Government Assignments
A summary of what is discussed and assigned daily will be posted here. However, actual documents and PowerPoints will be posted on the Google Classroom website.

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Sign up at as a student to play the Do I Have a Right? game. It's kinda fun! You get to practice with laws and act like an attorney. It's a little juvenile but still fun.

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Today we learned about socialism. If you were absent view the PPT on GC for the information and the assignment. 

Today we finished the questions we didn't get to yesterday (see the last slide of yesterday's attachment). We then talked about the prejudice we all face so we can understand we all deal with hardships and we are all going to have different opinions simply because our lives are different. I want us to understand that so that when we debate you can be more understanding of one another. 

Today we are discussing the amendment process. Read the Powerpoint and complete the questions on THE LAST slide. =)

Students turned in yesterday's chart for me to grade and we reviewed the information together. 

We reviewed yesterday's content before starting on the class assignment which is attached on GC.  Students will be given 15 minutes of class tomorrow to work on it before we move on. If they feel they need to work on it some at home in order to finish they need to do so tonight. 

-Turn in the Citizenship Test
-Complete your grateful sheet
-We learned about unlimited and limited governments. View the PPT on GC. 

-grateful bellwork
-discussed the citizenship test and turned it in

Write down another something you're grateful for on your bellwork sheet. =) We started the Citizenship Test today. 

1/3 Welcome! Most of you I had last semester but a few of you I didn't. If you weren't mine last semester don't forget to read the syllabus, get that sheet signed by your parentals/guardians, and answer the questions about yourself. 

Everyone did the following. If you were absent, please do it. =)
1. Get out two clean sheets of paper.
2. Go online and find a inspirational quote that you feel could benefit you and your peers this semester. Write it on both sheets. 
3. On one of the sheets after the following question. Reflecting on your work ethic, behavior, attitude, etc. from last 4. semester, what are some things you can do better? Turn in this sheet.
5. On the second sheet title it “I’m grateful for” then write down one thing you are grateful for. You will keep this is in your class binder and write something different each day. This will serve as a reminder to us on those bad days they we have a lot to be grateful for. =)