Pre.AP English II Daily Agenda/Calendar

8/16--Roll; Who Are You info sheet; Ice breakers; Exit ticket questions (one goal for the year, one fear you have this year, one funny/unique thing about you, and one thing you wish people knew about you but don't)
8/17--Roll; Partner Intros; Name game; Join Remind (text @cb2b to 81010 to join)
8/18--Roll; Webpage/Remind/Supplies reminder; Book Speed Dating-HAVE BOOK OF CHOICE TO BEGIN OUTSIDE READING ON MONDAY!

9/18=RRS (AP or Nonfiction)
10/16=RRS (AP or Nonfiction; the one you didn't do last month)
11/28=Character Art (Novel in Verse)
12/4=Book Circle (Free Choice 2)
12/11=Deadline for Book Chats (Free Choice 1 and Multicultural; schedule as you are ready)

8/21--Read; Syllabus Scavenger Hunt
8/22--Read; Finish Syllabus Procedures and Classroom Pet Peeves; Outside Reading information (on HANDOUTS page/first deadline is SEPT. 18); Tone Poster Assignment (on HANDOUTS page/due 8/28)
8/23--Read; Q&A over Outside Reading; Tone Poster assignment-due Monday (half posterboard--word from TONE handout, definition, and pic large enough to read from across the room since we are hanging them to use throughout the year)
8/24--Read; Summer Assignment due; Literary terms video/notes
8/25--Work on Tone posters; Read

8/28--Read; Tone Posters Due; Begin DGP (on HANDOUTS page for reference or reprint/check classroom folder for your copy)-mark your book and begin Monday
8/29--Read; DGP-finish Day 1 procedures and complete Day 2
8/30--Read; DGP-Day 3; Short Story Unit learning goal and scale (on HANDOUTS page; ensure you understand what we're doing in this unit and how to achieve your goal)
8/31--Read; DGP-Day 4-hand in; begin Short Story Unit-"The Possibility of Evil" (on HANDOUTS page)
9/01--Read; Prep DGP Week 2-work w/grammar buddy to mark parts of speech for Day 1; continue reading "PofE" we began yesterday

9/05--Read; DGP Week 2; Finish "Possibility of Evil" and begin story flapper (on HANDOUTS page)
9/06--Read; DGP; work on flapper
9/07--Read; DGP; work on flapper-due tomorrow
9/08--Read; DGP-hand in; finish flapper

9/11--Read/Book Chats; DGP Week 3 prep
9/12--Read; DGP; begin "A&P" by John Updike (full text on HANDOUTS page)
9/13--Read; DGP; finish "A&P"/exit ticket of summary sentence (Tweet style, so 140 characters) & a theme that you feel best epitomizes Updike's intentions
9/14--Read; DGP; read/analyze "Harrison Bergeron" by Vonnegut 
9/15--Read; DGP-Hand in; Prep DGP Week 4; finish "Harrison Bergeron" 

9/18--Reading Reference Sheet-either nonfiction or AP
9/19--Read; Speed Writing-prompts for each story (prompts on HANDOUTS page)
9/20--Read; Review for Short Story exam; Kahoot review link posted on HANDOUTS page
9/21--Short Story exam; Read
9/22--Read; Goodreads accounts established

9/25--Read; Book Chats; prep DGP Week 4
9/26--Read; DGP Week 4; Short Story analysis paragraph class collaboration; revised copy due typed MLA tomorrow (choose 1 of your 3 short story analysis paragraphs and revise based on our class work today: author/title, clear topic sentence, 2 embedded quotes with commentary explaining how quotes prove topic sentence, and concluding sentence)
9/27--Read; DGP; Writers' Workshop with SS paragraph
9/28--Read; DGP; Finish WW w/SS paragraph-final due tomorrow/must include a participle phrase; Final reflection on SS Unit-look at exam and unit scale to complete exit ticket of reflection
9/29--Read/update Goodreads; DGP; SS paragraph due-final copy on top/WW copy on bottom/highlight participle phrase; Squoval

10/2--Read/Book Chats
10/3--Read; DGP Week 5; Begin Narrative Unit with quadrant brainstorming (divide a piece of paper in 4 squares and label each square as pets, holidays, special events, and food; brainstorm using words/phrases MEMORIES you have for each of the four ideas)
10/4--Read; DGP; continue Narrative unit-look at Learning Goals/Scales and Assignment/Rubric (on HANDOUTS page); bring Show and Tell item on Friday
10/5--Read; DGP; continue Narrative unit=write the story of one of the four brainstorming ideas you circled Tuesday; read "Off the Shelf" mentor text and discuss 
10/6--Read; DGP-hand in; continue Narrative with Show and Tell response

10/9--Read/Book Chats
10/10--Read; Continue Narrative unit=write the story of one of the four brainstorming ideas you circled Tuesday; read ""Never Never Time" mentor text and discuss 
10/11-Read; DGP Quiz
10/12--Read; "What Makes a Good Story" TED TALK; final quick draft over another topic from brainstorm quadrant
10/13--Read; Update Goodreads; Choose one of four quick drafts and finish drafting

10/16--RRS #2 (either AP or Nonfiction-whichever you didn't do for the first RRS); Read
10/17--Read; Writers' Workshop with draft =self analysis of IMAGERY, DIALOGUE, TENSE, and MOMENT percentage/mark up essay and make changes tonight; print new copy for tomorrow's peer work
10/18--Read; Writers' Workshop with draft =peer analysis for above elements and feedback of what's working, etc.; Prep DGP Week 6 for after break (DGP will be for accuracy points each day rather than completion; next week's point values: Day 1=21, Day 2=15, Day 3=6, Day 4=3)

FALL BREAK--Enjoy the leaves and pumpkins and spice and BOOKS!

10/24--Read; DGP Week 6; Squoval
10/25--Read; DGP; review DGP quiz for understanding of mistakes; go over order to turn in paper (Top to Bottom Order: rubric, final, peer draft, self-analysis draft, original draft, brainstorming)/final Q&A
10/26--Read; DGP; Rebellion Anticipation Guide (agree or disagree with statements about rebellion) Discussion
10/27--Read/Update Goodreads; DGP-hand in/prep next week (17, 8. 6. 7=next week point values); finish Rebellion Discussion; begin Antigone background

10/30--Read/Book Chats
10/31--Read; DGP Week 7; Antigone-begin background lecture notes (see me or friend for notes if you miss)
11/01--Read; DGP; Antigone-finish notes
11/02--Read; DGP-finish and hand in/point values for DGP Week 8 (21, 15, 7, 5); Antigone-story time and storyboard with two preceding plays
11/03--Read; Antigone-finish two preceding plays and storyboard=due Tuesday (Stories and Storyboard template posted on HANDOUTS page)

11/06--Read/Book Chats
11/07--Read; DGP Week 8; Antigone background quiz; cast parts
11/08--Read; DGP; Antigone
11/09--Read; DGP; Antigone
11/10--Read; DGP; Antigone-through the end of Scene 1/do summary work in notes and add quotes/devices we discussed today (get notes from friend if absent)

11/13--Read; Antigone-Scene 2/add to notes/discuss
11/14--Read; Antigone-Scene 3/add to notes/discuss; Exit ticket-Define Tragic Hero, Characterize the two sisters, including the conflict central to Greek Tragedy, and identify the points Haemon makes in his argument
11/15--Read; Antigone-Scenes 4&5/add to notes/discuss
11/16--Finish Antigone; Review
11/17--Antigone exam; Read