English IV Daily Agenda/Calendar
1/3/18--New Seats/presidents/elbow buddies, etc.; Squoval
1/4/18--WN-what do you want to be when you grow up and why and how do you plan to get there; TED TALK-finding passion in your career (link on HANDOUTS page); add to WN-what value does the career embody and how does it contribute to society as a whole
1/5/18--Research teaser; prepare for next week's sub; begin Dante's Inferno study

1/8--Video over Dante's Inferno; get notes from friend
1/9--Charlie and the Chocolate Factory clips over 7 Deadly Sins; begin Inferno study
1/10--Read/annotate Canto from Inferno; read/annotate article "Dark Woods"
1/11--Finish reading/annotating; look for modern reference of 7 Deadly Sins; Find article that references one or more of the sins and annotate it as well as complete the argument evaluation over it
1/12--Finish work to be prepared for Tuesday's discussion

Week 1 (1/18-1/26)=Chps. 1-12
Week 2 (1/29-2/2)=Chps. 13-21
Week 3 (2/5-2/9)=Chps. 22-32

Week 4 (2/12-2/15)=Chps. 33-45; Mid Novel Test
Week 5 (2/20-2/23)=Chps. 46-56; Begin Research
Week 6 (2/26-3/2)=Chps. 57-68
Week 7 (3/5-3/9)=Chps. 69-73; WWF
Week 8 (3/12-3/16)=Final Novel Test; Final Research Due

1/15--MLK Day!  No school!
1/16--Discuss last week's work; small group discussion-see me for make up
1/17--Finish small group discussion and last of Inferno study-hand in for final grade
1/18--begin Alexander Dumas's The Count of Monte Cristo-PPT scavenger hunt (PPT notes and fill in notes on HANDOUTS page)
1/19--COMC-manipulatives over chp. 1 plus "Yearbook" notes over main characters (Edmond Dantes, friends of Ed, foes of Ed)

1/22-Read/notes in COMC
1/23--Chapter Plot Notes Graphic Organizer (on HANDOUTS page); work with partner for chps. 1-3/continue to add from today's reading
1/24--Silent reading in COMC; reading schedule given (also posted above)
1/25--Q&A over COMC; reading schedule copied (on HANDOUTS page and above); read together beginning with chp. 9
1/26--Quiz 1 over chps. 1-12 plus background and Sins/Virtues in COMC; read

1/29--COMC: Discuss Faria and Ed's relationship and Ed's characterization; read chp. 13; review Learning Goals and Scales
1/30--COMC: read in groups; complete the "Pass the Characterization" exit ticket; be through chp. 19 by Thursday
1/31--Discuss research interview/create questions for interview; read in COMC
2/1--COMC skit over chps. 20 and 21
2/2--Mock Interview for Research Paper

2/5--COMC Quiz 2; Read
2/6--Reading day in COMC; Research Paper Info including guidelines for formal email for interview (on HANDOUTS page)
2/7--COMC assignment (in classroom make up work folder)
2/8--COMC assignment due end of hour
2/9--COMC discussion; discuss Research 

2/12--Review scope of Research=REMINDER that INTERVIEW is due next Tuesday as a workable source (email to set up interview, conduct interview, type notes from interview); COMC small group discussion
2/13--COMC discussion continued; through chp. 35 by TOMORROW
2/14--COMC whole class discussion and character connections chart
2/155--COMC Mid Novel Exam through chp. 45

2/20--Research; Today's focus:
2/21--Research; Today's focus: 
2/22--Research; Today's focus:
2/23--COMC touch back-discuss chps. 46-56