic strip and turn it in. After that it becomes late. 

Make sure you have the following words and PLEASE highlight, underline, or circle these words before you turn it in!
-bills -House of Representatives
-Senate -filibuster
-floor -veto
-Congress -committee
-amend -law 

Write down these notes: 

The legislative branch at the local level---
The powers of cities and towns must be granted by the state
People directly elect leaders-- mayors, city councils 
Takes responsibility for 
Local parks and recreation services
police and fire departments
housing services
emergency medical services
municipal courts
transportation services (including public transportation)
public works (streets, sewers, snow removal, signage, etc.)

Define the following terms:
-census -direct voting
-apportionment -indirect voting

October 4: You are working on your comic strip via the computer or on paper. Making sure to complete the following—

Create a story with every step of the amendment process (summarizing is a beautiful thing on here!). View the “Passing a Bill through Congress” handout (on GC) or the internet for help with these steps. 

Include the words: bill, House of Representatives, Senate, filibuster, floor, veto, Congress, committee, amend, law

This becomes homework today!.

October 3: You are to create a comic strip via the computer or on paper. Making sure to complete the following—

Create a story with every step of the amendment process (summarizing is a beautiful thing on here!). View the “Passing a Bill through Congress” handout (on GC) or the internet for help with these steps. 

Include the words: bill, House of Representatives, Senate, filibuster, floor, veto, Congress, committee, amend, law

This becomes homework after class tomorrow.

October 2: Answer on the back of the sheet from the back table.
Who are our (Oklahoma’s) US Senators?
Who is your (Oklahoma’s) US Representative? Go to:
There are 48 OKLAHOMA Senators for Oklahoma. Which one of them represents you? Go to:
There are 101 OKLAHOMA Representatives for Oklahoma. Which one of them represents you? Go to:

Complete the Chart (on GC) comparing the National and State legislative branches. You may use the internet and textbook to find your answers. 
Collect taxes
Build roads and highways, bridges, and tunnels
Issues licenses, permits, and certificates
Conduct elections
Borrow money
Print money
Take private property for public purposes, with just compensation
Establish local governments
Declare war
Make treaties and conduct foreign policy
Ratify amendments to the constitution
Establish courts
Make and enforce laws
Take measure for public health and safety
Establish post offices
Charter banks and corporations
Spend money for the general welfare
Exert powers the Constitution does not delegate to the national government or prohibit the states from using
Regulate intrastate (within state) business
Make laws necessary and proper to carry out these powers
Issue bonds
Regulate interstate and international trade
Amend the Constitution
Provide an army and a navy

September 29: Read about the qualifications of the Legislative Branch on the state level: the Senate and the House
State Level:

Create a Venn diagram with the following:
Qualifications for both 
How many state Senators does Oklahoma have?
How many state Representatives does Oklahoma have?
How both are chosen in Oklahoma? 
Number of years per term for both/What is their term limit/how many times can they be reelected?
How many citizens do each represent?
Who is the leader of both?
What is their salary?

September 28: Today we reviewed the T chart. Whatever you had wrong or didn't have at all you need to add to yours.

September 27: College Fair

September 26: Today students finished yesterday's T Chart (see yesterday's post). If they weren't here today, it is due when they come to class tomorrow. Everything can be found in the online textbook AND the internet! =)

September 25: Create a KWL chart. Answer what you already know about the legislative branch and what you want to know.

Read chapter 5 (sections 1, 3, & 4) in your textbook about the qualifications of the Legislative Branch. Create a T-Chart with The House on the left and Senate on the right and answer the following questions:
Formal qualifications to become a U.S. Senator and a U.S. Representative
Informal qualifications for both
How are U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives determined per state?
How many U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives does the U.S. have?
Number of years per term for both 
Salary, benefits, and privileges for both
Why are U.S. Senators’ terms longer than U.S. Representatives terms?
Who are the leaders of each chamber?
What are the roles of the committees for each chamber?
How can Congress check the power of the other branches of government? (answer this question below the T-Chart)

Answer the what you learned part of the KWL. 

September 22: Today's debate questions-- 
Are Native American mascot names racist? Explain your opinion.
Some states let 16 year olds vote in local elections; Others let 17 year olds vote in the primaries. Should more states jump on board? Explain.
Should hate words, groups, or symbols be banned? Explain. 

September 21: Test day! If you have you presentation done you should be A-okay!
September 20: Today I explained the answers all of the questions from your project. Tomorrow is your test.

September 19: Make sure--
You have EVERYTHING in your own words. No quotes. 
Don’t just type out answers. Summarize everything so you know what the question was.
Don’t title slides, “Day 1….”
Every website you have used must be correctly cited.
Does all of your wording make sense?
Have you answered every question?
Is your presentation clean?
Does it flow well?

