Calendar of Assignments for AP English III
Aug 16: Review syllabus, teacher web, calendar, verb list, etc.
Aug 17: AP mock M/C
Aug 18: go over M/C; turn in syllabus and personal memoir
Aug 21: Voc 1 Bring definitions to class for voc 1
Aug 22: Power point on Native American literature; "World on Turtle's Back" 32-40
Aug 23: ethos, pathos, logos
Aug 24: M/Cl
Aug 25: Hogan "Dwellings"  (E149) group questions
Aug 28: Way to Rainy Mountain (E365-371)
Aug 29: Silko (E346)
Aug 30: Voc 1 again
Aug 31: Peer edit memoir

Sept.1: Turn memoir in; John Smith video/(L88)
Sept 5: La Relation (L 68)
Sept 6: Native Amer and Explorer quiz open note)
Sept 7: Puritan Poets in Literature book
Sept 8: Power Pt on Puritans; Bradford (L100); turn in current event
Sept 11: Equaino (L 78)
Sept 12: Edwards (118) M/C
Sept 13: Voc 2
Sept 14: M/C
Sept 15: Review clauses
Sept 18: Crucible video
Sept 19: Crucible
Sept 20: Crucible
Sept 21: Crucible
Sept 22: Crucible and Puritan quiz
Sept 25: Sentence Structure-practice clauses and structure
Sept 26: M/C
Sept 27: Power of Reason notes
Sept 28: Unit 1A Test
Sept 29: Williamsburg video; turn in current event

Oct 2: work in library on internet assignment
Oct 3: Franklin "Whistle" handout in glass-annotate
Oct 4: Internet assignment due; Voc 2
Oct 5: Patrick Henry (L224) annotate for rhetorical devices
Oct 6: Read and discuss Thomas Paine "The Crisis" (L 244)
Oct 9: Rubric for Paine essay
Oct 10: Jefferson (Declaration (L241) Parallelism worksheet
Oct 11: PSAT; read in nonfiction
Oct 12: Discuss nonfiction with characterization
Oct 13: Quiz over chap 1-3 Ghost; and 1-5 Flags; Read when finished
Oct 16: 4 Articles due-Annotate and summarize; type annotated bibliographies; Abigail Adams prompt read and discuss
Oct 17: Quiz over Jefferson, Franklin, Paine, Henry; read when finished
Oct 18: M/c practice; review outlining
Oct 19-23: Fall Break
Oct 24: Unit 1B Test
Oct 25: Quiz over nonfiction chap 6-13 Flags and 4-7 for Ghost
Oct 26: Outline/Thesis Due; Romantic Notes
Oct 27: Emerson (360,365)
Oct 30: Thoreau (L 370-32)
Oct 31: Write on novel