English I
Wed. 8/16  Get To Know You Activities/About You worksheet (WS)
Thur.8/17 Quick Write: Expectations/Fears or Anxieties of 9th grade WS 
Went overSyllabus
Fri. 8/18 Kahoot quiz: syllabus review
M 8/21 Library visit - check out fiction book; begin reading HW log
T 8/22 Short Story: "Checkouts" (p28 literature book) Focus: Plot Pyramid
W 8/23 "Little Matchgirl" video - discussed whole class the storyline and
plot pyramid
Student Interview activity (students interviewed each other for a 15-30
  second oral introduction to the class)
Th 8/24 Oral presentations: Students introduced a classmate to the whole group
"Little Matchgirl" video - Fiction Literary Term worksheet 
F 8/25 Finished Student Interview presentations and "Little Matchgirl" video -
  Fiction Literary Term worksheet 
M 8/28 Becoming An Active Reader Chart - students copied the chart on page
  12 from the literature book It should be placed in the front of their 3
  ring binder. Quiz over it Tuesday.
Students received the August Reading Log today. Record 75
minuites/week of outside reading homework beginning 8/21.
Reading Log DUE Tuesday, September 5, beginning of class.
T 8/29 Kahoot quiz over Becoming An Active Reader Chart
Introductory activity to short story, "Pancakes", Literary focus is 
W 8/30 Continue reading "Pancakes"
Th 8/31 Finish reading "Pancakes" 
Assignment: Formal Write Paragraph-Characterization of our
  protagonist, Jill
F 9/1 Review vocabulary in "Pancakes".  With a partner come up with 1-2
synonyms to add to our vocabulary list.
Introduction to "The Cask of Amontillado" Literary focus: irony and
T 9/5 Library visit to checkout or recheck books
Introduction of Poe
W 9/6

F 9/8  Read "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allen Poe. Literary focus:   irony and foreshadowing, visualization, setting, characterization,

M 9/11 Read "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allen Poe again straight through.  Start Discussion Questions handout. 
T 9/12 Assign Choice Read - Book Talks - Present in class Friday, 9/5
Watch "The Cask of Amontillado"
Complete 14 Discussion Questions.
Introduce Missing Person's Report Assignment - DUE Friday, 9/15
W 9/13 Vocabulary List - literary focus terms Quiz Friday, 9/22
Continue working on Missing Person's Report
Th 9/14 Continue working on Vocabulary List
Introduce and read the  "The Necklace" p206
F 9/15 Book Talks: Students will introduce their current Choice Read book.
Must include: title, author, exposition (setting, primary characters,  
and first conflict). Also: recommend or do NOT recommend and why