Notes from the Principal

As you begin back-to-school planning and shopping (I know some may not have even began to think about it 😊), I wanted to share with you the new DCPS dress code for the 2018-2019 school year (below).  The biggest change is that we are no longer using the fingertip rule, as well as the 3 fingers wide shoulder strap rule.  All we are asking is that all private parts are covered.  After much discussion, we decided that we wanted to focus on educating our students, and less on enforcing a dress code.  We know our students and parents will use good judgement when it comes to what students wear to school and complying with the new expectations.


It is hoped that parents and students will use mature judgment and good taste in complying with these minimal restrictions. Grooming and dress at Deer Creek Schools must not constitute a distraction or interfere with the educational opportunities of students.



1. Above the chest to below the pelvic region (upper and lower torso) including buttocks, should be covered at all times. 

2. Shorts, dresses, tunics, tops worn with leggings, and skirts should be a length that sufficiently covers all private parts. 

3. Any school issued uniform may be worn during the school day if the uniform meets the above dress code requirements. 

Prohibited on School Property: 

1. Headgear such as hats, caps, bandanas, sunglasses, hoods and stocking caps 

2. Bare feet, house shoes/slippers 

3. Bike or animal chains, collars or spikes 

4. Apparel that is too tight, too loose, too sheer, too short or too revealing, including but not limited to: crop tops, mini-skirts, short shorts, skirts with slits, exposed or visible underwear, outer garments that look like underwear, muscle shirts, mesh/sheer shirts without a T-shirt underneath, and low-cut clothes, including attire that exposes the chest or breasts. 

5. Apparel or accessories with offensive or suggestive slogans, logos, symbols, or images that pertain to immorality, vulgarity, obscenity, nudity, promotion of violence and/or gang or cult activity, or that advertises or promotes dangerous weapons, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, illegal chemical substances, drug-related items, drug paraphernalia or other items or activities that are illegal for the general population or for minors. 

Where a bona fide religious belief or health need of a student conflicts with the school dress code, reasonable accommodation shall be provided. Any student desiring accommodation shall notify the school principal in writing of the requested accommodation and the factual basis for the request. 

Any variation to the above dress code will be subject to the approval of the principal. 

Melissa Jordan


Deer Creek High School

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Edmond, OK 73012

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