Your presentations must be finished and emailed to me: TODAY! I also need your rubric packets!
September 18: By the end of class today you should answered ALL questions. Make sure--
You have EVERYTHING in your own words. No quotes. 
Don’t just type out answers. Summarize everything so you know what the question was.
Don’t title slides, “Day 1….”
Every website you have used must be correctly cited.
Does all of your wording make sense?
Have you answered every question?
Is your presentation clean?
Does it flow well?

By the end of class tomorrow your presentations must be finished and emailed to me:

September 15: Today Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, and half of Day 5 should be done!
On Monday and Tuesday of next week you are cleaning up and putting in your final touches. 
On Wednesday we will discuss what you learned.
On Thursday we will test.

Exit Ticket: 
What do you still need to do? 
How well are you learning the material? 
What information are you stuck on? 
Would you rate yourself a 4, 3, 2, or 1 on the scale for understanding with material?

**Remember I am here to help you succeed. If you need help after school/weekends, send an email or remind text and I will do my very best to help you then!

The majority voted ”Yes” for everything on the ballot and P.D. Taylor won sheriff. 

September 14: You should be done with day 1, day 2, day 3, and half way through day 4 today or it's homework.

September 13: You should be done today with day 1, day 2, and half of day 3. Otherwise, it is homework.

September 12: You should be done with all of day 1 and at least half of day 2 with your individual project today. If not, it's homework. If you're 18 and eligible to vote, go vote today!

September 11: We talked a little about 9/11 this a.m. Check out the 9/11 Memorial Museum online if you desire to know more information. It is very eye-opening. Then we started your individual project. You received the packet today. It is also attached on GC. 

September 8: Kuddos on the debate today guys!!!

September 7: Test day! After the test students answered the following questions to prep for tomorrow's debate and turned them in:
Death With Dignity means that patients who are terminally ill and tired of treatment can have a doctor assist them with life-ending medication. In most states this is against the law. Explain your thoughts. 
Within our government we have the Separation of Church and State, but in 1954 “under God” was added to the Pledge of Allegiance and “In God We Trust” became our national motto. How do you feel about this?

September 6: Today students and I reviewed the study guide and then played a review game. Test tomorrow!

September 5: Today students were given all class period to work on study guides. These need to be finished when they come in tomorrow and they need to be ready to ask any questions they may have.

September 1: Today we are answering the following questions:

1. Explain one way an amendment gets passed and create a visual to add to your explanation. Do not find a visual online and copy it down.
2. Explain the other way an amendment gets passed and create a visual to add to your explanation. Do not find a visual online and copy it down.
3. What amendment right now do you feel Congress should add, change, or repeal? Explain ( You can’t say none. There can be lots of amendment possibilities added or revised.).
4. How do you feel about flag desecration? You must explain.
5. How do you feel about woman’s rights? You must explain. 

Then students started working on the study guide that is attached. Tuesday we will work on it. Wednesday we will do so review and possibly play a review game and Thursday will be our test.

August 31: Today we are talking about your thoughts on socialism after you turn your papers in. Kuddos to completing a tough topic! Come in ready to be a mature adult having dialogue with other mature adult student peers about the topic. =) Then we are jumping into the amendment process and answering questions after I talk (sorry). Take notes if you're a note taker! The PPT is attached on GC.

August 30: Last class day to finish your papers! They're due when you walk into class tomorrow. Lots of hard work in class today! Love it!

August 29: We are continuing (or really just getting started) on yesterday's paper. You have all of class today AND tomorrow to work on it. It becomes homework at the end of class tomorrow if it is not complete. As a reminder, my PPT has the correct way to cite your sources. Don't forget this part! Also I have given a bit more clarification on the directions on the PPT as well. The updated PPT is attached on GC.

August 28: First we reviewed the charts students completed last week. The important parts can be found on Google Classroom. Then they started wrapping their brains around the next assignment which is a writing assignment about socialism. All necessary info can also be found on GC. Also there is info regarding a state essay contest on there, too!

August 25: Today you finished up your charts and turned them in. Didn't finish? It's homework that's due when you walk into class on Monday.

August 24: Today and tomorrow we are working on the Types of Government Chart which can be found on Google Classroom.

August 23: Today we are going over a few main questions from the Citizenship Test and turning them in. Then we are taking a look at types of governments. I will be showing you the Powerpoint attached in Google Classroom.

August 22: Students finished the Citizenship Test today. If not, it was for homework. 

August 21: Last week we simply got to know one another, but this week we are going strong! Today you started working on the US Citizenship Test, simply seeing what questions you knew the answers to. The test is attached on Google Classroom.